6 Ways to Study With a Whiteboard | Everything Janis

hey guys with Janice and today I decided

to make a quick video on how to use a

whiteboard for study 8 there are six

ways of how I usually use my white board

for studying and the first two are kind

of more like productivity or focus tips

and last for our study tips one of the

things we like to do with my white board

is to make it to do or accomplish lists

every day so I'll separate my way

forward and into different sections one

for my to-do list where I will basically

write down the tasks I have to do for

that day if I'm not using the bullet

journal I'll use my white board and then

the other accomplished site is very

important because I can write down what

I accomplished and - what I did during

the day so I'm not just focused on the

amount of work I still have to do but

I'm more focused on what I have

accomplished and this can include study

or non-city things as well the other

productivity related thing to do is to

make a daily intention for and so

basically I can write down every day's

intention on the board and stick it in

the room somewhere so that I can feel

whenever I walk into my room and then I

will say focus on that particular

intention for the day for some dates is

hustle hard or maybe some other days is

to be kind or be happy this next thing

is actually study related and in a

student if you sentence on your

whiteboard I think this is the way I use

my web for the most because I just use

it almost every day so basically you

know sometimes in your math a little

subjects or sense of taste you have a

lot of exercises in the back whether

there are MCS or short questions and

usually when I want to do those

exercises for practice I don't want to

get a piece of paper to do it on because

that's just a waste but I also want to

do them so I will use a whiteboard and

write down the answers under and also

check my answers on the whiteboard so

that I can do the exercises while not

wasting any paper I really don't enjoy

the fourth way to use my whiteboard but

is to plan an essay on it and although

this is not fun it's definitely useful

and want to do is I basically split the

whiteboard in the two sessions and once

that will be the four arguments and

others that will be there's arguments so

I'll basically brainstorm on arguments

for and against the particular topic and

writing an essay on and after I list all

the things I can think of I will decide

on my stance and it's just a nice way to

write down all my points from an essay

so I can remember them and have an eye

juster from the SI you can also use wipe

our society for Humanities and I'd like

to write mind maps of mine or flowcharts

are just any visual representation of

the material I'm setting for so

basically our first of all looks room

with six books in my notes and remember

all of the stuff I can and afterwards I

will just take out my whiteboard and

bring them everything I know about the

topic onto my whiteboard so that I can

see how much of the material I still

remember and how much I still don't

understand or don't know the last idea

is perfect for exam we can definitively

image and don't forget bored and put it

like right next to your bed or inside

your room on the night before the exam

I'll just go from a material again and

find out what are one or two formulas or

terms that I just can't remember and as

I have trouble remembering those on the

night before I'll just write them down

on my whiteboard so that they're the

first thing I look at in the morning

this will help me reinforcement memory

on the particular formula or term so

that I don't forget it you make sense

and let's meet for this very short video

I hope you guys found these ideas useful

and will use them in your study routines

and also if you have time please even

and comment on what videos you'd like to

see me make this and that's basically it

for now thanks for watching it bye