How to Write Engaging Linkedin Articles

hello Corinna si here from social media

worldwide and in this video I want to

share with you how to write engaging in

LinkedIn articles unlike other social

networks like Twitter and Instagram

LinkedIn gives its users the ability to

publish two types of posts a short post

or an article which is the equivalent of

a long-form post there are many benefits

to publishing LinkedIn articles and not

limiting yourself to just publishing

short posts the first benefit is that it

establishes you as a thought leader by

self-publishing your own content

relevant to your business and industry

you automatically position yourself as

an expert the second benefit is that the

feature is free to all LinkedIn users

unlike publishing your own blog post

where you have to use paid platforms

such as WordPress and pay for hosting

and a domain name when publishing

long-form articles on LinkedIn the

service is free the third benefit of

publishing LinkedIn articles is that it

helps you grow your reach instead of

your content being seen only by your

existing LinkedIn audience anyone on

LinkedIn can type in a keyword in

LinkedIn search box and when they click

on content all the articles ranking for

that keyword will appear for example

should you have written an article

titled 5 mistakes to avoid with email

marketing should someone be looking for

email marketing advice on LinkedIn they

will highly likely stumble upon your

content regardless of whether they are

connected to your LinkedIn or follow

your LinkedIn the fourth benefit of

publishing LinkedIn articles is the fact

that your content can rank on search

engines like Google by having Google

potentially rank your Linkedin articles

for certain keywords means that your

reach is uncapped potentially millions

of people looking for certain keywords

that appear in your article can discover

your content and therefore discover you

finally the other benefit of publishing

LinkedIn articles is the fact that

LinkedIn provides detailed analytics for

each article you publish it will tell

you how many people have clicked to read

your article which countries the clicks

came from how your article was found by

people and what type of people clicked

to read the article according to their

job title by having access to this

information you can only improve your

article writing efforts as it will help

you shape your future articles based on

the data you can

elected after a few articles written

you'll be able to spot a pattern of what

types of articles generate the most

clicks and what types of people tend to

be drawn to your articles in order to

publish an article on LinkedIn simply

log in to your LinkedIn account and

click on write an article you'll notice

that there are three sections a banner

which is the image that will illustrate

your article a headline which is the

tunnel of your article and the body of

the article once you have finished

writing your article simply click on

publish you'll be able to check all your

articles by going to view profile and

then scrolling down to the section

titled articles where you can click on

see all articles to write articles that

spread dialogue nurture relationships

and create interests for your business

you have to follow certain steps first

perform keyword research to see what

types of keywords are cured phrases your

audience looks for ideally these

keywords should have low competition and

high volume searches to do so you will

need a keyword research tools such as

Google Adwords Keyword research tool

simply typing keywords relevant to your

business and create a shortlist of

keywords for example should you be in

detailing marketing business helping

people improve their phone sales skills

your keyword selection could be

telemarketing a hundred thousand two

million searches a month phone sales

tips a hundred thousand searches cold

calling 10,000 to 100,000 searches how

to be a good telemarketer a hundred to a

thousand searches telemarketing skills a

hundred to a thousand searches next to

these keywords and how many monthly

searches there are so you can highlight

the most important keywords you will

want to include several times throughout

your article by performing keyword

research and including certain keywords

strategically it increases your chances

of ranking in search results for certain

keywords ideally for a 1000 word article

include five keywords throughout your

article three times each but make sure

it doesn't sound or look obvious that

your keyword optimizing your article

should flow nicely the second step is

writing your title the title should

include your most important keyword and

should be attention-grabbing a good

title usually includes elements such as

habits mistakes ways steps how-to and

for example how to multiply your sales

by ten thanks to telemarketing or five

common mistakes to avoid with weight

loss or three little-known secrets for

keeping your team motivated once you've

decided on your title make sure you

create a banner for it

your banner should be 600 times three

hundred and twenty-two pixels the third

step is writing your article your

article should include a paragraph per

idea for example if your article is

about five steps you should have a

paragraph per step if your article

underlines mistakes to avoid have a

paragraph for each mistake to make your

article more enjoyable to read include

stories or examples for each idea you

develop in your article let's say you

are writing an article titled 5 steps to

decluttering your home and the first

step is creating a vision of the room

people want to declutter an example to

illustrate the first step could simply

State for example take a blank sheet of

paper and design your ideal living room

where the shells will be what you'll

place on the shelves the color of the

walls the shape of the table etc the

fourth step after you've completed your

article is to add course to action

throughout your content if your article

is a thousand word long include your

call to action three times throughout

your course your action should give

people the opportunity to learn more for

example it could redirect people to your

website or your other touch points such

as your social networks your

call-to-action could be a very low

commitment call to action such as

inviting people to engage with your

article by sharing commenting or

lighting the article the final step is

simply publishing your article click on

the publish tab on the top right hand

side and check one more time you are

happy with the layout and the content if

you're not you can always edit your

article so I hope you've enjoyed this

video if you did I've got an even better

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welcome to this video on how to create

and optimize your LinkedIn profile so to

create an optimize your LinkedIn profile

you need to do a few things you need to

customize your Linkedin URL you need to

customize your banner your profile

picture you need to add a headline a

summary your experience the featured

skills and endorsements needs to be

filled out recommendations you need to

have plenty of recommendations and your

profile strengths you need to have a

high profile strengths so let's look at

each one individually so to customize

your Linkedin URL you'll notice that by

default when you create your LinkedIn

profile LinkedIn will give you a non

customized LinkedIn URL so LinkedIn come

for slash in4 slash and then your first

name last name and a number now you want

your Linkedin URL to look like this so

it should be your first name and last

name so how do you do this how do you

customize your Linkedin URL

well first you log in to your LinkedIn

account and click on the me town when

you click on the me tab a drop down menu

will appear click on View profile and

then when you click on View profile it

will take you to this page that you see

here and click on profile in URL here

when you click on that it will take you

to this page and you click on the pencil

next to your URL and then you type in

the URL that you want so it should be

your first and last name then the banner

every LinkedIn profile has a banner so

the banner should be a thousand five

hundred eighty four pixels times just

three hundred and ninety-six pixels if

you wanted to fit perfectly