How to Beat the FRACKING VIRUS in "CARGO" (2018)

If you got infected by a zombie virus and only had 48 hours left to live, what would

you do with your baby?

In this How to Beat video, we’ll follow the characters, see if we can make better

decisions, and ultimately attempt to beat the Fracking Virus in, Cargo.

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We start out following Andy, who’s with his wife Kay, and his baby, Rosie.

They’re on a float trip through an Australian river.

They come across another family who’re having a little birthday picnic, the dad doesn’t

seem too friendly though.

Andy anchors the boat down for the night, and fishes out a containment assistance package.

Okay, so it’s not a fun little float trip.

He pops the package open, and the text on the first pamphlet reads, “A guide to help

prepare you and your family to recognize threats and make smart decisions in dangerous situations.”

I can tell you right now they didn’t read this at all.

Andy flips past all that extraneous bullshit until he gets to a big colorful picture he

can actually understand.

It looks like Australia is pretty much annihilated by now.

To make matters worse, they only have a couple PB&J’s left.

Andy and Kay are arguing about the plan, which was originally to float down the river until

they reach a military base with a nearby hospital.

Kay’s second guessing that they will make it with food running low and the possibility

of the engine failing.

She wants to stop the boat, grab a car, and head 40km inland to a remote town.

I guess you didn’t understand the big colorful picture in the pamphlet.

Let me help, you’re traveling down the Murray River, and according to the red, high infection

zones on the map, you are not outrunning it, because it’s all around you.

Even though the infection is everywhere, I do think that heading for the remote town

is a decent option.

By now Andy and Kay have experienced the initial onslaught of the virus, and have read some

of that pamphlet.

They should know that the zombies are slow, easy to avoid, and that the virus is transmitted

through bodily fluids.

Driving into a remote town wouldn’t be that dangerous.

There would be less zombies, and maybe the town has some unpicked food and supplies.

It could be a decent place to hold out, have a nice cold pint, and wait for this all to

blow over.

With the zombies being slow and uncoordinated, it’s likely the military successfully fought

the zombies back.

So I'd still make a pass by the base before spending months on a potato farm.

What I don’t like is that houseboat.

It can barely push 5-6mph, which makes their journey to the base take weeks.

Not ideal when food is an issue.

Not only that, but it’s slow speed and the need to park it each night makes it vulnerable

to zombie attacks.

Just jack a truck, fill it with the gas from the boat, and since you can go 10 times as

fast as the houseboat, you can check out both the military base and the town before your

food runs out.

Andy convinces Kay to stay the course, and they continue floating towards the military


We cut over to a little kid surviving on her own, using a rock and tree branch to simulate

watching Netflix.

Man, things are pretty dire.

A lot of people would have hung themselves from a tree before this point.

Andy spots a wrecked boat named Serendipity.

You gotta appreciate the irony.

He jumps on top and sticks an oar down the hatch with a mirror attached to see if anyone’s


I’d also bang on the side of the boat to see if I could rustle up a person or zombie

lurking within.

There didn’t appear to be anyone in the boat, so he hops down into it.

He’s barehanded, which is never a good idea when looting in the zombie apocalypse.

There’s usually a bathroom in these boats too.

With his mirror he should be able to see if the door was closed.

Since it was closed, he should be extra cautious about a zombie sitting on the toilet.

Andy hits the jackpot and starts bagging the canned food and wine, but all the commotion

awakens the toilet zombie.

If these were 28 weeks later zombies, Andy would definitely be dead.

He hightails the goods back to the houseboat where he reveals the discovery to Kay.

Of course he lies about it being perfectly safe so she doesn’t freak out about how

dangerous it was.

God forbid you’re honest and say that yah, it was way too risky and dangerous and that

you shouldn’t have done it, and that you think there was something in the boat’s


Andy goes off to take a nap, and Kay decides to sneak off to the wrecked boat.

Why, just why?

Yah, Andy said it’s safe, but there is no legitimate reason to go back to that boat.

At least Andy had a reason, that they were running out of food.

But now that they have enough food to continue their trip down the river without going hungry,

there’s no reason to take these kinds of risks.

Why does she have to sneak off too, it’s the apocalypse, a little teamwork and communication

goes a long way.

Kay basically gets killed because she wanted to surprise her husband with a fucking razor

for his beard, which apparently is a very pressing issue to her.

At least she got it.

Andy wakes up from his nap, only to find his bloody mess of a wife in the bathroom with

a severe bite wound on her thigh.

Kay throws on a watch that came with the containment package, which shows how many hours of life

you have left.

Damn, FitBits have gotten hardcore.

According to Kay’s, she has 48 hours until she’s a zombie, probably much less considering

how badly she was bitten.

Andy throws all containment considerations out the window and handles her bloody wound

with his bare hands.

Just don’t itch your eye man.

Kay gives the pamphlet a second read.

It says the infected can’t spread the disease until symptoms appear, which could be in a

few hours.

Realistically, Kay’s bloody wound is already contagious, and how fast the virus takes over

the body actually depends on how and where the disease was transmitted.

It's not like you want to hangout until they start coughing to quarantine or dispatch them.

The pamphlet also says the auto-injector makes dispatching the infected as easy and safe

as possible.

Oh that needle isn’t a vaccine, it’s a way to kill yourself.

Holy shit that needle is intense.

That looks like the needle Nicolas Cage used in the movie The Rock.

You’re supposed to put it up to your temple and hit the quick release button if you get



You know the situation is bad when the government is handing out ways to kills yourself instead

of vaccines or antidotes.

Andy’s in denial about her bite wound, and thinks a river monster bit her instead.

It’s pretty obvious it was a zombie though.

Ya know, a testing kit would have been nice to include in the containment assistance package.

I know it’s hard to come to terms with the fact that she’s a goner, but you can’t

let your denial lead you into making more bad decisions.

It’s time to say your goodbyes and auto-ject her from the boat.

He wants to take her to the hospital in the remote town, because he thinks that she will

bleed to death in a few hours.

If on the offshoot he’s right, and it wasn’t a zombie that bit her, he thinks the doctors

could stop her from bleeding out.

If he’s wrong and she is infected, well, she’s dead anyways.

The problem is that his assumptions aren’t accurate.

Her wound is oozing dark blood, which suggests veinous bleeding.

Her wound is not life-threatening, and she will not bleed out in hours.

Veinous bleeding can be stopped with 10 minutes of direct pressure and leg elevation.

I’d cancel that trip to the hospital, quarantine her on shore immediately so she doesn’t

spread the disease all over the boat, then pull out the lawn chair and watch her slowly

turn into a zombie.

The hell it is.

Oh, it’s your call because you got killed for a Gilette.

The best a man can get is a partner that doesn’t take unnecessary risks in the zombie apocalypse.

Andy already risked his life to get the food.

You were set.

All you had to do was sit on the boat and have a glass of wine.

I guess it wasn’t her call as they went with Andy's idea.

Since there are zombies roaming about, it’s a good idea to stay in eye contact at all

times, use hand signals, have non-verbal ways to communicate like clapping rocks together,

have lures to distract zombies with, and having ranged weapons like spears to defend yourselves


Not an hour into their journey, they run into burnt corpses, with their heads buried in

the ground and spears buried in their skulls.

Normally, I'd say this is free food for the iron-stomached survivors, but I don’t think

you can cook off the Fracking Virus so as enticing as it sounds, eating the fried zombie

corpses probably isn’t a good idea.

We cut back to the lone child again, who’s storyboarding her next Netflix episode.

She’s housing and feeding a zombie too, nice.

I bet that won’t be a problem later.

Kay’s leg wound is so severe she’s hopping around, shopping for baby seats, making toys,

and playing pattycake with her baby.

Did you just forget that you are hours into an incubation period for an incredibly deadly

and infectious disease that turns people into zombies, and what you’re doing is fucking


Why the sweet Australian outback fuck would you touch this sick ass yellow goop.

I’m losing my patience with this chick.

Andy, please dome her with the auto-dispatcher already.

She’s going to get your baby killed.

Hopefully Kay disinfects her hand before she touches anyone else, but we know that’s

not gonna happen.

All that stuff about communication, eye contact, weapons, lures, would’ve been nice to have

with the zombie approaching.

I’ll give her some credit for the turn signal move, though.

Luckily Andy receives the warning and hops in the car before the zombie catches him.

I’ve been waiting for a chance to say that driving 55 mph is the most fuel efficient

speed, and saving gas is definitely a concern in the apocalypse.

Feels good that this factoid is off my chest, maybe it will save someone’s life one day,

who knows.

If anything I say in any of my videos ever leads to your survival, like you were in a

situation and thought, oh, Nerd Explains said this, and it saved your life, please let me


If it gets you killed, well, nobody will know.

Andy pulls over to check the map, because Kay apparently can’t work the map while

he drives.

Rosie starts crying because she needs a diaper change.

Why would you let her do it?

Kay is hours into an infection, and will be showing severe symptoms anytime now.

She shouldn’t be around you in the car, nor should she be handling the baby and changing

it’s diaper.

She should be in the trunk so she isn’t spreading her bodily fluids everywhere.

Oh my fucking god.

That baby could have easily been coughed or puked on.

Looks like the kids zombie friend breached containment, who’d have thought feeding

zombies like zoo animals was a bad idea.

Ooh that doesn’t look good.

I don’t think she has 48 hours.

Finally she gets hit with some sense, but Andy can’t help himself and throws her back

in the car.

He starts speeding down the dirt roads to get to the definitely abandoned hospital so

he can salvage a few extra hours with his wife, when out of nowhere a ninja zombie shows

up and causes him to swerve off the road and into a tree, totaling the truck and his wife.

I’m more sad about the car at this point.

As ridiculous as this was, if you’re in the apocalypse with roaming zombies everywhere,

maybe keep your eyes on the road.

Andy faints from a panic attack.

When he wakes up, he sees ‘save her’, written in blood.

And this..

I’m sure she’ll be fine bro, just pull the tree stump out of her stomach and carry

her to the hospital.

Kay’s transformation into a zombie is complete, and she bites his arm with her disgusting

yellow crusty mouth.

So she had time to write ‘save her’ in her own blood, but not to auto-ject herself

before she turned into a zombie with her passed out husband and baby next to her.

You know Kay, it’d be easier to save Rosie if you didn’t let yourself turn into a zombie

that attacked us.

Andy finally auto-jects Kay's head, putting an end to her madness.

He throws Rosie into his backpack, straps on the grossly inaccurate watch, and heads


The kid baits the zombie away from Andy using blood handprints.

Why couldn’t you have done that earlier when your zombie was in the road that the

car was driving down.

Andy makes it to the town and stumbles into a lady who asks what time is left on his watch,

not like it matters though.

She offers him a spare bed, which is nice, but come on, 46 hours is only if someone sneezes

on you.

This guy was bit on the arm, by morning he could be zombified.

Kind of dangerous to have him chilling around.

Off in the distance, aborignal tribes are shish kebabing and frying zombies.

You know, this isn’t too far off from the lifestyle I was imagining at the end of the

Assimilate video I did.

Whaddya know, the hospital is derelict.

I’m not sure what Andy’s looking for in the hospital, it’s not like there’s an


Maybe he’s looking for an easier way to off himself by ODing on drugs.

I don’t blame him.

Yep, there’s no way this dude is making it the full 48.

This man just can not get a good shave in.

He wakes up in a makeshift bed with spare clothes next to him.

It’s pretty clear Etta saved his ass.

She tells him to go find Willie and to avoid the hunting parties that are hunting the infected.

Why not tell her that Willie was a zombie, and that the best option would be to leave

Rosie in Etta’s care while Andy enjoyed his last moments with her, instead of hiking,

fighting zombies, and risking Rosie’s life even more.

Andy heads off in search of the zombie dad for god knows what reason.

Ah, he’s trying to make it to the military base.

Looks like the military didn’t do so hot.

Andy finds another truck to jack, so he can go check out the destroyed military base I


He gets really lucky that guy comes in with the clutch over the shoulder shot.

Yah they are slow, but you can never underestimate how sneaky those ninja zombies are.

The man tells Andy that the military base is overrun.

Apparently he got his leg pinned under a canister of some sort, so he offers Andy a deal.

Help him and he’ll take him back to his home where his wife can help with Rosie.

Andy agrees, and they haul ass before more Zombies show up.

Vic lives in a nice gated community, and we get introduced to his wife.

He doesn’t seem like her type, then again, it’s the apocalypse.

Andy leaves the baby with Lorraine, and the boys go on their hunting trip.

Honestly this looks like fun.

This is about as good as the zombie apocalypse is going to get.

Ohhhh, poor little thoomie.

Thoomie did inadvertently cause you to crash and get bit by Kay by letting his zombie dad


Just saying.

Any one of those bullets could have killed the bait, which is just reckless on Vics part.

It does seem like the blood and meat work just fine, and you don’t need live bait,

this guys just doing this because he’s a psycho.

Vic still is one of the only options for securing a new home for your baby, so it’s probably

not wise to piss him off by expressing your disapproval.

Back at home, Lorraine is playing with Rosie, until she makes a terrible discovery.

Ooh maybe letting Kay play with the baby wasn’t a good idea after all.

Looks like our pal drummed up some more live bait.

He cranks on some jams, splashes some blood on the cage, and heads back to base to make

love to his unwilling ‘wife’.

Lorraine didn’t seem to mention that Andy’s baby is infected, which makes it even more

idiotic that he’s cuddling and kissing her.

Maybe the goo was from Andy, which is still idiotic because he was getting infectious

zombie goo all over his babies clothes.

You know how much babies put stuff in their mouths.

The recklessness is just fucking astounding.

Andy starts seizing again, and kisses his baby on the forehead before heading outside

to dome cap himself.

They really lied on the auto-ject that it made dispatching easy.

Why not include a poisonous pill or something instead.

I could easily see someone fucking this up and holding it too far away or aiming it off

center and accidentally lobotomizing themself.

Lorraine stops him because she wants his help to get away from Vic.

Andy mentions that there’s a family by the river that she could take the baby to.

Yah, that dad looked real inviting, it’s definitely worth the 40km trek back to them,

if they are still even there.

As sucky as it sounds, she just needs to stay shacked up with this dude, play along, convince

him to teach her how to shoot and hunt so she can survive on her own, then auto-ject

him while he’s sleeping.

Since Vic caused the death of her real husband, I think the auto-ject is too painless.

She should save some of that yellow goop on the baby from earlier and put it in one of

Vic’s meals.

Vic catches them conspiring and rifle butts him in the head.

Andy wakes up in the cage with Thoomie.

That is probably one of the worst designed cages I've ever seen.

I get that he might only have access to an animal cage like that, but why not chain them

to the cage, instead of just to each other.

Andy and Thoomie sneak back into camp to free Lorraine and Rosie.

Why would you not shoot him?

He’s too dangerous to be left alive.

If during your escape, the baby cries or someone knocks something over, Vic could still grab

a gun and come out and shoot you, he’s a pretty good shot too.

Yep, Vic wakes up and rushes outside with his rifle.

As he draws down on Andy, Lorraine jumps out to stop him and gets shot dead.

Thoomie and Andy escape and make a stop by the Clever Man’s cage, but he’s gone.

I’m sure he figured out he could just lift the cage door and walk out too.

Vic catches up to them and poses an enticing offer.

I don’t know what they’re waiting for, Vic sounds like a man who will definitely

honor his side of the deal.

Why is Andy going to sleep with Thoomie and the baby when he’s in the late stages of

infection, he could turn at any point now.

Wow, Thoomie’s lucky he didn’t go for her face instead.

And why are you sleeping, you literally have hours before you’re dead, you need to be

finding a new home for Rosie.

Andy gives Thoomi a reality check, that her zombie dad is dead and there’s no cure and

the clever man can’t fix her dad.

The talk didn’t go over well, as she tries to off herself with a rock.

And I thought the auto-ject was a hard way to commit suicide.

Thoomie and Andy go separate ways and Andy heads for the river to find the family they

passed by earlier.

With only 9 hours left of life, he’s really starting to lose it.

Just before Andy buries his head in the ground like those other zombozos, Thoomie comes to

the rescue.

They miraculously find a boat with an engine and eventually Andy’s reunited with the

houseboat, memories of Kay, and thoughts of how this could have gone down differently

if she just poured a glass of wine instead.

It doesn’t seem like things turned out hot for the family.

You know that dude had a gun, so maybe don’t sneak into their home and eat their food without

knowing if they’re still around.

I’d yell to see if they were home.

Sure you could attract some zombies, but I'd rather deal with a zombie than a guy with

a gun.

I’m also still dumbfounded that Andy hasn’t found something to use as a weapon against

the zombies this whole time.

Thanks doctor thoomie, for the history lesson about why modern medicine and technology has

rendered your culture obsolete.

They find the river people, but the dad is digging a mass grave.

The man tells Andy that after he offs his family with 4 bullets, there will be 2 bullets

left for him and Rosie.

I’d say that Andy should try to take the gun and stop him, as the wife is the best

chance at Rosie being taken care off.

Andy declines the offer and heads back to the boat.

If I was going to murder my family to mercy kill them, I’d fish out an auto-ject and

dome each one while they slept, this way you wouldn’t have to see the look of horror

on their faces as they don’t understand why you’re killing them.

While Andy contemplates using the revolver on himself, Rosie is sucking on his bloody


I feel like you have to really, really, really try to get this disease, so how did it spread

so fast.

Is that really what’s on your mind right now, after witnessing a man murder his family

while you had the same gun he used in your mouth.

They really should have headed to Thoomi’s tribe instead of the family in a van down

by the river.

Look, that's you in a few hours Andy.

If they needed to hibernate and slow metabolism, why not lie down instead.

And if they need the dark, why are you taking me through a dark tunnel.

Unfortunately, they run into Vic again.

Andy pretends to be a zombie, which is really not a good strat.

If that dude used his rifle like he did earlier to dispatch the zombies, you’d be screwed.

If the zombies woke up, you’d be screwed.

Andy should have run up on him with the gat and emptied it in Vic’s chest.

Just before Vic bats his head in, Andy flips the script and opens fire.

Andy should have fired both rounds, because Vic grabs the gun and puts a hole in Andy


Vic knocks Thoomie out, and in a fit of rage almost cranks little Rosie's neck sideways,

but doesn’t because that would’ve made this movie obscenely dark and disturbing.

Andy helps Thoomie shake off the tweety birds so they can continue their trek to her family.

He starts succumbing to the disease, and gets the eye goop and flesh eating libido.

Knowing his death is imminent, they forge a new plan.

So not only does the government give you a way to kill yourself, but also shackles and

a mouthguard?

Why, so you can tie up zombies?

Thoomie’s fam is demolishing the zombies, but why aren’t they wearing more armor?

And why are they waiting until the zombies get close to kill them, just use the throwing

spears, those seem to be effective.

The zombie piggyback ride is a nice flex, but Thoomie definitely could have carried

the baby a couple more miles herself.

Seems like an unnecessary risk.

The clever man was out there running zombies through too, so it’s safe to say he didn’t

have the cure that Thoomie was waiting on for her dad.

Andy finds mercy at the end of a spear and the tribe takes the baby into their home.

The movie ends.

Let’s recap some of the big decisions that could have altered the course of events, and

see who we could save, and whose death was inevitable.

I’m pretty sure no matter what we did differently, Kay would find a way to get herself killed,

so i’m putting her on the dead board permanently.

They definitely should have jacked a car instead of the boat, which means the food wouldn’t

be as much of an issue to go looting wrecked boats for.

They’d stop by the military base, see that it was overrun, then head to the remote town

to find Etta and the aboriginals.

There, they could hold out the apocalypse relatively safely.

So Andy, Rosie, Thoomie, Etta, Vic, Lorraine, and the Tribe would all be alive.

They’d still have to deal with Vic at some point, because he was putting them in cages.

His cages didn’t seem hard to escape, so whoever was captured could free themselves

and gather the tribe to hunt him down and free Lorraine.

So Vic using people as live bait will probably still lead to his death.

The river family and willie were dead either way.

Ultimately, I think we could have beaten Andy and Kay’s encounter with the Fracking Virus.

Thanks for watching, and remember, lack of communication is the number one relationship

killer, especially in the apocalypse.