Top 10 Million Writing Tips from the Tip Jar

if you're watching this video you should

be writing clearly you need extra help

so I thought it'd be cool if we could

get writing tips from like a tip jar I

don't actually have a tip jar but I do

have a milk-chocolate raise in this jar

and I figured that'd be the same thing I

mean I already filled this with candies

that aren't even chocolate raisins so

that can tell you how much we reuse this

jar and how much we don't like to waste

so I'm gonna fill this jar with a bunch

of tips that have been useful to me if

you are looking for real writing tips

you should just google that cuz you're

not really gonna find that here I mean I

don't even know why I'm listening to me

do I have a polish series no but it

might be fun to do this video together

so I think that's what we're gonna do

honestly there are like tons and tons of

videos online already and a bunch of

articles you can use whatever works for

you honestly is the best writing advice

ever because everybody's process is

different so why we always sing to any

one person find out what works for you


we're just doing this because it's way

more fun if for whatever reason one day

you just have writer's block that's just

up the news and you need you need

something to keep you going your own DIY

tip jar you know you tip yourself blah

blah blah you know it's like one of

those really lame things where you write

like a note to your future self you're

like oh my god I thought that about


oh yay I'm so special yeah it's one of

those things everyone needs to feel

special so I'm not judging oh if you

come up with some really cool tips by

the way and let me know in the comments

so I can write them and add them to the

tip jar cuz I will need this going

forward like from what I hear you can't

even survive off tips and rushed

so I don't even know if my writing soul

can survive off of this but any other

fun additions you want to add totally

feel free to chime in I think this would

be just a fun exercise you know to keep

yourself motivated keep yourself like I

can write that book yes you can I

believe in you okay you know I'm really

surprised at how straight these are

coming out I'm pretty happy about that

only follow these rules if you have like

no writing advice that even works ever

motely at all for you maybe this might

help but this is a literally the

scraping the bottom of the barrel so

just keep that in mind especially

scratch brush brush you know you could

feel like ting but you are wasting time

making video when our eyes get this

small you know we're thinking very very

hard or there's a lot of Sun now all

right now that we have a writing tip jar

we're gonna have to pick out some

winners let's put our winners glasses on

we need all eight pairs of eyes on this

that's why this is important okay okay

here we have your first draft sucks

anyway yes pretty important we all know

our first drafts will suck so it's

better to just power through it at least

that's the way I found it a lot of times

I would be like oh my god I know I have

to cut this all out later on but if I

stop now to go back and the start again

a lot of times I just lose that momentum

and I just end up trailing behind on

some thoughts back there so this is a

pretty good one I think just oh just

know that your first drafts will suck

and be okay with that

there's always time to fix it later you

got to get the first draft done though

cuz if you can't get that done not much

to also talk about right

okay turn off the YouTube and television

pretty important a lot of times my brain

will just kind of go like oh look there

is a shiny thing oh there's another one

or I'll be like Oh PDF I just upload

another video something like that so a

lot of times I have to block out some

time to be like nope

this is writing time nothing else -

struck me get out of here YouTube and TV

I know you're addictive but we can't we

can't make it work and I'll let this all

right what's next

ah this is a good one can't feel like

Game of Thrones if you don't become Game

of Thrones this is just funny to me

because so many people are so afraid of

failure or being hated on or all this

possible and negative emotion that could

come from publishing a book or writing a

book but if we want to keep things in

very good perspective why don't we just

say we can never rise to the level of

Game of Thrones so we'd never have to

fail as miserably on this game of

Thrones just saying

McDonald's won't hire you anyway

good point if I'm not gonna do this well

anything else except me

no I don't think so not even in adults

don't be lazy this one's especially hard

for me because being lazy is just so

much easier but you gotta remind

yourself those characters in my head

that plotline in my head it has to come

out so BAM don't be lazy don't suck

Special K this is also a difficult one

but with practice your writing every day

and all that fun stuff

I think most people will get through

this one I'm not worried for you guys

I'm more worried about me oh this is

Google for you fantasy people magic

needs logic too so just because there's

a bunch of magic and wizards and spells

and powers that you can't explain with

science or even

that doesn't mean that there's no logic

in the world there has to be a logic

underpinning it or if there's not then

it's gonna be really hard for me to

follow along and I don't know if I'm

near target reader or not but I do know

that I personally like books that have a

defining characteristic of what the

limits are of a magic system so good to

keep in mind okay

write faster sometimes I just need that

push to just be like hey you aren't so

slow you spent two hours on this write

something I'm not saying this is for

everybody that's why I said in the very

beginning that if this doesn't apply to

you don't worry about it I mean half

this crap is just for me right every day

you POS these may seem aggressive and I

hope I will apologize on the behalf of

the tip jar of for that fact but maybe

their aggression might stimulate you to

be like oh yeah you call me a piece of

okay well I'm gonna write my book

in like one month then we're gonna see

who's the piece of then your day

job sucks anyway oh this is such a good

motivator you have no idea everyone

wants to do something that they're

passionate about and very little of us

get to do that so this is a little

reminder to say maybe if you don't love

every aspect of your job or what you had

a what you have to do to pay the bills

that a might refer to motivate you to be

like oh my god okay I better get this

book out so yes it is time to switch the

glasses shower you fool I think this one

came straight from Gandalf himself so

yeah just some personal hygiene

nothing writing-related but pretty

important regardless read dumbass again

apologies for the aggressiveness of all

these writing tips but sometimes you

just need that kick to be like oh my god

what is the last time you picked up a

book it has been too long if you want to

be a writer so that's why what I try to

do is

every 30 minutes before I go to bed I

would take out my book that I'm reading

and read for 30 minutes because no

matter what those 30 minutes belong to

me and me only I'm not one I'm not one

of those people that can like read

anywhere like if you tell me to stand in

line from a bank and try to read I just

my brain will not be concentrating on

that book though it'll be way too many

times where I'm just like okay I think I

finished this page wait what the hell


I need this have some time aside from it

because sometimes I can just get lost in

a writing stream and just forget to read

and I'm just like wait what was next

read your work out loud and cringe okay

super important super super important

because a lot of times you won't realize

your dialogue doesn't sound like

dialogue until you read it out loud like

oh god no and I know whatever say that

out loud

oh what have I done oh yeah that's gonna

happen many times I happen to me and I

was like good I'm sorry characters what

did I put you through what are these

words I force-fed through your mouth is

your villain fix him I mean it's a

good point once in a while you need to

make sure your characters are properly

motivated they're three-dimensional and

that they have motivation and reasons

for doing what they do rather than what

the plot needs them to do so it's a good

thing to live by and wait one second I

need to exchange the battery the voices

in your head could be making you money

money money okay very good very powerful

motivator I love how a lot of these

writing tips are just motivational

because a lot of times we need that

motivation when we feel like the world

is caving in I wanna some words like oh

I can't I just crack this story that one

says it right there your imaginary

voices could be making you money don't

get stuck in your chair a good piece of

writing advice just in general you want

to get up walk around exercise them

don't be completely glued to your chair

just general life advice we don't want

to have any books where there's just

ending because the writer one day just

couldn't get out of his chair I don't do

public service announcements often but I

do them what I need to okay there's only

if you like for almost they are almost

there Twitter doesn't constitute as

reading okay so this one follows the

other tip where it was like read often

read widely yes but Twitter does not

count so do not count scrolling through

Twitter as this count it as the YouTube

TV distraction

Maxine fraction oh my god last one last

one last one excuse to drink Starbucks

okay since you're a writer

alright you have free range to go to

cafes and Starbucks and order whatever

the heck you want because you are a

writer and you need that to feel you and

keep you going I'm gonna say it's a perk

alright I hope you enjoyed that just a

fun video to make and I hope you had fun

watching trying to add some life into

some of these videos and especially with

me trying to write more and more I want

to do some more writing videos and maybe

you will find somebody's useful oh and

definitely contribute in the comments

below about some writing tips that you

have they can be ridiculous crazy I

don't care I want to hear about it

because this doesn't even hit the top of

the big jar I would love to build a cool

writing community and you know just see

what other people have in the works

right now so I will leave you now with

all eight of my eyes

and wish you luck on your writing