5 Self Evaluation Questions To Tackle In Your Next Self Assessment At Work

hi everybody okay so oftentimes it's

hard for employees to complete their own

self review or self evaluation it's hard

for people to sometimes talk about

themselves or to know what to focus on

so I just wanted to provide you with a

few quick tips here today on completing

your self evaluation tip number one make

sure you take the time to complete it

well it's not a 30-minute project work

on it put it down go back to it really

reflect on the time that you're

reviewing the last year the last quarter

whatever it is and really incorporate

some of the feedback that you've gotten

from supervisors through at that time

but really just make sure you're taking

ample time to create a great self review

alright tip number two highlight what

you are proud of I know it can be hard

to talk about yourself real positively

but you should be really proud of what

you're good at and the accomplishments

that you've had and definitely don't be

afraid to talk about those things

connect your strengths with your unique

abilities and and show that that's how

you've had results so it's always a good

idea to do that all right number three

tip number three is to own your

shortcomings we all have weaknesses so

don't be afraid to talk about your


one of the things you want to do though

is make sure that you are also coming to

the table with some solutions instead of

just highlighting a bunch of things that

you're not great at really talk about

how you plan to make improvements in

those areas so solution solution

solutions all right tip number four are

outline what your future goals are so

really thinking it through and you know

highlighting what you hope to accomplish

moving forward with the company that's a

very important part of reviews is where

you plan to go so have have this

prepared and talk through what you might

need from the company or from your

supervisor to accomplish your goals all

right and then lastly tip number five

show your passion and excitement for the

company for your future with the company

how you're going to add value how you're

going to continue to evolve and in

and grow as you as you move forward all

right that's it I hope this was helpful