How to Make a Varsity Jacket (Letterman Jacket) | WITHWENDY

hey everyone this is withwendy

and today im gonna show you how I made a varsity jacket

this jacket is something I made last year

near the end of the year

it was a lot of footage to sift through

but I hope you guys are able to make a varsity jacket for yourself

or a letterman jacket whatever you call it

i modelled mine after a varsity jacket made by Opening Ceremony

it was worn by Rihanna, Jessica Alba

it came up a lot when i was searching up different inspiration ideas

for varsity jackets

so there's the whole premise is that the body is gray

one sleeve is black leather, one sleeve is white leather

obviously the color scheme and everything is totally up to you

if you ever want to see these instructions that i give out in a written out form,

on my blog i always put some drawings, and some written out steps

just to help guide you along

I'll also put a couple of hints on how to make this an easier tutorial

because i know a jacket from scratch for a beginner is not the easiest

but sometimes you just have to go for it

and you learn a lot by just trying new things

so don't shy away from trying out a new project

stick around after the tutorial if you want to help answer a couple of questions that i have

otherwise, we will get right into it so you can see how i made this jacket

*upbeat music*

trace out the back piece of the jacket by using

one of your dress shirts

for the two front pieces give a little extra length

on the edge with the snaps and repeat for the lining

with the right sides facing each other, sew them together along the shoulders

the sleeves can also be traced from the dress shirt

i made one with black leather and one with white leather

with the right sides together, pin the center of the sleeve to the shoulder seam

and sew that together along the arm hole

you can then sew the sides together starting from the armpit

and you can sew the sleeve shut starting from the armpit as well

the lining also has to be sealed off on the sides

fold a strip of ribbed knit in half and measure enough to fit snugly around your wrist

sew that piece together into a tube

and the fold it in half to hide away the seam

make sure you make two of these, one for each wrist

take the remaining ribbed knit and sew it together along the top edge

on both ends, sew this to a rectangle cut from the gray wool

this is the bottom of the jacket so it should fit snugly around

your hips

pin this to the bottom of the jacket

and distribute the stretch evenly before sewing it together

sew the ribbed knit to the neckline

and bring that folded edge closer to the seam as you get to the front to get the right shape

the fur 'W' was just fur on black leather and then on white leather

and now we're going to make the pockets

fold two strips of leather in half and sew

that to the lining rectangle as shown

bring the two folded edges of the leather together

and then add little stiches on the side to hold

them in place

as well, sew down the side of the pocket to seal it off

draw a diagonal for where those pockets will go

and just make sure that it's narrower by two notches

I cut a straight line and then added a little 'V' on the both ends

along only the sides and the top edge of the pocet

tuck in the gray fabric and sew along the white leather

i used a seam ripper to tuck any small corners

as i sewed it down

here you'll see that i only sewed along the sides

on the top, i pulled those loose threads through to tie them into a knot

for the bottom edge, you have to flip that pocket

lining out of the way so that you're only sewing through the gray fabric

and the white leather

otherwise you're gonna seal your own pocket shut

for the cuffs, sew the raw edge of that ribbed knit to

the end of the sleeve

glue on the monogram and attach the snap fasteners

i folded all the raw edges inwards

and i attached the lining by hand

at the armhole, at the collar i only attached the lining

to the raw edges that are showing up on the inside of the jacket

so that way, nothing shows up on the outside


there you have it that's the tutorial on

the varsity jacket

a friend of mine who is a photographer took quite a couple

photos of me wearing this jacket recently

I've been putting them up on my Tumblr

so if you ever want to see photos of me wearing the things i have created

my Tumblr is full of that stuff

withwendy.tumblr.com is where you can find that

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big challenging near the end of last year

and one of them was this really really big tulle skirt

that i made for an awards gala