How To Make The Classic Birth Stat Elephant With Cricut

hello everyone it is Rachel back again

with an amazing video for you guys this

time it's all about making the classic

birth stat elephants these guys are

super popular on Pinterest and things

like that for a little family members or

friends who have babies everyone loves

these little elephants where you can put

all the little bursts that's on the ears

so today I'm going to be walking you

through a design space tutorial on how

to create these how to size them and how

to apply them on let's go ahead and talk

a little bit about supplies Before we

jump into design space we have the mini

ez press here I highly recommend this

size of ez press for the project that

we're doing today we also have a Teflon

sheet that you may or may not need just

depends on your preference here we have

a mini easy press mat we also have some

assorted colors of HDTV it just depends

on your friend whether they're having a

boy or a girl maybe you want to have it

match their nursery theme things like

that and then guys we have our little

elephant here now these brands this is

bedtime originals and this is Humphrey

so he is like the gray one there's also

a pink one that has a blue bow that you

can make for little girls or you of

course like we're doing today you can

use the grey one for little girls so

just depend on what you want these are

on Amazon I will link them down below so

you guys can buy them but other than

that guys you really don't need much

make sure you have a measuring tape

because you do want to be able to size

these perfectly in design space the

biggest worry that we have is that you

guys do not size things correctly so

make sure that you're sizing it

correctly so that you will have project

success with this today but other than

that guys it's gonna be a super fun

tutorial so let's go ahead and jump into

design space alright everybody now we

are in design space here and you can see

our two little mock-ups that we've

created are these not adorable as you

can probably tell by the time that they

were pouring the dates

these are little twins this these are

Courtney's cousins little babies and

Courtney created these in design space

and wanted an amazing video for you guys

so we thought we would make one for you

all and then have a great little

keepsake for

Courtney's family as well so that's it's

a win-win for us so we have to here and

I just want to lay out the fonts that

we're gonna be using today so grab a pen

and paper if you're ready to write these

down we are using extra guac you guys

know this is one of the newer ones we

have for makers is going to learn it is

one of our favorites as well and that is

for all of the small letters and numbers

so all of the ones on the right our

extra guac and then we have Grecian

dreamer for our large initials here so

the O and the S are used with Grecian

and dreamer we also have little hearts

in between the dates here and these are

just hearts from design space super easy

and then we also brought in a little cut

file that I'll show you guys how we

manipulated to get our little feet here

and I think these are just like the

icing on the cake to make this perfect

so we absolutely love the way this

turned out so let's go ahead and get

designing okay so let's go ahead and get

this out of the way guys we're going to

bring in our best baby ever cut file and

our little feet here and we are just

going to grab our little feet from here

so all you have to do you can see over

in the layers panel there are some

layers selected here and they are

they're not like grouped together in a

way where we have to contour or anything

like that so it's super easy so just

gonna click one layer at a time and

erase what we don't want and now we're

left with their little feet which is

great so this is what we need we want

our little feet you're just gonna drag

your little feet over here and now guys

we're gonna duplicate these and we're

gonna contour one out of each so the

reason why we're doing this is because

we want them to be angled just a little

bit and these guys are not angled for us

so we're gonna go through here and

conjure these out so we have separate

feet to be able to move them exactly

where we want them to be so I'm just

gonna hide all these little toes here

hide the base of this foot and now you

can see we have our own little feet to

be able to kind of move around and you

know rotate and do whatever we want with

so these are gonna be really cute to

work with so I'm just gonna set these

over to the side

and now let's go ahead and get the big

one out of the way so we're going to be

using Grecian dreamer here and we're

just gonna top out an S and now we're

going to go up to the fonts go to system

font so you guys know all the fonts that

you download from design space or sees

me from McPherson Lord will come into

design space in your system fonts so now

we're going to search for Grecian

dreamer here and I think we want the

uppercase s so now we're gonna go to

another text box here and get the big s

and here is what it looks like and we're

gonna do a little bit of stretching with

this letter so we're going to unlock it

here and we're gonna make it a lot

bigger a lot wider and you can see this

particular fault actually looks good

when it is stretched like this some

fonts do not take that stretching very

well but this one is taking it like a


so once you have the s all good to go it

does not have to perfect yet you can

continue to tweak around that if you

want to we're gonna go to another text

box and we're gonna go and move our

Grecian dreamer text to our extra guac

and now once you have extra guac we're

gonna get a text box here

and we're gonna top it out Sophia and

I'm gonna get a separate text box you

guys know how I am and top out Lynne and

before I saw them or anything I'm gonna

select them both and make them bigger

for us so we're gonna bring them in over

here and now we're gonna be aligning

these on top of each other so it's gonna

be a little bit easier to do if we have

them separate colors so now I'm gonna

take this guy and put him down put Lynne

under Sophia and we can able this and

hope that it's correct or we can select

both layers go to align and align Center

horizontally and you can see that Lynne

just shifted over to the left a little

bit and now you we know that it is

perfect so now we're going to take these

two and we're going to attach them

because we know that they're even we

know we like where they are going here

and we make it just a little bit smaller

here and that looks really good and we

know that this HTV is going to rot so

we're just gonna

that wat there and now we can move on to

our stats there little bird stats here

so this is gonna be the date how much

they weigh how long they are and the

time that they were born so we're just

gonna work robot what row we're not

going to you know overwhelm ourselves in

any way or anything like that so we're

just going to start off with the date so

it's January 2nd of 2020 so we're going

to go up here and we have extra guac

selected Oh 102 20 and I did all of

these in one text box

adding a space in between so once you

have that there you can go ahead and

make this a little bit bigger and now

we're gonna go to the shapes and we're

gonna get us a heart down here and we're

gonna make this heart really small we're

gonna place it right in here

and it actually fits pretty well in

between here and now instead of going

through all that and making us another

heart we're just gonna go over there and

duplicate it and duplicate it once more

and we'll put this over on the side and

that is gonna be if you want to make any

more if you don't want to make any more

feel free not to duplicate that heart

but just for the sake of maybe if you're

gonna be making more than one to keep a

heart the same size for your next

project over to the side and now I'm

going to select all of these here go to

a LAN and I'm gonna line align Center

vertically and you can see those just

came up a bit but that is perfect and

now we're going to take it and we're

gonna attach it together and we're going

to go up here and change the material

color and now we're just gonna place

this right where we want it and we're

just gonna put it right over there now

we can change the size of this later of

course we don't have to get super

stressed about that and now we're gonna

go back to the text box working our way

down and all we're gonna top is the

number four and this is such a cute four

I love the letters in this extra guac

we're just going to make that a bit

larger here

and I know that we have a sample that we

are referencing but guys feel free to

make this you know however you want to

you don't have to do the exact same

things we want to we're just here to

give you guys the techniques and the

tips to be able to do this to the best

your ability and what you do with all

those tips and tricks is totally up to

you make it as creative as you want and

now that we have that for we're going to

go right back to our text and write out

pounds and here's an awesome little

trick here if you hold down the shift

key and then you rotate and it will

rotate like at angles so you're not just

randomly rotating and hoping that it's

straight it will rotate it completely

straight for you

so we're wanting pounds and for to be

around the same but we don't want we

don't want pounds to be that big so

we're going to go ahead and unlock that

and make it just a little bit smaller

here and once we have it like that we

can select all of this and we're gonna

Center vertically again and as you can

see it just moved just a little bit and

now again we're gonna take it attach it

and change its color another reason

we're not welding any of this is because

once you're in this kind of stage you're

just putting things together and hoping

that it looks good you don't want to

weld anything because you cannot undo a

weld so you want to make sure that you

have that room to be able to adjust

these things if needed so now we're

gonna go again and now is where you type

in your once's and little Sophie Lynne

with zero ounces but we still have the

room there for it so we're gonna add

zero ounces and that lawn space is a

hair tricky to me so I'm actually gonna

go through here and take out zero and

add me another zero so I'm gonna do a

different text box for zero and put it a

little bit closer than it had it now we

could have just simply ungroup them and

done the lawn spacing tool letter

spacing tool excuse me and you can

totally do that if you want to there's a

ton different ways to do all of these

awesome things in design space so just

do whichever you're most comfortable


I'm going to attach them change their


then place it right up where we wanted

do a little bit of tweaking here and now

we're gonna do our inches so she was 16

inches so I'm gonna top out 16 inches

what a cute inch mark on this font -

look how cute that is we're gonna change

their color here place it right where we

want it and now we're going to do our

Tom it was 753 am going to talk about

753 a.m. and this time I am gonna do

that ungroup here and take these two and

use my arrow keys to pull it in a bit

I'm going to take those and attach them

back together change that color just

like we have been and pull it up where

we want him now he's a bit big so we're

just gonna size and back how we want it

now guys is the time where you were

gonna go through there and make all of

this fit as you want it so I want this

to be pretty even with that

that means this ounces needs to be a bit

bigger for us here so I'm going to click

on those ounces unlock him make him a

hair bigger perfect now I'm gonna work

on my 16 here I'm gonna unlock him make

him a bit bigger maybe a hair skinnier

he looks good 7:53 a.m. needs to be even

and once you have this the way that you

lock it feel free to attach in rows and

go through and a lot all that just to

make it perfect a ton of people do that

and it's a really great practice to get

into and ours is pretty much perfect as

well so we're just gonna go up here and

bring in our little baby feet here and

now you guys can rotate these however

you want to just to make them make them

how you want and once you lock their

placement we're going to attach these of

course and then go through here and

change the color and these are supposed

to be over a bit

you know down into the left so you can

just put those right wherever you want

to and now guys is the most important

part which is to make sure that there

are no other tweaks you want make sure

that you lock the way everything is

everything is even in your mind then

you're gonna select the entire thing and

attach it all together same with Sophia

and our larger initial here the name and

your initial if you lock all of this

together we're going to go through and

attach it and now guys you have to size

it to your elephant so go over there and

measures you little elephant yours I've

got ours are right here and it seems

like the inside of our elephant ears it

needs to be about two and a quarter wide

and it can be about three and a half

long so just knowing that we're gonna go

through here and let's see this other

one right here this finished one is

three point eight one nine wide which is

perfect so we'll go ahead and select

this and go up to width and do two point

two five and that ends up being a great

size so we're gonna do the same with

this guy here

we're gonna make the width two point two

five and our hop is three point nine

seven which that's pushing it a little

bit but I'm just gonna make it a little

bit smaller and that should be good I

would say about three three-and-a-half

so let's go ahead and make it just a

little bit bigger and that looks good so

once you have this exactly how you want

it make sure its size to your little

elephant ears you can go ahead and cut

these out now they're all of the of

course this pretty coral color is going

to cut on one mat and then our Sophia

Lynne here is gonna cut out on it to own

that with a different color so once you

have all of that done and cut out we can

just go ahead and get to placing it just

make sure that you mirror all these and

you select your the pressure that you

want and everything like that and

whatever you're not cutting like you

have your little heart here what you can

do is you can select everything that

you're not cutting right now

group it all and then go into design

space and hide it that way you are not

having a ton of other mass on things

that you're not cutting now you can just

click make it and you can see our little

so feel in here is on a mat make sure

you meet your that and then here's our

other stuff and if you want to scoot

that over to give you know give enough

breathing waiting room that's fine then

you can hit continue just make sure that

you mirror those and we're going to be

using regular everyday aren't on today

so we're just gonna select that as our

material we're gonna leave that on

default pressure and we're just gonna go

ahead and cut both of those out and we

have these all cut and ready to be

weeded and now guys while you're weeding

is a great time to pre-heat your ez

press so we're gonna set that on the

second heat setting of air maybe he's a

press and let that be heating up as we

weed we're gonna go in here with our

Cricut weeding tools and carefully weed

this up these are very very small

letters and numbers so even though that

we are used to kind of rushing while we

weed htb it's very important to make

sure that these have cut through really

really well for us

so go slow pay attention to make sure

you're not pulling anything up that you

need especially these little dots on our

numbers and things like that it's so

easy to pull up in a flash and not even

know it so just make sure you're paying

attention there with how you're weeding

and guys this is gonna be a job that is

perfect for our pin pin tool so we're

gonna get in here and I'll get you guys

a little bit closer so you can see what

I mean in between these little tiny

letters is gonna be perfect for our

pimping tool to pull out these would be

so much harder with a Cricut tool but

the pimping tool makes easy work of it

and our ez press is preheated as you can

hear and we're just gonna go in here

gently and get all the insides of these

little letters and numbers here and this

cut wonderfully as well these are

perfect for any kind of baby gift now of

course we wouldn't recommend these for a

baby shower because you don't know the

birth stats yet so just make sure it is

after the birth they're super fun to

make though it's a great way to hone in

all of your design space skills as well

if you're a little bit

um skittish about design space and

things like that working with multiple

fonts and using the Elan tool so much

and you know duplicating and hiding and

contouring all that type of stuff really

gets you guys to practice and design

space and that it that's a really great

thing to do so work with fonts as much

as you can work with things you don't

feel like you're good at as much as you

can that's what's gonna really make the

difference between being a beginner and

being a pro so just weed all that out

and now we can just remove these from

the mat and I'm gonna trim off some of

the excess here this does not need to be

this big so here's our little name here

and just cut this off and there's our

knife and then we want these guys

separate as well I'm gonna cut off the

bottom here and then cut these in half

and then now we can go ahead and unwrap

our elephant and get him ready to go and

just showing you guys this is our

finished elephant as well he is so cute

you can see his little stats over here

and we have a layered HDTV over here

with the initial and then the name so

this is what the other one's gonna look

like just with a different color so this

is really cute and here is how our brand

new ones come all wrapped up in a little

bag here I'm just gonna open him up pull

him out of his little prison bag and

here he is and his ears were nice and

folded back so those of course don't get

really crinkled and I've never had any

bad crinkling but because of this brand

before we have several of these we have

pink ones we have these gray ones and we

have several of each so here's what it

looks like right out of the bag he's

really cute I think he was only like

nine dollars on Amazon guys he is a

really good deal for a little keepsake

that's gonna mean a lot to your friend

or family member so now we can just go

ahead and get to positioning these guys

so we're just gonna do the stats first

because a lot of the times that is the

most intimidating for people and you

just need to do that first because it's

really not that bad so as you can see

you can

mess up his fur here and we want to go

ahead and push all the fur to one side

on his little ear make sure we like

where it's at and then you can just take

the little stats here and if you want to

cut around it I advise to do that now

it'll help fit his ear better so what I

mean by that is you can see there's

little corners on this transfer tape and

it might help us to go ahead and round

these off since his little ears are

round at least on the corners that we're

having to press press on to him here so

let's try and place it on and see that's

much much better so you can go ahead and

place him right where you want to and

take your time this might take a couple

of times of peeling up and laying down

to make sure you like the placement but

once you do like the placement we're

gonna go in here but they're easy

pressed mat and lay it down we're just

gonna lay his little ear down just like

that and press him down friendly so it's

kind like a flat surface here and guys

right now is when you can use this

Teflon sheet if you want to get in here

you can use it we have used it without

it and it'd work just fine so we're just

going to continue with that so we have

our maybe easy press and we're just

gonna hold it at the top here and these

are made to move around but with this

guy we want to make sure we're at least

pressing a few seconds on each design

because since these are such small

letters and numbers it's so easy to get

these guys to crinkle up on us as we're

heating and we do not want that so make

sure that you are holding them in a spot

for just a few seconds just surely make

sure those letters and numbers are

adhered down now we're going to move

down here to little feet we can get that

bottom of that easy press in there hold

it down and I'm seeing bubbles guys what

you know is a great sign

just keep moving this guy around here

keep checking your design as well you

know you really want to be careful and I

already see we're over here are seven

which he's dipped kind of down in her

ear he's wanting to do that crinkly

thing on us so we just got to be mindful

of that there and now you can start

peeling up from the bottom is fine top

is fine just go very slow if you see

anything wanting to peel up lay your

transfer sheet back down that he did

great looky there guys look how cute he

turned out love it so now guys we're

just gonna switch ears switch right over

make sure you lay his all this fur out

now we're gonna lay down our s here and

this is something you guys want to think

about too when you're looking at the

elephant do you want the s to be

straight or do you want the S to be

going with the curve of the elephant so

that's personal preference for me I

think it looks more natural if the S is

carving to the elephant instead of being

stick straight I think it's just one of

those cute whimsical things that is just

gonna be happening when you have

something like this so I'm just gonna

let him curve towards the elephant like

that lay him down good and then come in

here with your ease press just make sure

you heat it all

get all the little nooks and crannies in

here I'm already starting to see bubbles

so this is a really good sign guys just

make sure you're getting up especially

next his little cheek over here his

little face you want to make sure that

you're dead adhering all that down

that's why this baby is so important

guys this little tiny easy press is just

about the only easy press that could do

this as easily as it is we're just gonna

peel this up now and don't throw this

away guys because we'll need this in

just a second and while that is still

warm you can open up this little ear

move the far again

and add in your little name once you've

added that name go ahead and lay this

transfer sheet back down okay

come back in with your easy press and

heat it you don't want any of that

naked HTV to be touching the heat place

so make sure you keep that little

transfer sheet from your large s now you

can feel that first part up and peel

that part up and there you have it guys

there is one little ear out there and

here's the other super cute here both of

our little elephants guys and of course

this just like with anything else the

more that you do it the more practice

you get in the better you get at it

but these look so cute I cannot wait for

Courtney to give them to her family I

know that they will love them her little

cousin is gonna be all about them and

I'm sure her little babies are gonna

love them when they get older too there

you have it guys a super-fun tutorial on

this amazing classic baby stats elephant

I love being able to create these for

you guys and I hope that you all have

the confidence to create these for any

member of your family or any friend that

you have that has a little baby they are

so fun they make the best little

keepsakes and the best part guys you can

use scraps of vinyl for these so you can

take advantage of your scrap bins and

make these amazing I hope that you all

enjoyed this video if you did guys give

us a lock and leave this comment down

below if you have any questions click


first link in the description below to

learn more about our amazing die-cutting

community and as always guys have an

amazing day