Spa Gift Card Marketing

you probably sell gift cards but do you

use them to market your business maybe

not in this episode I will share with

you one of seven ways we teach and how

to market your business using gift cards

hi I'm Doris uka founder of inspiration

management let me start with some facts

there are over 100 million dollars spent

on gift cards annually 93 percent of US

consumers purchase or receive a gift

card and consumers spend an average of

two hundred and thirteen dollars a year

on gift cards and here's the thing 83%

of corporations use gifts and prepaid

gift cards for employee incentives and

here's the biggie

seventy two percent of consumers will

spend thirty percent more than the value

of their card and 90 percent of gift

cards are used within the first 60 days

so as you can see gift card giving is

very very popular and it should be used

as a marketing mix for your spa or Medi

spa business okay so here's the first

strategy out of the seven use gift cards

as a trial for first-time visitors so

here's how the strategy works when

people come to your website they are

likely to come and go without doing

anything but if you put a video on your

homepage showing your visitors your spa

how beautiful it is and then at the end

of the video you can make them a gift

card trial offer the offer will entice

them to opt in give you their

information and take advantage of the

offer this trial gift card strategy will

help you in several ways one it's gonna

gather visitors information to help

build your database

it's going to entice people to visit

your spa and redeem the gift card third

is going to engage people and fourth

most important to me is in a provide

differentiation from your competition so

here's how it works

they click below the video to claim the

gift card that should take them to a

landing page on your website they are

asked to complete a form with all their

information and then how they have to do

is click submit then they will receive

an email containing the gift card trial

all they have to do is print it bring it

in to the spa and redeem it sure it's

gonna take you a little time to set this

whole process up but the beautiful thing

is once it's set up its automated and

you don't have to do anything else all

you need to do is just welcome your new

prospects and your new potential clients

into your spa like this strategy I share

six more great ones in the quarry gold

genius marketing and sales series so go

to coach me go calm and discover the

rest of the strategies so you can

increase your traffic and your revenue

like this episode share it until next

time stay inspired