Drop Ship Secret: When Your Item Gets Delivered to the Wrong Address | I Have to Eat That Fee

hey you guys this is an francis b+

entrepreneur and i wanted to make this

video to help those of you that are drop

shippers or you do some drop shipping

using ebay and amazon i wanted to give

you guys a tip something that i learned

and that actually happened to me in my

business i had a customer that purchased

an item and i actually listed that item

on amazon as a merchant seller the items

sold assented to the customer the

customer sent me an email asking what

happened to their shipment and i had to

sit back and think okay let me figure

out what actually happened so I went

tracked the package come to find out the

package got delivered to the wrong

address it was a totally different

customer from a previous order I had

done thank the Lord I was able to kind

of track down the package to find out

what actually happened to make a long

story short because of my mistake I now

have to get my package from the person

that I delivered it to to the actual

back to the supplier as I'm reading and

figuring out what the suppliers terms

and conditions are basically you have to

pay for the shipping back to the

supplier if you have a return a lot of

times on Amazon you can return the item

they'll send you return shipping label

with this particular supplier I had to

pay for the shipping so not only do I

have to pay for the shipping from the

mistake delivery back to the supplier I

also had to create a shipping account

with either UPS or FedEx or the Postal

Service so that I could actually send a

return shipping label to the mistaken

consumer so to make a long story short

I'm out 50 bucks but the good thing

about it is it's a lesson learned I also

learned that I don't need to be drop

shipping or shipping items when I'm dead

tired because that's when mistakes

happen and clearly this one mistake is a

lesson to you know really be detailed

and clear on

your items if you have a bunch of orders

make sure you are tracking and making

sure you're putting the right address of

where the order needs to go to you have

to have some type of checks and balances

with your business and so this is one of

them so I wanted to make this video to

let you guys know when you are shipping

from a supplier to a buyer and your item

gets lost don't fret

you know and when you are on top of your

customer service the good thing is is

that I was able to communicate with the

customer and let them know that a

mistake had occurred and we're

rectifying it as soon as possible so

when you do that and you reassure the

customer then you will you can avoid

negative feedback so thank the Lord I

didn't get a negative feedback because

feedback and comments are very crucial

to your Amazon sellers account so I hope

this video helps if you guys please like

and share and leave me a comment if

you've ever had a mishap in shipping um

you know the main thing is to stay calm

don't make it an issue let alone know

that it's going to be a write-off so

alright you guys thanks again and see

you on the next video