Designing a Wedding Invitation with RSVP and Place Card | Craft with Love by Leana

hello craft lovers today I'm going to

show you how to make this beautiful

called geometric frame and floral

wedding invitation card RSVP and place

card and tell you more information and

where I got the graphics and fonts that

I use in this project plus I'm going to

announce an awesome deal for you guys so

please watch until the end of this video

we all know that making your own wedding

invitation are doing it for someone else

is very fulfilling and you can make the

person you're giving it feel special and

important to you but somehow you need to

check on fonts and designs that you're

going to use which sometimes will make

you pay more because of the research

licenses then buying it from the printer

shops as a crafter and a web designer I

am very grateful to discover this

awesome company as they have tons of

graphics fonts and graphs that you can

use before we begin making this wedding

invitation let me introduce to you

creative fabrica and let's download the

resources we need

creative fabrica provides exceptional

resources that can improve your

creativity and productivity and they are

also adding new content every single day

you can use all their stocks without any

modification and limit for your physical

and products however if we're planning

to solve digital products then

modification is needed for more

information about their licenses please

check the link in the description below

let's start making our project by going

to creative fabric cuts website open

your web browser and type creative

fabric accom so this is creating fabric

as lovely website as you can see it is

very user friendly where you can easily

choose whether you're looking for font

graph resources and graphics what makes

this company different from the others

is that they give free font free crafts

and free graphic every single day which

comes with a commercial license and all

you have to do is create your account

with them but make sure to grab their

freebies as they are only available for

24 hours which they launch at midnight

Central Standard Time so let's take a

quick look for the fonts here today I'm

going to choose scrip and handwritten

Emma finest scripts and they are very

popular for wedding invitations

I like this one so I will just click the

download button and make sure you're

signed in after downloading the font you

need to unzip the file and install it in

your system

there are many font formats but in the

creative fàbregas ultimate font guide it

says it is better to use OTF which

stands for open type font but if ODF is

not available the second choice will be

T TF or true type font to know more

about fonts I will put a link at the

description below and check their font

guide I also want to use a sans serif

font so I can use that to put more

information about the wedding and when

you pick one it will show a variety of

examples on how you can use them which

makes you visualize the look of your

design before you download it


however they have a tool called fun

cloud which is a free online fund

manager that offers an easy overview and

preview of fonts where brights Abby can

use to test out which font they want to



like what we did with the scripts just

download and zip and install the font

let's now check their graphics and I'm

visualizing a watercolor floral wedding

invitation with a cold frame and a light

marble background this is perfect so we

will pick this one and see how it looks

like in different designs


so same as the font I will download and

unzip it


next will be the marble graphics I will

just use their search field here and

type marble just like what we did with

the first graphic download and unzip it


each file separated in a different

folder so that we can easily find what

we're looking for


now that we have the fonts and graphics

that we are going to use let's start

designing it in Adobe Illustrator it is

very important that you have an editing

tool or software to do this project such

as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator

let's make a new project by clicking

file type the name of your project


Just Breathe as your profile one for the

number of artboards and choose inches as

your unit put five for the weed and

seven for the height

make sure to put bleeding at least point

125 in each side click advance and make

sure that the color mode is in CMYK for

printing choose high PPI for the raster

effects and then click OK this is our

blank artboard the redline is a pleading

that we assigned which means that any

design outside of that will not be

printed to use the resources that I

downloaded I'll just click on file open

download folder and then find the folder

for the frame to start with

there are many choices for this frame

but I want the frame without any



to resize it simultaneously press Alt +

Shift on your keyboard and click and

hold the left button your mouse to drag

the frame let's do the same for the

watercolor florals

in this case I resize a frame in its

file and I want to transfer it in the

file that I made a copy it click on the

frame and press ctrl C on your keyboard

now let's go to our file and press ctrl

V to paste it if it means resizing just

do the same thing simultaneously press

alt shift on your keyboard and click and

hold the left button on your mouse to

drag the frame if you notice at the

right bottom of illustrator there is

gold layer where you can rearrange your

elements on top of each other I like to

put each element in different layers

because it will be simple to edit a

particular design without affecting the

others you can rotate the images by

using selection tool click the flower or

frame and you will see that at the

corner it will show a rotating arrow

so I will choose another flower

arrangement from the floral pack and do

the same thing copy paste and scale once

I'm happy on my floral and frame it is

time to put the marble background I will

just do the same thing open the file in

Illustrator ctrl C for copy go back to

your project make a new layer ctrl V to

paste it you can adjust the visibility

of the marble background true opacity

which you can find at the center top of

illustrator here I'm just going to scale

the marble and see which part I am going

to use do not panic if the marble is

huge because we are not going to print

the part outside our bleeding or to make

it nicer as we edit it we are going to

use clip mask just create a shape using

the rectangle tool with the same size as

our artboard click on the selection tool

and align the shape with the artboard to

mask go to layers look for the layer

where you can find the marble image in

the shape we made simultaneously select

path and the marble image by holding

shift and the left button of your mouse

then right click and choose make

clipping mask I am now going to put the

details by using the type tool but

before that I will organize my layers

and make a new layer for the details

I will now use the fonts that we

downloaded script hello for our name and

the song serif mention re for the

details I decided to put my name in my

husband's name let's copy the format and

fund of the first name by using the

selection tool select the name press out

on your keyboard were holding the left

button on your mouse and drag

so as you can see I am trying to mix and

match the font there will be times that

you need to change the position of the

design and fonts too much your taste I

will do a fast-forward to show you how I

come up with the invitation


I know what you're thinking why the year

is in 2013 when it is actually 2020

please excuse the date because I want to

put the real date of our wedding okay so

I'm happy with my simple invitation now

let's check how it looks like on screen

go to file export choose JPEG and make

sure to use artboard save the file in

RGB to see the final look on screen

before printing it so there we go we can

use this image if we want to post or

send a digital copy now let's start

printing to print go to file print go to

marks and bleed and check trim marks

then print we're done with the

invitation let's start making the RSVP

and place card now that you know the

basic in char cut in Illustrator I will

just fast forward and show you how I

made the RSVP and place card for the

RSVP size I put 5.5 inches for the width

and 4.25 for the height do not forget to

make the color mode CMYK and high raster

effect for better printing result I'm

going to use the design in the

invitation card to do that I will go to

the invitation card tab select the

layers of the florals frames and marbles

by pressing down shift and left button

of your mouse control C to copy and ctrl

V to paste in my RSVP artboard I will

just drag rotate and scale the design to

fit my taste


this time I will show you how it looks

like if we don't use the clipping mask

just like the invitation card the RSVP

also have bleed if we have bleed

illustrator we'll know what part will be

printed as long as we check use artboard

I use the line segment tool to make a

line you can adjust the thickness of the

line in stroke which is located at the

top you can also adjust the spacing in


just play around and you will see the

different function in character I align

my text in left so it looks neat and

copied the line and resized it


we are done with the RSVP I will show

you how it looks like on screen and how

to print it

we are now going to make the place card

for the place card size I put 3.5 inches

for the width and 2 inches for the


I will just do the same thing with the

RSVP card


and there you have it as promised

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