Personalized Pen Tutorial -- Great for gifts!

hi everyone this is lolly today I want

to decorate some ink pens as gifts and

so I bought the pen tell RSVP brand you

get 12 of them in a pack I get mine from

staples office supply store and it's

about eight nine dollars a box

just unscrew the end and take the ink

out of there you've got a clear barrel

here you want a piece of paper that's

three and 3/8 inch by one inch and three

and three-eighths inches right between

three and a quarter and three and a half

so you just kind of guess where that is

which is one inch and let me cut the end

off of here it's got a white end on it

there we go there's two three right

between three and a half and three and a

quarter and I did have card stock but

card stock is really hard to work with

you want to have a lighter weight paper

so I scanned it into my computer and

then printed that out and then I'm going

to take two pieces of fun foam here put

that upside down use my bone folder and

just push or pull I should say toward me

to burnish that and get it started in a

nice curvy pattern when you try and do

card stock with this you end up just

kind of folding it instead of rolling it

the way you want it then I'm going to

use my ink now that I've got that

started and I'm going to wrap it tightly

around the ink really tight there we go

hopefully that will drop you have to be

really tight before you drop that down

in there and then you put your ink in

twist it and there you go let's see if

we can get a good image of that

I'm sorry lot of reflection from the

lights here so there that is

and so it's um you can do all kinds of

things with this with the patterns you

know you can use patterned paper but you

can also make your own design the nice

thing about this is there you can make

them to match the other paper product

that you have made for your friend like

if you're making a pocket letter or card

or something you can give them a pen in

a matching paper it's so cute this one

when I used to sell thirty-one gifts

products was a pattern that we had so I


photocopied or scanned the pattern into

the printer printed out and I had a pen

that matched my purse so all kinds of

things you can do with this like I said

here's a Christmas here's a Christmas

pattern here there you go the Pentel

RSVP pen who knew huh thank you so much

for watching give me a thumbs up and

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