Self Evaluation | Performance Review Tips to Slay Your Self Assessment At Work

Jennifer Brick: Writing your self evaluation for

your performance review? Great news because in

this video, I am breaking down seven steps to slay

your self assessment. If you are ready to rock

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let's just jump straight into it. The first thing

that you need when you're preparing your self

assessment for your performance review is bring

your receipts. What metrics did you hit that

demonstrate what a great job that you did at work?

Ideally, these are going to be numerical.

Quantitative receipts are always preferred. So

things like exceeding your sales quota, having

high customer or project satisfaction scores

exceeding expectations. When you're handling

support cases, whatever it is, that is for your

job. And it should be pretty clear, if you're n

t familiar with what it is definitely ask your b

ss. When you're preparing to write yourself a

praisal is to find your receipts, you want to m

ke sure that you have all of the evidence that y

u need that demonstrates what a great job that y

u've done. So based on however your actual job as

measured, make sure that you have all of those me

rics in front of you. If you have done so

ething like taking on a strategic high impact pr

ject, like how I teach my clients to do in my ca

eer glow up program, then you also want to make su

e that you're getting the benchmarks of the ot

er impacts that you've had in the business. The ne

t thing that you need to do is you need to just ta

e an inventory of your awesomeness. This is so

ething that I highly recommend that you do on a re

ular basis document all of the achievements th

t you've had, and not just you know, the grand me

sureable things like we just did in our re

eipts. But what are the other ways that you've im

acted your team, your business? And how have yo

demonstrated your professional growth this ye

r, this can be things like demonstrating that yo

were crucial to a key initiative that your te

m undertook this year, or it can be gathering te

timonials from your colleagues or your cu

tomers that talk about how awesome you are. Th

s is also a great time for you to be intro re

lective is that a word? reflective? I hope it is

I'm going to stick with it anyway is but take so

e time to consider what you are truly best at wh

n it comes to doing your job. What are you do

ng better than your teammates? What are the th

ngs that you feel really confident doing? And wh

t are things that you do really well that are sh

wing up in the end results that you get. And th

t actually brings me directly into the third st

p. And this one is actually part of your gr

ater career strategy. So if you haven't pieced wh

t this one together yet, now is definitely the ti

e to do so because this will make your self ap

raisal and your performance review so much sm

other and so much better. And that is knowing yo

r ua q i bet that you are great at a lot of th

ngs. And I bet that you have a lot of co

pliments and a lot of areas of recognition for yo

r work already. But what are you uniquely aw

some at doing what truly sets you apart, this sh

uld be the focus area for your self appraisal an

really everything that you do in your career. An

I actually have a whole workshop that helps yo

figure out what your you aq is and how to ac

ually use it. So I'll drop the link down below be

ause it's free. And I would love for you to ch

ck it out. Now the fourth step in doing your se

f appraisal for performance review is where th

ngs start to get a little bit tricky for a lot of

people, and you might be one of them. If your se

f appraisal has an inventory where you have to sc

re yourself on different competencies, it's ti

e for you to make sure that you have inventory aw

reness. One of the mistakes that I've seen way to

many high achievers do is they have downgraded th

mselves on their self appraisal. So where they ar

exceptional things. They're like, Oh, like I'm av

rage, I'm I guess I'm okay. And here's the go

cha. I have spoken to hiring managers that when th

y're on the fence, when it comes to appraisal wi

l actually look to the self appraisal if it's al

eady visible to them, and actually base their ra

ings based on how someone has rated themselves. Th

t's right, they're relying on your self aw

reness so that they don't have to be aware of yo

r awesomeness. They just want you to tell them, I

on't want this to be you. This isn't to say th

t you should completely over inflate and not be re

sonable. I do believe in accountability and ac

uracy and doing this. But if you have an in

entory checklist for different competencies for yo

r role that you need to score yourself against, I

ant you to think about how everyone else on yo

r team would score and how you feel like you wo

ld actually score against other people. Ob

iously, you don't have full visibility into wh

t everyone is doing and how everyone is. But ba

ed on your assumptions, I want you to think ab

ut how you would score yourself on that scale. Ar

you generally better than other people in your te

m? Is it something that other people are ge

erally better than you? Or do you feel like yo

're kind of at the same place as everyone else an

score yourself appropriately there.

And if you are on the fence about where to put

yourself I would say to err on lifting yourself up

as opposed to scaling yourself down. That's just

my opinion. I would actually Let us know what your

thought is on that point down below. The fifth

step in your self appraisal is the most important

one. And if you mess this one up, your performance

review might end up being a nightmare, as opposed

to just a praise party for you. When writing your

self appraisal, or doing your self assessment for

your performance review, do not be bashful now is

not the time for you to be humble and exercise and

an excessive amount of humility and just be like,

Oh, yeah, you know, I guess it's okay and start to

undermine yourself. No, I want you to be proud AF

over the things that you've accomplished in your

career, the impacts that you've made, the growth

that you've achieved, and all of those kinds of

things. And in any written aspect to your self

assessment, which a lot of self appraisals are

going to have. Make sure that you're integrating

things like power verbs, this is a time for you to

brag about yourself, unapologetically. And you

know, you should, because you're awesome. Again,

I've spoken to too many people here who have kind

of err towards giving other people credit or

underplaying their achievement. And it doesn't

translate very well in a performance review

setting, performance review and self assessment

are really all about tooting your own horn, I know

that might not be something that is comfortable

for you, but step out of your comfort zone for at

least this period of time. Because this is going

to actually allow you to showcase what's gone

really well, to re emphasize that to your manager,

and anyone else who is going to review your self

assessment and your performance review, which you

know, can come up at promotion time and stuff like

that. And ultimately, it's going to be a nudge

towards you embracing your own awesomeness and

getting comfortable with it. Because you know,

being exceptional isn't always easy. And I know

that you might be struggling with that, but we

want to get you moving towards embracing it. And

on that note, I actually want to talk about this

sixth step in your self assessment for your

performance review. And that is to grow from

greatness. One of the things that is so

commonplace in corporate America that drives me

absolutely batty is to focus on your weakness as

an area of growth. Guess what, if you have zero

talent, it's something naturally, you're never

going to be the best at it. Your focus on the

things that you aren't so good at should be that

you're just good enough that they don't hold you

back. For example, I can't tell you how many self

assessments I've had that it told me I talk way

too fast, I can talk slightly slower, but you

know, it's never gonna be a human pace for me,

just not gonna happen. So my goal was never to

talk at a normal human pace. My goal was to just

slow it down enough that most people could

understand most of what I was saying, but my

friend, the thing that you are naturally good at

your you aq, the greatness that you already

possess, that is what you should be amplifying and

cultivating, that is your highest potential,

taking things that you have a natural aptitude and

interest in. And then focusing on being the

absolute best at those things, is what is going to

truly skyrocket your career. And also from

perspective shift here, one thing I want you to

consider is that the things that you're not so

good at are actually the things that allow you to

be great at other things, if you're overly aware

of the things that you're not so good at. What I

want you to do is take a couple of minutes after

you've watched this video, think about the flip

side of those things. Now I want you to write down

the goals for the things that you're great at. And

then I want you to think of a few ideas of how you

can be better at the things that you're already

great at. And that is actually going to bring us

to step seven of your self assessment for your

performance review. And that is goal setting. Of

course, you're going to have annual goal setting

and I hope that it's goal setting. That actually

means something now is definitely the time for you

to set good goals about where you want to go in

your career. Next, what skills do you want to

develop? What experience do you want to gain when

you include this on yourself assessment in your

performance review, it's giving you an opportunity

to talk to your manager about how they can help

get you there. Remember for your career goals, if

your manager is not aware of that, they're not

going to be able to support you fully. So make

sure that you're crystal clear on them and that

you take this opportunity to communicate them. If

you haven't already, I definitely recommend that

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