How To Write On Candle | Personalized Candle | Diy Gifting Candle


hello to all the beautiful viewers

namaste and welcome to design and

creativity channels so my dear beautiful

viewers today I will show you how to

make your own beautiful customized

gifting candle yes you can you can write

the name of your loved ones onto the

candle or you can write any message to

them you can wish them Merry Christmas

you can wish them a Happy New Year or

anything you want and with your name on

the candle so how to create that

beautiful customized clipping planner

this is all about the tutorial is so the

required things are s so the very first

thing we need is this beautiful white

candle so this is a basic white pillar

candle which I created yesternight to

cream to make this tutorial okay so

other than this candle what we need is

some colored sketch pens so here I am

having beautiful sketch pens and then

you need tissue paper

okay so here I'm using a very basic

tissue paper so I want you to take the

thinnest tissue paper we don't want to

use thick tissue paper the strong one we

just want it a very very very thin and

there is soft tissue paper for this to

make this beautiful gifting creative

candle and the most important thing we

need is this wax paper so my dear

viewers I have purchased this beautiful

the next paper everything it seems to be

very beautiful to me okay so I purchased

this wax paper from Amazon because what

I found is it is not easily available in

the market and the most important thing

is this hot air gun if you are not

having the hot air gun at your home then

you can use regular hairdryer also but

it will take a little longer time to

create the desired effect in comparison

to this one okay so that's it these are

the only things we need to make our

beautiful creative candle okay so now

directly hang on to the tutorial section

and let's start making our beautiful

beautiful beautiful customized can come

with me