How to Write a Check Step-by-Step Instructions – Writing Dollars and Cents on Checks


writing a check is easy and this

tutorial shows you exactly how to do it

move through each step one by one or

just use the example in this video as a

model for the checks you need to write

complete the steps in any order you like

in this guide you'll move from the top

of a check to the bottom which should

help you avoid skipping any steps number

one current date write this near the top

right hand corner in most cases you will

use today's date which helps you and the

recipient keep accurate records number

two Hayley on the line that says pay to

the order of write the name of the

person or organization you are paying

number three amount in numeric form

write the amount of your payment in the

small box on the right hand side start

writing as far over to the left as

possible if your payment is for one

hundred dollars and 15 cents the one

should be right up against the left hand

border of the dollar box to prevent

fraud number four amount in words write

out the amount using words to avoid

fraud and confusion this will be the

official amount of your payment if that

amount is different from the numeric

form that you entered in the previous

step the amount you wrote with words

will legally be the amount of your check

use all capital letters which are harder

to alter write this all together on one

line so that it reads 100 dollars and 15

over 100 you might notice that the word

cents doesn't appear anywhere you don't

need to use it when writing a check it

is sufficient to simply put the number

of cents into the format as in the

picture if you want you

certainly right 15 cents but it's easier

and faster to use the fraction format

number five signature sign the cheque

legibly on the line in the bottom right

corner use the same name and signature

on file at your bank this step is

essential a check will not be valid

without a signature number six memo line

if you like included a note this step is

optional and will not affect how banks

process your cheque the memo line is a

good place to add a reminder about why

you wrote the check thank you for

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