How to address/ fill out an envelope

hey everyone today I'm gonna show you

how to fill out an envelope so let's get

started so first things first you're

gonna want to put your stamp in the top

right hand corner stamps are expensive

so I'm not gonna use one for this video

but we're just gonna pretend that's the

stamp just make sure it's in the top

right hand corner you'll be good to go

so for this video we are going to

pretend that Holly forest is going to be

sending a letter to Shannon Rose these

are both very popular youtubers both of

them have p.o box is available on their

channels so these are addresses that I

don't feel bad using they're not gonna

get anybody in trouble

so since Holly fordist is the one that's

going to be sending out the envelope so

this means if you're watching this learn

how to address an envelope you're

probably going to be the one sending it

out so you want to make sure you put

your address in the top left hand corner

we're gonna start out by writing your

name first so hers is holly forest and

you definitely want to make sure that

you're using very legible print you

don't wanna use cursive and make sure

it's readable after that we're going to

fill out her address if this is like

your home address it'll be like your I

think it'll be your house number first

your Street um and then your city and

state so it'll be for her at the PIO box

will be P o box one 301 and then after

that will be her city which is San

Bernardino's bar do you know where I

saying that wrong

and then you want to make sure you put a

little apostrophe and then we're gonna

put the initials of the state what your

state is California so that a see a if

you don't know the initials for your

state you can just write it out but I

would suggest dropping that down to the

next line and writing out your state and

then you can put the postal code now

there's not really a wrong way to do

this as far as the state and postal code

go you could drop down the initials here

of the state and put California and then

postal code or CA and then postal code

or you can do it just like this I've

sent letters like this before and I've

never had an issue so that should be


either way now so the next one is

Shannon roasts we're gonna say she's the

one receiving the letter so whoever

you're sending the letter to needs to go

here in the middle space and it's kind

of the same kind of blocky setup for

writing out their address so it would be

Shannon rose and just for the purpose of

most people are going to be singing this

from the street I'm just gonna make up

an address

so hopefully this doesn't hurt anyone

but let's say her house number is three

six nine one which is actually her p.o

box number so we're gonna put six three

nine one Main Street and here you can

either put st or you can spell out

street it doesn't matter personally i

like to spell it out

forgot the r um another little

apostrophe there and then it'll be the

same thing hers is Folsom California and

then we're gonna put her postal code

and you will notice that her postal code

is a little bit longer than Holly's and

some I think most postal codes aren't

really long with this most people only

remember the first five digits as long

as you get these five digits down you

should be good you don't really have to

use the last four at least I've never

used the last four in my personal postal

code I've only ever used the first five

and I've never had a problem with that

but if you want to go ahead and throw on

the last little bit you can either way

should work that is how you fill out an

envelope I really hope this is helpful

for some of you leave me comments down

below let me know if it did help you any

or if you have any questions that's what

it looks like on the back you don't need

to write anything on the back you'll be

able to insert you know your letter and

then tape it down or lick that whatever

you want to do again just make sure

whoever is receiving the letter that

their address the name is right here in

the center then your stamp is in the top

right corner and your address is in the

top left that is probably the most

important and just try to make sure you

you use legible handwriting and kind of

keep it in this blocky format it just

looks nicer make sure there's good

separation between your information and

the person you're seeing this

information that way there's no

confusion but otherwise that is it again

I hope you found this very helpful and

I'll see you in my next video bye