DIY Stamped Jewelry | How to Make Bracelets

hey guys so I have been super into the

stamped jewelry trend lately have you

seen these

they're like stamped bracelets or

pendants they could have names or

special dates on them they're really

sentimental and they're super chic and

classic looking so I did some research

and turns out it's really easy to make

yourself you can wear them in a stack

you can give them waves of gift you make

an awesome Mother's Day gift with like

children's birth dates on them

possibility is basically endless here's

what you need if you wanna make Europe a

permanent marker a bracelet blank

stamping block a bracelet vendor tape

rubbing alcohol a small hammer jewelry

stamps and a protective surface first

thing we're going to want to do is

decide what you want to put on your

bracelet and where you want to stamp it

you can either choose the center or

sometimes I like to stamp things on each

end so you see them when you turn the

bracelet over for this one I'm going to

put a name right in the center Center it

up on your block on top of your extra

protective surface because we have to

hit this kind of hard cut couple of

strips of tape and tape the bracelet

down I like to make sure that I'm taping

it so that it's perfectly centered so

that kind of takes out a lot of the

guesswork now decide what you want to

stamp I'm going to stamp the name of one

of my friends little babies so I can

give it to them as a little gift to pull

out your letters set them out in order

okay so start with your first letter

make sure you have it facing the right


Center it up on the bracelet hold it

securely and give it two or three firm

taps with the hammer this is going to be


try not take your hand because that

would hurt

all right just repeat with the other


now don't worry if your letters are a

little off-center that kind of rough

human look it's actually part of the


it gives it a very vintagey hand made by

so we have our letters stamped on so you

can remove it from the block and now if

you really want the letters to pop grab

a permanent marker you want to color

over the letters really making sure you

get the ink into all of the grooves now

this stuff is optional if you prefer the

more subtle effect having them not

colored in it's totally your call now

grab a paper towel and your rubbing

alcohol and just pour it everywhere Hey

oh that is really full guys all right so

pour some on your paper towel and then

use that to clean up excess ink see look

super professional doesn't the last step

is to turn this into a bracelet so for

this you're going to want to grab your

bracelet bender now you could definitely

up freehand this you could use another

bracelet as a guide for the size but if

you have one of these let me tell you it

makes this so easy you can crank out

dozens of these bracelets in no time so

to use this at the end of the bracelet

and the little lip there on the side and

bend it around now flip it back over to

the other side and then that around and

then you can kind of finish tweaking the

ends in just like that and that's

literally all there is to it at the time

it took you to watch this video I made a

beautiful customized bracelet I can't

wait to give to my friend so how about

you what would you put on your custom

stamped bracelet there special date or

maybe the coordinates to a special place

we should let me know in the comments

below I'll see you guys next time