Wedding Wednesday Write and cut invitation inserts on Cricut tutorial

hey everybody welcome to cricket wedding

Wednesday this is gonna be the first in

a long series of really fun crafts and

ways to DIY your wedding so you can not

only have a really special personal

wedding but you can also save quite a

bit of money and use your cricket so

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throughout the rest of this year so the

first thing I'm going to show you guys

how to do is the insert for your wedding

invitation I have the video to show you

how to do this beautiful laser-cut

Rose sleeve for your invitation and that

one I will link below but we're gonna

learn how to use our writing feature

with a writing font and then drawing

with our roses to tie in the roses to

the invitation so let's go over to

design space so I can show you guys how

we're gonna set all of this up in design

space we're gonna get ready to do the

center of our invitations which is

really really easy we're gonna make sure

that we have this in a 5x7 card so you

want the insert with all your

information to be just a little bit

smaller than that so that you can easily

put it inside the middle and have just a

little bit of a border especially for

your folds where we're gonna have our

laser cuts so what we're gonna do is

start with a shape and we're gonna use

the square now you could add flourishes

around the side if you'd like to but

this one we're gonna keep pretty simple

and we'll do some more in-depth ones

throughout our wedding Wednesday series

first thing you need to do is unlock

your square which is down here in the

lower left hand corner now we know that

we're working with a 5x7 card so what I

like to do is I go about 4.75 wide and

then I do about a 6.75 high that just

gives you a little bit of more room to

work with and again leaves you that

little bit of border so that you can

easily fold your card I'm gonna change

it to white right off the bat just makes

it easier to see now for this one we

want to match that beautiful rose

laser-cut that we have and bring that in

to the inside so we're gonna use our

Cricut writing feature and it's gonna be

a lot of fun too

you guys how to make these pretty roses

this way so what we're gonna do is open

up our text and I'm gonna instantly go

into my system fonts and find the font

that I know we use so we use something

called flower something or another I

don't always remember the name so I just

try to remember at least what part of

the name is and is this janda flower

doodles and I know that it was the

capital letter V to get that same rose

so we're just gonna do two of those

roses in here and we're instantly going

to ungroup them so just go ahead over

here click ungroup and I'm gonna set

them in my invitation where I want them

I'm going to put one up here in the

upper corner and one in the lower corner

and I'm gonna have the cricut actually

write these out so right here we're

gonna select on our layers tab over in

the right hand side up here at the top

it's the second one over that says write

and what its gonna do it's gonna bring

you up all of your options for your

different types of pens now make sure

you are picking the correct type of pen

especially if using some of these gold

ones but I'm just gonna use a regular

pen I'm just gonna do pink crystal I

don't actually know the name of my pen

but I'm gonna use a pink color of some

sort from my pens so again click write

and then choose your color right here

it's super easy to do now they are gonna

not be filled in but you can always go

through and fill them in if you want but

I think these are gonna be thin enough

that it's probably not going to be super

obvious that they are not filled in our

next step is to do our text now I want

to use a writing text because we're

gonna actually have the Cricut write out

our invitations so we're gonna go right

over here into our Cricut I do have

access and we're gonna get rid of where

it says flower now what we're gonna do

is go over to filter and click on where

it says writing and what that does is it

brings up all the different fonts that

you can write with now you don't own all

of them because here right here we have

the green a is ones that we can use

without paying for them and then right

here we have like Alexis Maddox that one

is $6.99 but you can go through and find

one that you like and I believe I used

Babette I think that one's really really


so we'll use we'll do Jane Smith and

James George I will just come up with

some crazy names let's do Jeannie and

James Jones and not capitalized though

now I'm gonna do this in two different

text boxes because I want their names to

be able to be larger than the

information for the wedding which is

usually how they look on typical

invitations but I don't like this

alignment so we're gonna make sure that

we Center our text and see how far apart

our lines are that's way too far it

looks really awkward so up here kind of

in the center right under line spacing

I'm gonna just choose negative three it

does take a big amount of spacing like a

big number to make your line spaces

closer versus like when you do letter

spacing now we could letter space these

closer together as well so let's go

ahead and space them closer because this

is a script font and you want it to look

handwritten so you want it to look

really nice now it does take a second

usually to kind of catch up so you want

to just take your time I used to do

about three or four clicks and then I

stop and see where it's at so if it's

getting a little too close on some

letters like right here I can see these

ones are crossing over so let's move

this over here just for a second just so

it's not on top of that and we're gonna

ungroup it we do this because if you

notice like I said the certain letters

are Criss crossing and we don't want

that to happen because we want it to

look really nice and professional so

we're gonna move this over a little bit

cuz it was way too close to the eye or

to the M and we're gonna move the eye

over a little bit just so that the M

isn't totally crossing over it these

writing fonts are a little bit harder to

do this with because they are so thin

but you just want to move them and

that's okay you just wanna move them so

that they're touching and same ones like

the J for James I'm gonna move that over

a bit I'm gonna move the M over the East

pretty good where it's at but we're

gonna just slide that s over just a

little bit and then we're going to move

the J for Jones over and again you just

want to do this so that it looks like

it's all handwritten and really really

beautiful so what you're gonna do now is

select all the words and you are going

to attach them what that does is it

keeps them from moving around so you can

grab the whole thing together now we're

gonna put this into our invitation here

so we're just gonna stick it there don't

worry if it's not centered right now I'm

going to show you guys how to Center it

we're gonna open another text box and

we're gonna put request your attendance

and I apparently can't spell today

let's fix those requests your attendance

at their wedding and we'll do on June

the 1st 2020 at 4:00 apparently not tea

at 4:00 oh my goodness I cannot type

today guys so we'll do at 4:00 you want

to spell it out with these 4 o'clock so

we'll just put we'll leave it like that

now obviously your wording can change

and you can do it everyone I don't

always remember like the exact wording

but we're gonna do the same thing here

where we're gonna need to letter space

these down so I'm just gonna kind of

move everything over a little bit just

so we can see make sure you move this

out of the way and just select

everything and then you can move this

back over so you can see what you're

doing this one you are going to 100%

half to on group especially because of

these numbers but let's letter space lit

a little bit closer that way you're not

having to move it quite as much but you

are going to have to go through and move

them and a lot of the writing fonts will

do that it's just how it is

so ungroup and all I do is I just start

at the top and just slowly work my way

down again with the writing fonts and

especially on something like this you

want them to look very professional and

together you'll notice that it takes a

while when you ungroup them especially

the writing fonts to come back to show

you what you're working with so don't

don't worry too much it's not not a big

deal if they take a second they're just

they just take a little bit longer to

load for whatever reason and it's just

how they are so again just move your

letters over this can be the like the

most tedious annoying part of the whole

thing but it's really worth it in the

long run to do this so that your

invitations look very very professional

and people will wonder where you got

them and you saved a fortune by doing it

this way again a lot of time and effort

but worth it

in the long run so all we're gonna do is

just keep moving all of our letters over

now these T's are a little bit tricky

because of the way they're lined up so

what I do with the t's is I just try to

get them as neat as I can they're not

always perfect and again it will depend

on what font you are going to use so

like with this I'm not gonna move that

end so far over because it's kind of a

pain so we'll just move the end and

touch it to the D we'll move the a over

and I'll show you guys when we get those

last couple letters together on this

word rather than having to move each of

these letters super far over so that

they are touching the a été you can

select the rest of the back of the

letter and just move them right back

over the whole thing instead of having

to move them so far and we'll do the

same thing with at we'll just put them

together instead of moving them

separately we'll just select both and

move them together we are going to just

make sure that we are moving all of our

letters and so that they touch there

actually is pretty good that's not too

bad and then wedding I like the W a

little further away from that e this is

a lot of just personal preference and

just sort of playing with it and again

different writing thoughts will be a

little bit different you may not have to

go into quite as an intense moving them

around as I am it just depends on your

font in the style that you're going for

so what with these we're just gonna have

to move them so apologize that you guys

have to watch this but I hope it is

teaching you guys that grouping and

ungrouping and how to use them because

there that's an important tool here in

design space is the group on group

buttons you will use them for all sorts

of different things

and there are some things that cannot be

ungroup and I should kind of like the

way that space so we'll just move it

over a little bit certain SVG's can't be

ungrouped and things like that but it's

okay you know once you start playing

with them you'll learn which can and

what can't and how to kind of work

around that now obviously these are not

going to be all nice and centered

anymore so I'm going to show you guys a

real quick way to fix that I actually

like the way this part space so we'll

just grab these ones and move them over

and then we'll start moving the Ock

and yeah I know I probably should have

put a period on this but whatever again

this grammar thing is all on you guys

not me so I'm just gonna do one thing

where all I'm going to do is select one

line and attach it we're gonna attach

each line individually and the reason

we're doing this is so that we can

easily get them to Center

if you ungrouped it and then attached it

it won't Center correctly because it

doesn't believe that it'll Center all

you're like it just doesn't believe

they're all individual lines so I'm

gonna just go ahead and do that and

select them all and over here where you

have a line I'm gonna just Center them

horizontally that way you can see that

they've all centered now we need to put

this into our invitation so we're just

gonna size it down a little bit and

we'll need to resize it as we get it on

to our invitation but it's easier to see

it once you've put it over this just to

see how small or big you need to make it

alright that looks like it's a pretty

decent size so now here's a great trick

to how to make sure that everything is

centered but I also want to show you

real quick I forgot to do this so you

want to select all of these lines again

that you just did with the center and

spacing and attach them so that they're

just like one one piece when you do

writing you can't really weld it doesn't

doesn't believe in welding so you don't

well them you know you could leave them

as a cut and do it I'm gonna actually

both attach oops I don't wanna do that

we're gonna select the writing so you're

gonna select the names you're gonna

select the attendance part the

information and you're gonna select the

box you're gonna click a line and you're

gonna Center them horizontally what that

does is it put your words onto your

invitation right in the center now the

roses you'll have to kind of eyeball

them but they're pretty easy to eyeball

I can see this guy needs to move down

just a little bit and I think we are

good to go so what we're gonna do is

select the whole thing click attach and

what that does is it tells the part of

the cricket to make sure that it keeps

all of your information right where you

have it

your screen when you click make it it's

gonna bring up your design now if you

are doing this on a 12 by 12 sheet you

should be able to fit two so you can go

right up here and click two and click

apply so it will do two on a twelve by

twelve and actually this would work on

an eight-and-a-half by eleven as well if

you put it the long way and I'm gonna do

it on an eight-and-a-half by eleven

because that's the size paper I have and

the great thing is it makes you use as

much of your paper as you possibly can

so let's get the Machine going and I'm

gonna show you guys how to put your pens

in how this is gonna look when we get it

all done so like I said I'm gonna do

this on an eight-and-a-half by eleven

this is just a piece of white cardstock

if you have the maker you can really do

any and I'm pretty sure we you can cut

any with the Explorer as well any color

you just can't do it print and cut with

other color paper so like I said I'm

gonna put it this direction that will

get us to on this page when you go over

to your screen to get ready to make this

and you hit continue it's gonna tell you

which marker color to put in first but

you're gonna need to set your material

now this is a pretty light cardstock

it's only about a 65 pounds so just

choose the sixty pound and it tells me

that I need to put that pink crystal

well all I could find us coral so to put

your pen in you take your cap off and

you open the a which is this one and you

just take your pen and you press it in

until you feel it click you could hear

it click on this one too and that's all

you do and you close a so you're gonna

load your paper and you want to make

sure this is away from the wall so I'm

gonna pull it away a little bit more so

hopefully you guys can still see it I'll

double check that yep you guys can see

it perfect so we're just gonna load it

and this part is going to be drawing out

your roses so you're gonna see it do

four total roses in the corners of there

the invitation is going to be so you'll

see it's gonna do it does work pretty

quickly this is much faster than the

Explorer when it comes to the writing

feature so if you are gonna do a ton of

invitations I would invest in a little

bit more money with the maker the

Explorer is a lot slower they will both

work but if you're doing a lot this the

time savings on this is pretty pretty

significant and then all I'm gonna do

you don't have to use the same color pen

that you tell the Cricut you're going to

use so for the wording if I said it was

going to be the black pen but I think

I'm actually gonna do more of like a

navy just to kind of give it a little

bit more color so we'll just do a Navy

again the only thing that really matters

is the tip size on your pen so you just

want to make sure that you are using the

same tip size that you told it you had

but otherwise the color really doesn't

matter you can do whatever color you

decide if you change your mind so it's

really no big deal if you change your

mind about halfway through like I just

did so you see it's coloring up it's

it's um drawing up our roses except the

Cricut maker really does a nice job with

the drawings it is not going to fill

them in but you can kind of see

hopefully I'm not sure how well you can

see it right now but I will show you up

close they are not filled in but they

still look really lovely you could

always do something where you if you

wanted to you could cut these out of

paper like we did for the invitations

for the laser-cut part and you could

glue them on here just this was kind of

just more of a time savings and just a

different look than I wanted to show you

now I said when we get a few more things

done for wedding Wednesday we'll get

some more fancy invitations and things

like that but I want to start you guys

off with something kind of simple so let

me let it finish doing these roses and

I'll show you how to change out your pen

color so now the Cricut tells us on our

design space screen on our computer or

your phone that you need to change out

your pen so you just open it and pull

your pen out always make sure to recap

your pen and all you do is put your next

color pen in same way you put the other

one in just hold it and I always put my

thumb down here and my other finger up


so click that and then you're gonna

click the little Go button again and now

what it's gonna do is it's gonna come

through and write out the information

the names all that type of stuff again

please don't judge my wording on this

it's been a while for me and ours were

pretty like hey this was before I had a

cricket so it's gonna write it in a

really awkward order I have no idea why

it does it it makes no sense I don't

know why it doesn't just write the whole

word but again it's gonna write it

pretty quickly it doesn't really take a

long time so we're gonna let it go ahead

and write it all out and cut it and when

we come back I'll show you our finished

product and here is our finished product

now granted this one's really really

simple but depending on the style of

your wedding this could be exactly what

you need this was all done with the

Cricut writing options and cutting so

all we did was just what I showed you in

design space they're really simple to do

really fun and you guys can get really

really creative with them or make them

as simple as you desire here we have our

finished product now this is the

laser-cut invitation cover I guess that

we cut on another video which I've

linked below and then here is your

insight and I realized I opened that

upside down for you guys let me flip

that around and then there's your

insight all I did was glued this down

and I just used some Elmer's craft bond

glue you could use glue dots

pretty much anything really a hot-melt

glue whatever you're comfortable using I

will say when I took this off I ripped

this right here a little bit so you'll

want to be careful if you're gonna make

these laser-cut outside side pieces

because you'll want to be very careful

when you pull them off but this is just

a 65-pound cardstock from michaels 65

pound cardstock also from michaels and

then we obviously use the right and the

draw so you guys can see it came out

really really nice again your roses

won't be filled in but you could always

go in and fill them in yourself it's

just a matter of personal preference and

again I know the colors are not very

matching I just took what I had but you

guys when you go to do your wedding

stuff you will make them perfect and

beautiful and you will make all your

colors match I hope you guys had a

really fun time learning how to use

other writing and drawing for your

inside of your wedding invitation if you

have any questions please let me

in the comments down below I'm always

happy to answer those for you

make sure you subscribe to my channel

because I put out new videos all the

time hit the bell icon that'll let you

know when I post new video I hope you

enjoyed wedding Wednesday and I look

forward to having many more wedding

Wednesday's with all of you happy