How to look POPPINN in your SENIOR PICS





I'm just gonna wait for this to sink in

and then I'll apply on some aloe vera

Oliver I really worked great on my skin

actually meet my acne Joey

summer came along and so I'm ugly I

should be sleeping right now it's like

12:00 but I'm still loved it is by 48 so

I always start off doing my eyebrows

first now I've been loving the Bashir

look I use the benefits 24-hour brow

setter this has been my all-time faith

for the longest all I do is I brush all

the hairs in the front

until all the hairs are like awake and

laid so for eyebrows today I'm using

that nostalgia that really Hills brow

definer I'm sorry if I sound really

tired because I think it was super tired

what I like to do I keep a water bottle

with me I can drink and if anything I

could just like wash my hands I know

that's a waste of water but I mean it's

not a waste of time so well I'm using

the aloe propose sitting at Joe Benton I

actually use the nature republic ello

I'm gonna get you ain't it it's where I

got bit like probably ten times this

year this summer I'm gonna let that

chill and stick it to us keen

disappeared just yesterday night which

is like really great perfect tiny then I

like to use this to wake me up this is

like my wake up spray honestly this is

the nature of public soothing and

moisture aloe vera ninety-two percent so

they get gel mist

this just makes me so so so much more

I love it now we're just gonna conceal

these babies cuz nobody tryin to see

that you know for primer I'm using the

NYX studio perfect little loving primer

and this is for anti redness if you

don't want to look like flashback Mary I

feel like you shouldn't go for products

that that is a half flashback and that's

really important because we do not look

like sister you know so to conceal these

blemishes I'm using the wet n wild what

a focus concealer in the shade like me

but this will not give you on flashbacks

at all I've already tested


and I like to take this morphe flat

brush and it's actually really uh soft

at the top and I like to tap this to the

skin but not fully blunted

I mean blend it but not fully blended

and then I take my ring finger and just

tap around the area no wearing earrings

I lost my other earring so don't judge

me okay I killed it the mosquito are you

proud of me so now that we got the

concealer on and everything looks so

much better I look like 10 I was better

I'm gonna start that amigo so let me

just hold y'all me closer so you can see

how the meat will be done going for her

soft bronzy face today I'm using a dry

Beauty Blender because I was watching

nikkietutorials and she said it was way

faster and nobody wants their time to be

wasted so I tried this trick and I've

been loving it I look like I'm naked I

promise I'm not it's just I know it's

gonna get hot later on I'm like let me

save myself on that

Forte's eyeshadow palette I chose the

morphe 15 d base layer palettes I got

this ever since March but I haven't

filmed a video with it all my junk sure

I'm exposed so I'm basically just gonna

use these three shades this one this one

and this one and that's it

this has shimmer on it

oh my god - leave it off I mean

do they look that bad

then I'm gonna take the shade call epic

and it's just this chocolate shade and

this will go on the other corner nice

right here and I'm just tapping it you

could blend it later on and don't blend

it all over the crease just this right

here I'm just taking it higher fill

where your crease is at and just blend

there and try not to jerk off somewhere

else I'm just going to be using this

blend wild fluffy brush and I'm gonna

blend the colors on a clean brush on a

clean brush please

why is there so many mosquitoes after me

I'm gonna get eaten out here before I

even I swear that if you come on don't

come at me cuz your other friend did and

I'm taking this shade called spark and

this will go on on the top portion of

the lid I think it's better if you apply

it with your fingers but I have a kerlix

on and I'm not trying to get my hands


alright so these are the eyes for now

now I'm gonna apply on some foundation

this is the wet wild photo focus

foundation in the shade called golden




and I'm avoiding dissing area because

I'm gonna apply on a concealer I've been

going full coverage for a while now

because my skin tends to easily break

out during the summer and I also have

very sensitive skin if you guys didn't


so life live really loves me right don't

worry if you look a little light right

now oh my god looks super freaking light

we're gonna go and right now this house

like a gray undertone which I really

love because I just see the best in this

la girl 1 in a house like a red

undertone him and maybe sleep really red

so I recommend you guys this product



so these two brushes are the brushes

that I'm gonna be using for nose


like a new news y'all

I've never contoured this hard honestly

and I'm loving it

I'm just softening this up now and then

you see how it's dark right here we do

not want that that is that care for

bronzer i'm using my all-time favorite

this is the Too Faced chocolate Soleil

bronzer in the shade called me in deep



for highlighter today we're not playing

so I'm gonna be using the morphe baby

paradise and collaboration with Redman

rock highlighter palettes and I'm using

the shade called vacation you don't want

to see this highlighter is gonna be

blending in there I feel sorry for the

camera for blush I'm using the essence

satin touch blush in the shade Zen coral

and this will just melt off the powder

now go ahead and set the rest of your

frown for mascara I'm using the L'Oreal

telescopic mascara they don't have a

version that is waterproof but I love

how it just makes my it's gonna look so


34 lashes I'm using the are down bow

mink lashes and the style 812 and this

is the eyelash booth that I used it's

like a Japanese brand it's really good


aftermath of contouring

so for a lip liner I'm using the knobby

lip liner in the shade called coffee you

can choose to leave the lips looking

like this but I'm gonna add some gloss

on it for gloss I'm using the moth to

flame the gloss from mac cosmetics I'm

gonna go do my hair and I'll be right