Which pen writes best on instax film?

hey friends Lauren here from photography

concentrate and today we're going to be

doing a test about something that I've

always been really curious about what

kind of pen is best for writing on

Instax film okay so as you probably know

Instax film this really cool instant

film here you have this nice little

white space on the bottom which is

partially for holding it carefully but

it's also a great place to write on

details the year the place just

something funny a drawing whatever you

want to do but if you're like me you've

probably tried certain pens in the past

and they did not work they smudged they

wiped off so today I'm going to figure

out which one is the very best so that

we stop doing that I've got a whole

bunch of pens here a whole bunch of test

shots I'm just going to start writing so

the Pens I'm testing today just real

quick I've got a regular ballpoint pen

got like a gel pen this is a pigment pen

interesting I have a Sharpie pen I have

a ultrafine point permanent sharpie and

then the regular standard sharpie so

we've got a pretty good range of options

let's see what works okay so I have

written on all the pictures with all the

pens and let's just go over the results

here basically what I was doing I was

just writing on it and then I also

wanted to know like is it going to

smudge if I touch if I touch it right

away will the ink dry so we'll start off

with the ballpoint one here this one

actually did write on there pretty

nicely when I tested it for smudging it

kind of smudged right away I tried again

and waited a bit longer it didn't smudge

too bad so a typical ballpoint pen is

going to do a decent job you do have to

be careful about smudging though all

right next up I did this nice gel pen

and as you can see it didn't even write

I kept testing it on paper to see if the

problem was with the pen but it was fine

on paper gel pen especially this one

just no good at all okay

step next up I did this nice pigment pen

it's a pretty nice pen and it wrote

nicely but it like the mid smudge is

like really bad like that's been drawing

for a long time and it's just going to

smudge no matter what you do it won't

dry so do not use this pen at all

okay sharpie pen I thought this one

might do okay this is specifically

Sharpie pen is what this one is called

and again it wrote okay but you can see

that still smudges even after some

drying time so don't use this one either

now typically what I use on insect film

is just a standard Sharpie because

that's all I could really find that

would work and it does work even like

immediately after you write it like give

it one second and it's totally dry but

the problem I've always found with these

especially on the Instax Mini film is

it's really sick so it looks great it

works you can definitely use these but

you're going to want to write a lot you

don't have a ton of space when it's this

thick so still cool definitely

recommended but I wanted to see if there

was another option too

that's why I tried out this ultrafine

Sharpie different than the Sharpie pen

this is ultra fine permanent sharpie

this is a Sharpie pen so make sure you

are noticing the difference on those and

this one was awesome

totally like dried instantly but it's a

much finer point than the regular

Sharpie so you have a lot more room to

write it's easier to write especially on

these small insects mini prints I will

say that the regular sharpies are pretty

rad for the insects wide so this is a

different color of this big thick one

and you have more room to write here and

so it kind of looks good on the insects

Y so for the insects mini this ultra

fine point sharpie this little guy here

that's probably your best bet uh so like

I said I do usually use sharpies for my

insects prints so I kind of have a lot

of them

hanging around the office here and so I

did want to try out some different types

of sharpies with the insects prints to

see if they work I've got some neon

sharpies which apparently fluoresce

under black light I don't think I have

blacklight but that's still cool I've

got these metallic sharpies we'll see

how those works and then these are more

of those ultra fine sharpies in

different colors that might be pretty

neat to try so I'm going to really

quickly try all those for you too okay

so I just played with a ton of sharpies

and here are the results we'll start off

with the neon ones kind of a mixed bag

the pink there is pretty good but the

other ones are a bit hard to see so you

know hard to say whether those would be

the perfect option for your Instax

prints next up the metallics and these

are totally nice markers they seem quite

thick when you put them on but after a

few minutes they're not so much and at

all this is the gold the bronze and the

silver this one was very nice I liked it

very much and now this is this full set

of the ultrafine point permanent

sharpies and these ones again are

awesome really easy to write tons of

colors I think you could do a lot of

really cool stuff on your insects prints

with those so if you feel like writing

on insects prints the Sharpie permanent

either in the ultrafine or fine point

really are the best bet based on my very

scientific test okay friends I hope you

enjoyed this video give me a thumbs up

if you did leave me a comment if you

have also tested different pens and

found other ones that might work for us

it's a lot of fun to write on these

especially to help you remember what

happened so start writing on your

insects prints and have fun with it

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