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okay so let's get into it a lot of you

girls are making mistakes in your BIOS

and it shows it shows and the thing is

here's the thing you are probably two or

three words away from getting a sugar

daddy or someone who is potentially a

sugar I need to swipe on you you are one

you no joke away from getting some a guy

who likes to laugh spend money on you

and you're you know it's all they have

to do with your bio so get started I

want you guys to avoid these words

single mom full-time student or not

full-time so they're sorry college

student I'm tired of seeing that college

student in college like I'm just tired

of seeing that mix it up find a

different way to say that you are in

school like I would rather you just say

I'm currently in school then they say

because I'm tired of seeing a college

student and and I know they are - trust

me they are - um and it's not so very

much about what they're tired of it's

just like if they see the same stuff

it's what separates you from the other

girls what separates you from the rest

hopefully your pictures do but what's

gonna separate you from you know the

other girls so okay so another word that

I'm just sick of harnessing is fun and

sweet those are two words that I'm just

tired of um you aren't there's so many

other synonyms what

why can't you be easygoing why can't you

be high-spirited

why can't you be

adventurous why can't you be exciting

excited I don't know anything but fun

and sweet please anything buck on this

week just leave fun and sweet at the


also we're no longer using spoiled well

you can use foil but if you know how

using it for pictures I bomb but

generous um I love that word I didn't

create it we know that he's been around

for a long time but I swear as soon as I

put on my video everybody was using

generous when you look up sending them

up big big-hearted someone who's giving

someone who's basketball someone who's

unselfish look look what I just did I

did not use generous I was able to use

something else shocker I'm shocked I'm

shocked we're all shocked right here

because honestly if everyone sounds

robotic if your instagrams look the same

it it's it's not separating you from

anybody and I can't give you the exact

words that you should put in in your bio

while I do have a mint or tear if you

want to get in the mentor tier but

alright so with that being said

definitely the keywords that you are

using are important also telling a story

within the bio and I I say by saying

might tell a story oh my nose but by

saying my selling the story is something

short like my mom always said my dad

always said um and that lets them know

like okay well growing up her dad always

said this and it's not necessarily like

something oh they're checking off the

list oh she has parents know they're

really it's just kind of like a mental

note in someone's head like Oh her dad

isn't her like her mom is there like

family is important to her then they

kind of feel like they know you and

that's where the building of the

relationship comes because if your

borrow has no substance they don't know

anything about you you think I'm a sweet

fun college student looking for someone

to spoil me and they don't say if your

own secret arrangements like what do you

want for your match I want my match to

be generous kind and sweet

I went I created my like when I created

my black bubble or my hinge I always

made sure that it was something exciting

something that I knew people would be

attracted to I have a whole huge video

join me recreating my hinge of making a

finesse sugaring hinge right and Anna

one of the prompts

I put dating me as I hit in a lot of you


who wouldn't like come on out

who wouldn't like that as soon as I made

that I think and it was live when I had

made it so I made it I made the account

and right when I made it someone had

already liked the message oh I can't

wait to hit the lottery or something

like that so it's I'm not making this up

good files are gonna attract people and

you're gonna get and goodbye Liz what

substance will attract the right people

if you say more things about your family

your job and what you actually like to

do it's gonna attract the right guys

that actually care about those types of

things if you are just saying the bare

minimum you are gonna attract the guys

who want the bare minimum now I'm not

saying long BIOS because it's it's us

it's um quality over quantity so I'm not

saying have SuperDuper long BIOS but

what I'm saying is make sure that the

bio that you do have has something that

will be attractive and something that

will stand out um some things like BIOS

like I like watching movies going

swimming listening to music and reading

that's out like that's not going to

subtract anybody that sounds like

everybody who doesn't like to watch

movies who doesn't like to read if

you're going to put that if you want to

be a boring basic then why don't you put

I like to watch movies my favorite movie

is pretty woman I like to read my

favorite book is the color water okay I

don't I don't know um I don't know

whatever your favorite book is or

whatever but that is where the substance

come in little things like that can

change it up because you can say

something like oh I like movies my

favorite movie is um

Mission Impossible and the

your pot lights mentioned a partial and

he's like oh well there's a connection

there we both like to say movie you you

get you have a better chance of

attracting someone that way then just

not even saying anything about that and

just hoping that some guy reads between

the lines are hoping that your pictures

are good enough that a guy would be like

okay well she's not really saying much

but she's fine I'm gonna go ahead and

met her because that will that can't

happen but again what's happen are you

gonna try if it's just your pictures

just off of your looks

there's no look that is going to attract

again a lot of guys but it's gonna be

more weeding out if you say and and then

this is moving on to the next thing when

you're putting in like about your match

or if you're on bumble or hinge or body

any or OkCupid and you have to put stuff

in your props like anything that you put

in your proper whatever your props is

equal to seeking arrangement and

secretive benefits when they ask you

about trim match what you're looking for

right because they're prompts you can

put like three through great things that

make a relationship we can get along in

for this right those are the things that

are gonna eat are gonna equate that so

if you are on see um secret benefits and

you put like about my match I want a guy

who's understanding who won cigars way

to make me happy and treat me like the

queen that I am or treat me like the

princess that I am take his time out

really get to know me I want a guy who

likes to read I want a guy who doesn't

mind going on being spontaneous and

going on vacations I love a guy that's

created that it it it's not going to be

exactly like that but I'm just doing

something off my head you'll see I came

up with that now all your props on your

dating sites when it says three things

that make a good relationship will use

quality time I wouldn't I'm sorry I

wouldn't use physical touch but just

let's just say you use quality time

gift-giving and then physical touch use

those three so you're mixing it in okay

you want gifts but you have to make

substance in it and we

in the sugar room right or I don't want

like bumble our hands you look like

we'll get along if we'll get along if

you mean you have the same interests if

you like that if you like going on

vacations if you're a spontaneous person

those types of things are gonna separate

you then we'll get along if you buy me a

Gucci bag

like that's just not how it's gonna work

you have to kind of finesse it in there

and that's why Vanessa

when I say finessing I'm not saying like

scamming or nothing I'm saying for

finessing in a way of like persuading

someone and not just not not just

telling everything up front okay we

gotta have some type of finesse that's

only work pink okay you gotta have some

type of finesse with your bio um and

it's and don't forget I have a patron

and patron has a bunch of bio tips but I

want to show you guys a bio that I

created for somebody and I'm gonna start

with her bio and what she said and I'll

read that to you and then um I'll tell

you how I remembered in the new improve

ah so her old ayah was I'm a young

college student with dreams of traveling

I love to talk on the phone I'm the type

of girl who loves to shop and go dancing

I love festivals I'm hoping that I can

meet a guy who is sweet and doesn't mind

spoiling me not interested in anybody

who is looking for connections I'm

looking for an actual sugar daddy and I

don't want to deal with any of the BS

that comes with creepy guys on this site

that's her bio says come on out yo oh

yeah BIOS I know that you are running

into scammers I know that I'm running

into creepy guys but that is a no-no so

put that in your bio to put a beat

defensive like you're automatically

you're you're scared yeah you're gonna

scare off the scammers but you're also

gonna scare off the real potentials so

all that oh I don't want to get in


I'm not looking for to paint the pain to

play and all that

oh I don't not interested in scammers

like yeah we get it you're not

interested in scammers or whatever but

there's ways to finesse that into your

bio also the hopes of traveling and oh

all that sounds really poor and ghetto

um so I'm gonna read you guys the new

and improved by oh I'm a dancing young

woman who loves to travel and is a great

conversationalist I'm the type of woman

who enjoys light and I'm very optimistic

I'm hoping to match with a mature loving

dependable man who knows how to treat a

woman so me ethnic background ethnic

background or race does not matter as

long as you have a big heart and you're

willing to share it with me looking for

genuine connections not interested in

casual hookup boom there it is there it

is stop playing with me and stop playing

with the game okay

but honestly truly y'all can create BIOS

just like that all you have to do is

another thing is if you're not in let me

stop cutting myself all you have to do

is take your time

files do not take five minutes I think

the goodbye oh should take at least 30

minutes where you're grasping from

little parts of your life or your

finesse life and putting it in and

creating something something different

something unique so I don't want anyone

to just think like okay well if what if

I have a good bio and I'm not getting

good matches or whatever right the great

part about BIOS and sugar baby BIOS is

you could always switch it up and which

everything is which up you'll see you'll

see what type of guys do attract and

you'll see what what best works for you

don't keep the same file in the same

pictures y'all switch up your pictures

switch up your BIOS because that's the

luxury that we have we're online we can

switch it up we can become a better

version of ourselves there's some y'all

there's so many good examples of sugar

baby box I don't know how you're not

following it if I didn't know it's on

Pinterest another thing that I love that

girls one thing that I love that girls

put in their bio is when they

once you get to know me I'm distance

this I love that because it gives them

an opportunity or gives them kind of

imagination of like what type of person

that you are instead of just saying oh

I'm this person but I do like when girls

are like once you get to know me as this

that's a good thing to put in your bio

also a good thing to put in your bio is

your future plans as far as like you

know if you're starting a business or if

you're about to finish school

anything that can if you're starting a

business you want somebody to help you

with that right that's something that

you would help if you're graduating we

want a graduation gift you know

currently in the transition of moving

you want somebody to help you move it

dropping subtle hits in your hints in

your bio is very important and it's

vital because we want our bio to kind of

do the talking if our pictures can and

if our pictures are doing the talking

we want our bio to be the cherry on top

of everything okay one more thing and

this will be the end of the video I want

to say that if you are sugaring and

you're serious about being like a sugar

baby right and if you are finessing and

you're serious about finding someone who

will consistently spend money on you a

sponsor etc etcetera right I want you to

go on to a dating site right whatever

site you are choose to be a male and see

what the girls are putting in their BIOS

and you will see like either you'll see

some really good BIOS or some really bad

ones and you'll notice like you'll be

able to compare yours and see where

yours match up to these because some of

you are just feel like if y'all would

just take the time out to do a little

bit of the homework and that is part of

the homework you will see like hey wait

this girl by oh hold on a second even

come take two things for copying

okay let's plagiarism we talked about

plagiarism we talked about plagiarism

but no really at least get inspired by

those girls and but let me tell y'all

BOM BIOS are gonna get you like gonna

get you further anyway that's it for my

video don't forget to follow me on


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