hey guys welcome back to my channel my

name is Julianna and today we're talking

about the absolute best birthday or

Christmas gift for your legal best

friend I side putting a quick disclaimer

here that in Canada 19 and over you're

legal for drinking 18 I mean in some

provinces but here in Nova Scotia and 19

and over legal to drink so this is not a

legal gift I'm not condoning illegal

drinking if you're in the US wait till

you're 21 to drink but I think this gift

was really cute really creative for

anyone that you want to give it to who

is legal drinking age one of my closest

friends Emma I'm sure she expects the

study was coming because I told her that

I had to film this video before I could

give her her gift but for last Christmas

I started the process of trying to make

her this gift and it has been a roller

coaster with Amazon I think I mentioned

those doing like a small Amazon home on

my videos that I've been having a

terrible time trying at this package but

when it finally came I got to work and

making her drunk Jenga I'll admit I'm

probably not the best person to make

drunk Janka I'm not like super artistic

you can actually buy this off Etsy way

prettier and you can find lots of

pinterest examples that look way better

but i think it's a really creative gift

you can makes and then shows you put

effort and work into and since she goes

to a big party school i thought to be a

really good gift for her so when i gave

her the gift to me in two parts one is

just the box of django with all the

tiles i created inside and the second is

instructions and you're probably

thinking like who really needs

instructions it's Jenga but on every

tile there's gonna be something

different that she has to do so

especially since her and her friends

probably gonna be drinking I want them

to have a list of what everyone met in

case they forgot so you play it like

regular Jenga you know each person takes

out a piece but the pieces all have

things on them that you have to do and

I'm just going to run you guys through

it each one is in case you want to make

your own drunk Jenga and you want to

have ideas where you can put in your

tiles there is a resource online I'll

link down below that's like tons and

tons and tons of ideas for drunk Jango

but I found them really repetitive and I

did end up coming up with a lot of my

own so yeah

I also

to say I did take something design ideas

all the different Pinterest posts so

I'll try credit those down below to at

least include pictures and links you can

guys can follow if I don't know who the

original artist is so when you first

open up the box it's kind of a pain but

cuz everything's upside down and that's

almost like it's taking a bit of a spill

but it looks like that and I painted the

pieces so that they would be pretty and

they're all have colors there's also

pink ones but I will show you guys what

it looks like when it's all set up as

well so let's run through all different

kinds I made just really quickly so you

guys have ideas in case you want to do

this yourself there's an alphabetical

order just so it's easier on the sheet

to find them but you can do whatever way

you want the very first one I wish

wasn't first alphabetically because it's

by far the ugliest wrong I did but it's

baby's got back people have said it

looks like a different body part that is

not on the female body I didn't think I

did that bad of a job but I understand

where they're coming from and when you

get this piece a person who ever in the

groupings has the nicest but gets to

drink the next one is called basic

and anyone who's wearing a body

suit or a tube top has to drink next one

really self-explanatory is blondes and

it's followed up with another really

obvious counterpart and that one would

be brunettes this next one's called the

do-over it has nothing to do with

drinking but in this one you have to put

this piece back in and pick a new piece

out the next ones down the hatch and

when you pull this one you have to

finish your drink this one is everybody

which means every drinks when you pull

the fastforward piece it means that you

fast forward until your next turn so

basically you just take two turns in a

row I need two designs for this the next

one just and there's four pieces

sometimes I repeated them just to have

more pieces but this one is for

finishing your drink I do like a cute

little like sangria on this one and a


Keeney on this one the next one is gents

so when this one gets pulled out all the

guys drink the next two pieces are give

one and give two so that's when you pick

someone else in the group to take a

drink when you pull out the piece the

next one is called googled it and when

this one's pulled out you have two

options either you can finish your drink

or you can read off your google search

history next one is group selfie a

personal favorite of mine when I'm

playing this game and you take a group

selfie to remember that you guys are

playing and having fun I know somebody's

really cute next one host drinks either

a good thing or a bad thing

I don't know but the host has to drink

when this card is pulled out the next

one is genes similar to the bodysuit one

but everyone wearing jeans has to drink

again there's a few of this piece this

one is ladies and when this one gets

pulled out all the girls drink again

this one's kind of ugly not my best

artwork but you guys knew what I was

trying to do the next one is made you

blink so if you pull up a note you have

a staring contest of the person across

from you first person to blanket drinks

the next one is called neighbors and

when this piece gets pulled out the

person to your left and the person to

your right directs the next piece is

never have I ever you has a probably

playing scene before you say never have

ever done something and anyone who has

done a thing has to drink so for example

never have I ever gone parachuting if

you hadn't gone parachuting you're like

do you have to drink next one is nose

goat looks like a classic like

elementary school game but the person

who doesn't put their finger on the nose

first has to drink the next one is

oldest oldest player has to drink the

next one is called peer pressure and

when this one is pulled out you take one

drink for every single player playing so

you can take two drinks it's just you

and a friend you take ten drinks if

you're playing with a group of ten the

next piece is called reverse and this is

pulled out the order of place which is

from clockwise to counter clockwise or

counterclockwise to clockwise depending

which way you're playing I hope you guys

see my cat puri see people been loving

her so that's a little Daisy running

around all right next one is a

rock-paper-scissors pretty classic can

you pull this one out you play game of

rock-paper-scissors loser drinks next

piece is safe and when this one is

pulled out you're safe from drinking


next time next one is shortest and once

I'm pulled out the shortest player takes

a drink there are multiple of this piece

in the game and this one is shot when

you pull the note you take a shot this

is another one I like

sibling rivalry when it's pulled out you

take one drink for every sibling you

know for this piece every person who's

single in the game takes a drink when

this piece is pulled out the next

players turn is skipped so you don't

drink person next years and drink you

move on to like the second next players

turn this next one is called social and

when it's pulled out everybody takes a

drink this piece is called spring break

probably one of my best artistically

that I created and when this one gets

pulled out you take a break until your

next turn this one is switch hands this

is by far the one I would want to get de

least and when this one happens you play

with your left hand if you're

right-handed or your right hand if

you're left-handed until the end of the

game the next two are the take 1 and

take 2 pieces which means that you take

1 0 1 you take 2 if you get the 2 the

next one is taken it's like the

counterpart to the single piece I made

so anyone who's taken in the game takes

a drink yeah tallest counterpart to the

shortest piece to the tallest player in

the group would take a drink the next

one is the real Slim Shady

so the real Slim Shady please stand up

it means you have to stand for the rest

of the game the next is two truths and a


classic like first day of University

let's get to know each other game

basically you say two things are true

one thing is that a lie if the group can

guess what the lie is you drink if they

can't guess the lie as the rest of the

group drinks second the last one is

waterfall I've never been like a college

like party you probably play this

classic drinking game but basically you

start drinking next person starts

drinking the person next you can't stop

drinking till you stop drinking person X

M can't stop baby so they stop drinking

and it repeats repeats repeat until

everyone's done drinking and finally a

youngest which is when the youngest

player in the game has to drink so I

know you guys I hope you like this video

and I hope it gives you lots of ideas

for what you could do if you're creating

your own drunk Jenga this is a perfect

game idea to a friend I actually love it

it's something that I think usually

really creative you can also of course

buy it online if you're not someone

who's super artistic but I think I'm

proof that even the least artistic

people could do this

you guys I hope you enjoyed this video

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hope everyone is enjoying their summer

so so much

I hope I'm still staying safe and

healthy I know we're still in a pandemic

it kind of stopped feeling like it but

Oh everyone's doing really well and I

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