How to make your own passport photos | Cheap DIY | Taking and Printing them

hi guys welcome back to my channel if

you are new here my name is amanda and i

make weekly travel videos so in today's

video i wanted to show you how to create

your own passport photos and how to not

get so stressed out whenever you can

create just your own this is a passport

series of videos i am doing i've never

seen anybody do this before

but i think that this would really help

you guys especially whenever this is my

first time getting my passport

i just ended up doing a lot of research

because i want to help you guys out as

much as i can


now I am using a sony alpha 6400 so you

might want to have a decent type of

camera I know a lot of people use canons

just make sure you can see all of your

features and the flash is on there as

well because you will need that before

we get on into the video I kind of

wanted to tell you like what I wore what

I wore is I wore a blue top and it was

like a blue jean top and it had a very

nice cut right here and it was a

button-down and I didn't wanna go so

boring where I was just wearing black

and I did wear a cute top for my

passport photo and I definitely think

that does make a difference just make

sure you can see it from the top so you

don't look naked don't wear any like

tank tops worried that your hair can

cover it all you would need is a camera

a plain white wall like I do in my room

and so if you have any more questions

during this video make sure you do

comment them below so anyways let's get

on into the video okay guys I have this

inserted right here because I do have

another video to give you what kind of

makeup tips you would need for this

passport photo because there is a flash

so make sure if you don't want any

bounce back make sure you go check out

that video right here if it is already

out but if it is not out it will be out

very very soon I want to help you guys

out the most I can I want you guys to

look amazing in your passport photos

because that's gonna stick with you for

at least like five to ten years also

what you want to do is make sure that

you wear solid colors in your passport

photo cuz I forgot to say that so make

sure you guys wear solid colors next up

is our white all and what you would need

as you can see here I have my little

studio set up though so the very first

thing you want to make sure that you

have is a white solid white background

so I had my box light right here it's a

very tight little space I just kind of

put it like that and then I had my white

wall and I had my camera right on top of

here which was super helpful and the box

light was also super helpful all I had

was this light and the flash from the

camera so that turned out like this I'm

really excited to see how this turns out

what you guys want to go do is go online

and go to travel.state.gov so this is a

United States government website you can

go here for more knowledge if you need

so what we're gonna do is we're just

gonna type in photo tool and then you're

gonna hit search okay and then this is

gonna be the first option right here and

it's gonna go to photo requirements so

this is basically saying like what you

guys need what you need to wear what not

to wear if you have any I glasses

anything like basically everything that

you need to do so you have any more

questions this is definitely a great

source to look at but right over here

you're gonna go see photo tool and click

on that now I don't have Internet

Explorer on my desktop so I'm gonna go

to my other computer where it does have

Internet Explorer I don't know why I

can't figure it out I don't know how to

get Internet Explorer on my Mac but that

is fine I will just see you over on the

other side and show you what to do first

off what we're gonna do is so this

should pop up whenever you click on

photo tool so what you want to do is go

down here and click choose photo okay

and so I have it on

a desktop passport photo one and that's

the one that I showed you as you see

it's gonna crop your face and you just

want to align it just a bit and make

sure that your face I think this is this

means your chin and this is the top of

your head I have a very small head

that's a little bit too close because

you need to see your head and you can

also like evenly adjust it as well you

can do that maybe a little bit closer

and prop it just a little bit more okay

and so when you're done you just want to

go ahead and say crop photo down here

this is how it should turn out it should

be evenly in that little circle so your

head should be evenly aligned in that

circle because it does make a difference

they do specify on where your head

should be your head shouldn't be down

here or like way up here make sure you

can see the top of your head and the

bottom of your head and then some of

your shoulders just like this so what

you're gonna do is you're gonna click

'save photo cropped photo pass whatever

whatever you want it to be okay so click

Save alright and I'm gonna be meeting

you over back on my computer okay so

next up what you want to do is go to ID

photo for EUCOM so what you want to do

is just make sure you go ahead and

choose file I have the cropped photo

right here and you want to go ahead and

accept all of these and then upload okay

so after you hit upload you will

actually be able to make it brighter or

darker but I just want to go ahead and

make it just a little bit brighter to

make the white background a little bit

more white so like that no I don't

really want any like contrast really

I'll just leave that at zero and we go

ahead and hit next make sure the top of

your head is at this top green bar and

make sure this bottom green bar is at

like the bottom like

is just kind of hang in there but that's

fine that's that's a okay so it's kind

of already cropped and you just go ahead

and make photo and it will turn out

something like this so after about a

minute this will let you download I'm

not really sure why so the next step is

printing it off next up you go to

Walgreens comm or even Target or

wherever you want to go to print off

your passport photos so for me Walgreens

is literally just down the street and

it's six minutes away so that's the most

convenient for me go to photo and go to

upload photo and write down over on

prints is the first option and you want

to go to prints and enlargements make

sure that the size of it is in 4x6 this

is literally going to be 23 cents so

super super cheap plus taxes so you're

just going to go ahead and create now

your if you don't have an account just

make one real quick it's for free after

you go ahead and log into your account

where you create an account I'm going to

show you how to upload them if you're

going to do upload photos my computer

and then you're going to click select

photos this is the printable passport

photo that I told you about that you're

going to choose and this gives you

options whether if one turned out kind

of weird or you cut one the wrong way

this gives you like three other options

so you're just gonna press done and

you're gonna add to order make sure that

your passport photos are in 4x6 and in

glossy print finish so make sure it is

glossy they will deny it if it is matte

I think it used to be met but I think

they've changed it to just glossy and

they just want that make sure you don't

have any ones in here you just want to

go ahead and get the 4x6 and then you're

gonna proceed to cart so your total is

going to be thirty four cents I know

Target I think it's a

around nineteen cents it's really it's

less than a dollar so doing it this way

is so much cheaper than spending ten to

fifteen to twenty dollars on this

passport photo that somebody is gonna

take of you and you're not even gonna

look good that's why I'm starting this

passport series because I want to give

you guys the knowledge of this can be

cheaper than what people make it out to

be whenever you have this little check

out you just want to go ahead and

proceed to checkout and make sure that

all your prints are in glossy 4x6 and

make sure they don't throw anything else

on there and make sure it's less than a

dollar proceed to checkout so right here

I just have my local Walgreens they

should be able to print them off within

like an hour and so it's super fast

super cheap and this is just the best

method that I use so make sure

everything is correct your local

Walgreens or the closest one to you and

you can choose what time and what day

you would like to pick them up but you

can just go ahead and press Continue

enter your payment information and

everything but other than that I think

that we are all good and I will show you

how a mine turned out so we're gonna go

pick up our passport photos and I am

really excited to go it see what they

look like so we are going to go to

Walgreens which is like six minutes away

from my house and I'm just super excited

to go see them

I just got them and I am now leaving

Walgreens okay so this is the moment of

truth I have not opened this yet I paid

37 cents for these photos instead of $15

where you have to go get them done I'm

gonna open them and see if they have

passed the test so they look really good


so this is just what they look like

they're a glossy finish

and I don't look too happy in this but

it's still something so I really love

these and yeah so happy that Walgreens

could do this for me okay guys thank you

so much for watching I hope this

absolutely helped you in not stressing

for your passport photo also this is one

of the cheaper ways that you can do it

as well as long as you have the

accessories that you need for this

anyways guys thank you so much for

watching make sure you do please

subscribe to my channel as I do make

weekly videos about travel and anything

like tips on travel related anyways guys

thank you so much for watching again and

I shall see you in my next video bye