5 Places to Find Customers RIGHT NOW!! for a Woodworking Business

okay what do you wanna do for the intro

not sure let's just start it okay

today's video is gonna be about five

ways to find customers we're gonna give

you a couple stories of places that

we've found customers and unlikely

places and hopefully you can use those

same sort of ideas when you're looking

for customers too so before we get into

it the first thing like this is this is

the major key of the video you know how

when you run into somebody at the

grocery store that you haven't seen in a

while and it's like hey man how's it

going and you're like oh I'm good are

you good change that conversation

instead of saying like oh I'm good how

are you

something kind of pointless yeah change

it to something that means something so

like hey man how are you doing and

you're like I'm great I just got my

woodworking business off the ground

things are doing really well how are you

that right there sets the tone of the

conversation it's just one little tweak

if you can just learn to literally

rehearse that line in the mirror if you

need to but just replacing that hey I'm

good how are you with hey I'm trying to

do XYZ how are you doing you're gonna

realize very quickly that a lot of

people are looking for a nice custom

furniture my buddies and I use this

exact same tip in Los Angeles going all

over filming everything he had a video

production company I made websites my

other buddy was a photographer and we

just made that one switch of hey man

we're trying to get this video

production company off the ground that

one line got us in so many cool places

that got us into recording studio and

two exotic cars into music video it was

just it's snowballed from there so yeah

just make that one switch my buddy's

actually still in LA so if you want to

follow him I got a link to his channel

right here he still does all that cool

stuff films exotic cars and music

concerts and stuff like that so and you

never would have known unless you said

something like you would have never had

any idea the conversation you could go

that direction you you have absolutely

no idea who is connected at home until

you open your mouth and kind of let them

connect the dots for you so just make

that one switch and you'll be way better

off all right so the first story that we

have is we're getting ready to pack up

the shop we've got all of our tools are

pretty much put away ready for packaging

and one of the things we realize is that

we have a bunch of extra wood over here


just never got around to building the

project so we never got around to

selling what we were gonna build with

them we have three to four cookies we've

got a live edge slab we need to get rid

of and so what I did is I just opened my

phone and I started scrolling through

the contact list and just reaching out

to people that I hadn't texted back in a

while or just people that I haven't seen

in a couple of days just saying hey I've

got some extra wood if you're interested

in buying something hit me up super

discounted prices we're about to leave

everything must go sort of you know

thing don't make it cheesy but that's

kind of what I did I just scroll down my

phone list so the first tip is if you

open your context and just scroll them

you know A to Z I bet you you could go

half way what's half way through the


so it's twenty six half of that is

thirteen ABCD I bet you between L&M o L

and a half you can find at least ten

people that you can reach out to that

you know are in your local area that

maybe haven't talked to in a while you

can call catch up and just say hey start

at my woodworking business started my

furniture business was interested if you

were looking to find furniture or if you

know anybody else that was I bet you you

could find at least ten people that you

could just call and catch up with if

nothing else and that may lead to more

stuff in the future too so you never

know alright so the second place we

found that is really good to find

customers and people who need furniture

built for them is work so the first time

that's happened to me when I got a

request at work I was literally just

sitting in my office and my friend

Wilson sat down and just goes do you

think he could build me a desk like yeah

of course I could build you a desk no

problem what do you want it to look like

and right then in there we got into some

of the details of what she wanted the

desk to look like we got her a proposal

it ended up working out and boom she had

a desk and she absolutely loves it and

then from there people heard that I had

built her a desk and they wanted other

things and it just kind of started to be

this snowball effect that word got

around really fast throughout the office

that's kind of how office settings go I

feel like when one person finds

something out they spread the

information before you know it it's some

big spider web it's called gossip

there's a word for that except it's not

like no good gossip good recipe yeah

good gossip going around the office and

before I knew it I did I had more people

coming in another time we had somebody

come in and ask us for retirement plaque

there's somebody that had worked there

for years and years and years and

everybody liked him they wanted to do

something really nice threw him a big

retirement party and they came and asked

us said hey we want to make them this

huge plaque we wanted to be solid wood

will do the engraving because at that

time we didn't have our x-carve or any

sort of laser engraver and they said we

just don't know where to order something

like that from and I said hey we got you

absolutely so we made them a huge what

was it like two foot not even like three

foot by one and a half foot solid cherry

plaque from then on out we were known as

the people who made the retirement

plaques who made the going-away plaques

who made signs and whenever somebody

needed something like that they came

right to us and the other nice thing

about selling at work is the fact that

everybody pitches in a couple of bucks

right it's usually not one person buying

that entire retirement plaque so you

don't have one set person that's

complaining about your prices because

everybody's pitching in a little bit of

money it seems doable and you're not

gonna have a lot of complaints that way

so do that whole snowball effect of

everybody spreading the word that we

were the retirement plaque people we did

start getting a lot of jobs we did a ton

of requests and honestly we started

getting so busy that we couldn't make

all of them so we had to raise our

prices and that's really what you need

to do your free time is very valuable

that is the time you spend with your

family that is the time you spend with

your friends

so when you're getting so many jobs that

you don't have time to build everything

that's when it's time to raise your

prices so when you do raise your prices

that often times means you will get a

lot more knows people are going to

reject your prices sometimes however

when that happens you should be

balancing the prices you're charging the

money you're making with your free time

and once that comes into balance you

know you've hit a really good number of

projects you're taking in that way you

don't start to hate woodworking you

don't start to get your hobby your

business because all of a sudden you're

making enough money to where your free

time is worth it and also you have few

enough projects to where it's manageable

all right so another place that a really

good place to find jobs is any clubs or

organizations that you're a part of in

town very similar to the work scenario

Jenny just explained we also had another

like I guess a retirement somebody who

is the head of this organization was

stepping down after many years and

everybody wanted to pitch in and give

them some sort of a retirement gift and

it was really nice at this point we had

our x-carve as one of the first projects

we did and we were able to do everything

from going up the boards to planing it

smooth to engraving it to painting the

letters in and then finishing it and

then delivering a final product so we

made a lot more money just on the margin

because we weren't outsourcing the

engraving to another guy in town who had

like a laser engraver so that was really

fun just to see a little bit extra money

from that even though our price was a

little lower than what we normally

charge because we didn't have to

outsource anyway reasons and numbers and

stuff but that's also a really good

place to find work because not only do

you get to do things for the

organization whether that be a

fundraiser you get to auction something

off like put your branding on whatever

you're giving away or auctioning off and

people will take notice one of the best

things about clubs in town is that it

mixes incomes right think I'm like a Boy

Scout Troop you've got everybody from

really low income to pretty high income

in most areas that's just a really good

way to meet people that might be in a

different economic class than what

you're used to selling to so when you

make a really nice ornate gift or when

you make the trophy for something or a

commemorative plaque and you put your

branding on it you know maybe some of

the richer parents are gonna take notice

of that and then realize hey I'm trying

to buy a brand new kitchen table that's

custom made and all that sort of thing

so just keep an eye out for that

and if you want more information on like

how income varies and why you should

chase higher levels of median income

check out our video on that it's up in

the corner here

number four another really good one we

drive by this every single day we don't

have kids but we drive by the park where

there's a couple of baseball diamonds

and tea balls going on right now we

don't mind just yesterday and we saw

that they were having some sort of a tea

ball tournament outside and it was just

the light bulb went off for us of like

hey they every kid gets a little five

six dollar participation trophy now my

opinion on participation trophies is for

another video but if somebody's gonna

spend the money if they're gonna buy him

anyway they might as well buy them from

you so we were just thinking like what

if we built a tiny little plaque and

sold it for four or five dollars each

for each kid that would be a really cool

thing put their sports team on it with

their logo and the year like that would

be really easy to just crank out on the

x-carve you can even do multiples at the

same time and then cut them all out on

the table saw and then router the

profiles that right there would be five

ten dollars a plaque and it would be

something handmade with the kids name on

it and stuff like that so that would be

a really cool option get that perfect

cross-section of every income level when

you play something like t-ball so you

get the you know the lower-income kids

and the higher income kids everybody's

parents are standing on the sidelines

hopefully and you can start to talk with

them this is also a really good area

that you can start to just work on your

sales skills you know talk about them

talk about their kitchen their life a

their house and oh you just moved in do

you need any more furniture or something

like that and if they look at you weird

and they're like oh this dude's trying

to make a sale my kids playing t-ball

and they walk away from you who cares

you're probably never gonna see them

again this is a really good area for you

to go get your butt kicked to get used

to rejection and really just start to

build your skills as a salesperson this

is something we preach in the courses

and our videos you need to have a really

good portfolio have everything on a

platform like Instagram where you can

literally just pull it out and in two or

three seconds have your Instagram pulled

up and you can just show off all your

cool stuff on Instagram follow us on

Instagram Jennie do it yes that's that's

a really great way to just kind of get

your butt kicked and get some reps in

with your sales okay so all the people

we've talked about in tips numbers one

through four don't work for you you're

just not getting anybody to bite tip

number five we have is referrals if the

people you were talking to you directly

don't want or need anything

you're just kind of getting rejected

there ask for the referral I mean I'm

sure they have friends that would want

something just because they don't want a

custom kitchen table or a coffee table

doesn't mean that they don't have a

friend that just moved into an apartment

just bought a new house wants to refresh

all of you know their look for their

living room or anything like that there

are so many options all you have to do

is ask it is it's as easy as hey I

understand you don't want anything

that's totally fine I get it but do you

happen to know somebody who might be

interested so that's number five ask for

referrals bonus nachos we have a bonus

tip for you guys so tip number six our

bonus is repeat customers just because

somebody only bought something from you

once doesn't mean they won't buy from

you again we get most of our work from

repeat customers will make them one

thing they love it or will make them one

thing and they want everything else to

match and there you go you've got five

follow-on projects just from making one

person a sign or one person a table

something like that so super easy it's

just going back talking to those people

that you've already discussed work with

and bringing it back up saying if they

need anything else also when you deliver

the first item you make them take note

of all the other furniture they have in

their house that way when you call them

back and you say hey how are you liking

your coffee table and they're like hey

great I love it it looks awesome in my

space you can say I also notice that

that corner right by the table yeah

behind it looks a little bare I think it

would be awesome if we built you a

custom bookcase to put there that also

matched your table what do you think

about that and then they're like yeah

that would be really cool so just by

taking note during a delivery of all the

furniture somebody has in a room is

another way to get a repeat sale all

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