SoulCycle's Laurie Cole at Soho House's kitchen

hi SoulCycle this is Lori Cole we're at

my home away from home the silver house

with my paw I'm on who's going to show

us my favorite dish of all time kale

salad basically what we do is we write

we got so everything you don't use a

knife for the letters no because nobody

Bella right you guys destroying the

integrity of the light travels in olive

oil the Assad and come on a mulatto a

little bit of olive oil try to make an

emotion wow that's a waste yeah I don't

have that big of a risk at home but it's

nice to use one on the road we are stuck

to mix the kale I like to get dirty chef

okay they just like today is my look at

this does this serve like an entire

table of people or is this one you see

one sucks one gallon we certainly want

to massage a limo I feel it then their

eyes so you want to cover all of the

leaves with addressing ever did acabo la

negra what's next you see Sally condoms

are can we need a sip of wine we need a

super one

between maybe the people gamla stan a

little more and then phoronix I want to

do we're going to knock it up oh you

thank you yes yep we want to play okay

and shape the the cheese okay now my

kind of cheese ricotta ricotta salata

salad oz h ricotta can i add some yes

you should face the same no I mean

theoretically whatsit remaining