What to Write on the Back of a Painting

hi I'm Roxanne drew it was Canadian

artist and we're going to talk today

about what you should put on the back of

your canvas or on the back of your

drawings I tend to like to make it

fairly prominent in my work because if

something should happen that your

painting gets misplaced first of all you

do have a log of it somebody else can't

pick it up and say oh I didn't know what

it was seeing other artists who write

their name right across the canvas back

this is a painting that I did I really

like this piece it's white fish falls on

highway mark I have quite a story on

another video about how I actually got

to do the sketch and the photograph of

this but I really really liked how this

turned out because I am going back more

to my paintbrush and I'm finding that

I'm getting some more bold strokes with

my paintbrush anyway I am off topic

on the back what I have done is I put on

the back white fish Falls and in

brackets where it is and then I put my

signature re gervais and you see how I

don't do everything all the same size

you'll see this also on the front

it's a fairly artistic looking signature

and then on the back I also put the size

fell by 12 and this is on a gallery or a

profile canvas meaning it's a thick

canvas and the medium you don't have to

put that on everything if you don't want

to this is what I do I put them on all

of my work and I usually use a black

marking pencil sometimes I just go with

a regular pencil people have told me

that my black marking pencil is called

China pencil and it's one of those

markers that you pull the little string

down and in fact I have one right here

you pull the string down when you need

to have some more of the marker so

that's how I suggest my people to put it

on it doesn't have to be that big it can

be byte small but it's a good way to

keep track of your paintings and that's

that see you next time thanks for

watching bye