How To Hand Letter on Christmas Ornaments

hey I'm Becca with a happy ever crafter

and in this video I'm going to show you

how to make custom hand lettered

Christmas ornaments like these using

three different kinds of pens a white

one a silver one and a gold one let's

step right up so first things first

let's talk about supplies the main thing

you're gonna need for this video is an

ugly Christmas sweater as far as tools

go for lettering on ornaments there are

a ton of different colored paint pens

and different brands of paint pens that

you can use for the purposes of this

video though I'm gonna show you my three

favorite kinds and these are based on

different ones I've tested generally

when I'm writing on a Christmas ornament

I do it in one of three colors I'm

either using white gold or silver that

really depends on which Christmas

ornament I'm using I really like the

look of white on clear I really like the

look of gold on these matte finished

ones and I also like to match the gold

with the top of this ornament here I

like silver again to match the top of

that ornament and I think it pops really

nicely on this matte so I encourage you

to try different paint pens but for the

purposes of this video I'm gonna be

showing you using pasca so pasca is a

water-based paint pen and this is just a

white pasta pen in two different sizes

when I have sharpie

oil-based markers and to be honest these

are generally my favorite and then these

ones are liquid chrome and these only

come in silver so they're really really

bright silver they're really great for

using if you want it to actually look

like chrome really like saturated silver

and then there are a couple other things

that you might want so you might want a

pencil you might want a glass pencil so

this one is called the Stabilo aqua

relabel this is what we're gonna use to

do a little outline on the glass one and

you might want talked and I'll explain

why in a little bit but if you're using

chalk you also might need a pencil

sharpener so you can see that I've

sharpened my chalk here and that's what

I used for that last but not least

potentially just a scrap piece of paper

ideally with guidelines so first we're

gonna do these two matte colored

Christmas balls I'm going to show you

two different techniques that you can

use so the first one is going to be

using a chalk transfer and the second

one is going to be using a pencil and

that's to draw the guidelines of what

want to write on there when you're

working with Christmas ornaments that

are like this and that are matte finish

or ones that have specific colors on

them and stuff that you won't be able to

erase you really want to make sure that

you have a guideline on there before you

get started because trying to use any

remover on these will take off the paint

finish and that's really obviously not

ideal the first one we're gonna do is

just a regular pencil transfer so for

that one you would just take your

ornament and you'd write the word you

want in pencil this is gonna happen

differently for different people

depending on how comfortable you are

with lettering you could try and draw

guidelines as well as you can on here

and then do your lettering or you could

just go ahead and freehand it so I'm

just gonna write the word joy so this is

a pretty simple example I don't know if

you can see that in the video but

there's a really plain mono line outline

here and then I'm gonna take my gold pen

shake it up and I'm gonna just go right

on to the ornament so with this because

we're doing folk calligraphy meaning

that you're gonna thicken some lines as

you go back in the downstroke you want

to make sure that you're thickening

those lines as you go because otherwise

when you come back you're gonna smudge

it with your hand add the thicknesses to

the down strokes if you don't know what

I'm talking about and you've never done

calligraphy before I actually have a

video on this youtube channel about

folk calligraphy so that might be


and that's it now if you wanted to add

any little extra embellishments I often

keep a smaller version of the same pen

handy so that it's the exact same color

I would just add some little things like

maybe snowflakes or little dots

everywhere just whatever you can do to

make that a little fancier


and voila you have a custom hand

lettered ornament with a little bit of

extra decoration the next technique

we're gonna do is going to be using the

chalk and the pencil that I was talking

about earlier so this is a technique

that you might want to use if you're

writing something longer on your

ornament and you don't want to risk

screwing it up so you could do actually

what's called a chalk transfer so what

I'm gonna do for this one is take just a

regular pencil or pen this one's just a

micron sized one and you're gonna write

out what you want to write on the

Christmas ball on paper first I'm gonna

do for example one that's really popular

these days is to have it just married or

a just engaged Christmas ornament so

I'll do just married and so I'm gonna

write it out on here first and then

we're gonna transfer it on to the

Christmas ball so here's my just married

wording generally when you're using a

Christmas ball that's about this size

you might want it to be even a little

bit smaller than that but for this one I

think it's gonna look just fine now I'm

gonna take this paper and I'm gonna rip

out just the portion

and then I'm gonna take it and turn it

over and I'm gonna grab the chalk again

you want to make sure that your chalk is

sharpened and then when you look through

your paper I want you to trace over just

the parts where the writing was so you

want to make sure that you're getting

enough chalk on the paper but you don't

need to push too too hard if you get too

much chalk residue on here it's gonna

make a mess on your ornament so you want

to just use the bare minimum


so once you've done that you've got a

little bit of chalk residue on your

paper and now you're gonna take it and

put it on your Christmas bulb wherever

you want that to land this will really

easily put chalk residue onto the

Christmas ball so you want to make sure

that you're just kind of eyeballing it

until you're ready to actually put it

down and then you're gonna hold it down

on just one end and take your pencil you

just want to make sure you're being

really careful not to smudge it all over

the Christmas ball and then you're gonna

use your pencil to trace over again and

this will leave the chalk on the

Christmas ball


my problem here is that because I lifted

my paper for the second word they don't

fit together nicely anymore so I'm

actually gonna erase that first one I'm

actually gonna just write this on with

pencil the next thing I'm gonna do is

actually just take my liquid curl

markers and I'm gonna use the smaller

one for this and I'm gonna write over

the words


and there you have it for this one so

now I'm gonna wait for this to dry and

then I'll be able to take off the chalk

the one last thing I wanted to do on

this one is generally people want the

year on this so I'm going to turn this

around and I'm gonna write the year on


once it's dry you can just gently take

off the chalk and there we go we have a

custom just married with the year and

the last time we're gonna do which is my

favorite is lettering on these clear

Christmas ornaments for this one you're

gonna want that's to be low aqua relabel

pencil and then a white paint pen and

I'm using pasta I'm gonna take this

white pencil and right off the bat I'm

just gonna write directly on to here I'm

gonna write the word Noel

so I actually like the way that that

guideline looks but for the purposes of

this I wanted to also demonstrate how

easy it is to take that off if you

wanted to reposition that you could

really easily just buff it off with a

paper towel

so that's the whole point of using this

for a guideline so I'm gonna redo that

and I'm actually gonna move it down a

little bit and you'll see why in a


now the other thing to note is that this

Christmas fall is flat if you are

struggling with the round one I suggest

looking for these ones one you can there

is my word now I'm gonna go with my

pasta pen and I'm gonna write over top

of it one thing I want to point out

about the pasta pens is that these are

water-based they're not oil-based I find

that they actually tend to be a little

bit streaky ER if you notice that then I

honestly would probably just switch to

the sharpies I'm just gonna let this dry

for a minute but while that's happening

I'm gonna actually take my smaller tip

pasta pen and I'm gonna add a little bit

of detailing on here so this is one way

that I really love to add detail on

these clear ornaments is with a white

really thin tip


so what I did was I just added some dots

at the top that we're really close

together and then gradually getting less

and less close together and then it sort

of looks like snow I put my hand behind

it you can kind of see that effect and I

think it looks really really pretty

once your lettering is dry if you had

any residue from the Aqua relabel pencil

you could go in and gently erase those

as well but other than that this one is

finished so there you have it three

different Christmas ornaments in three

different colors with three different

kinds of paint pens I hope you found

that helpful and I would love to see

your creations if you make them so make

sure you tag me or comment on this video

and I will see you in the next tutorial