How to write a good Match.com profile- EMPOWER NETWORK

I'm going to talk about online dating it

was the summer 2011 and I felt like I

had hit a wall in my online dating world

so I decided to shake shake things up

I'd read an inspirational article from

acclaimed dating coach David Wiegand and

he talked about showing a man who you

were through your profile I had nothing

to lose so I tried it here is my match

com profile from the fall of two

thousand eleven and that the whole foods

downtown and it's time to go to the bulk

food aisle and look left look right then

casually lift a scooper with a few

raspberry covered pretzels not into a

bag but into my hand and carry on my

shopping experience that's when I see

you standing there in the produce

section staring at me I'm just out of

yoga so yes I look a little grungy an

awkward carrying my scooter helmet

wearing my hoodie yoga pants and uggs so

clearly this isn't this she's so pretty

I can't take my eyes off her stator this

is that I just busted you doing a

drive-by eating of the bulk aisle stare

hmm what you do now I'm nervous I'm

feeling guilty and I have no idea where

to go from here as I'm plotting either

my escape towards the coffee section or

my admission of guilt to the innocent

checkout guy you come towards me crap of

course you have to be handsome have

engaging eyes and the perfect amount of

scruffy looking incredibly approachable

in your hoodie and flops what am i doing

thinking about this you're about to out

me not hit on me you casually walk right

past me and brush my shoulder giving you

a refreshing smell of who knows what

kind of Awesome sending chills down my

spine then I feel it a hand on my lower

back and a whisper in my ear you've got

crumbs on your lip babe if you ate the

chocolate-covered raisins coffee beans

or cashews that wouldn't happen you're

welcome and with that you graze the

remaining small of my lower back with

your hand and walk towards the front so

there I am left frozen in the bulk aisle

of Whole Foods my heart racing my head

spinning and slowly licking my bottom

lip to eliminate the tell-tale sign of

my mischief it mischievous behavior and

simultaneous grin and what it just


I continued the rest of my shopping

still replaying the turn of events in my

head and kicking myself that I didn't

turn around grab you by the hoodie and

pull you back towards me for something

anything even just to tell you to even

just to find out your name I'm taking an

impossibly long time to finish by

shopping walking down each aisle with

the nervous jitters jitters that pretzel

buster guy will round the corner and

other cuff me or take me to the front or

scoop me up in his arms after what

seemed to be about five hours but really

probably only 30 minutes I go to the

checkout line and give the poor Whole

Foods guy a two minute she feel about

for pretzels and give him an extra

dollar and tell him to do what he

pleases there no bad karma I feel

relinquished in my guilt and free to

carry on with my life I proceed outside

to the scooter parking area out front

and load my two small brown bags into

the milk crate on the back of my scooter

as I'm about to turn on the engine I see

a piece of paper tucked into my drink

holder wrapped around a bag of raspberry

yogurt pretzels I immediately grin ear

to ear I pull it out and it reads hey

rookie thief i'm making a calculated

guess that this pink scooter belongs

with the pink flamed helmet you were

carrying if so let's hang out I can tell

you're active so let's go out and enjoy

the sun and eat these pretzels together

and not to worry they're paid for as

much as I would love the above scenario

to unfold an afro mention pretzel Buster

guy to be funny sarcastic childless

intelligent beyond his obvious display

of connect the dots with my scooter and

helmet emotionally available authentic

selfless and has a stable character I'd

also like to win the lottery my odds are

about the same therefore perhaps I'll

meet said man online who knows but i bet

my chances are better than at Whole

Foods never forget the pleasure of the

journey and never underestimate

coincidences especially at Whole Foods

so you know what happened after that day

at Whole Foods I ended up needing an

amazing guy and I didn't date him though

he just turned out to be very very good

friend and then what turned what


with coincidences a year later is that I

was in Costa Rica and booked an

appointment with a shaman who happened

to be the love of my life and he

proposed two months later and we have

introduced our wedding planner to the

man who I met from match com from

changing up my profile so thank you

David Wygant for your advice to tell a

story of the kind of person you're

looking for in your profile don't just

list what you're about because it helped

me empower myself to put myself in the

right place at the right time in Costa

Rica and it helped me meet my friend who

I later enjoy introduced to our wedding

planner so there are two stories of

happily ever after love and light