Wedding Tips & Advice : How to Write a Thank-You Card for a Wedding

how to write a thank-you card okay so

the wedding is over everyone has enjoyed

the wedding and now it's time to write

out the thank-you card you can always

get your thank-you card to match your

invitations so when you order your

invitations and RSVP cards you can also

get a matching thank-you card as well

you simply just open up the thank-you


and address whoever the guest is that

you're writing to so let's say that

guess was mr. and mrs. Cooper dear mr.

and mrs. Cooper you want to thank them

for attending the wedding thank you so

much for attending mine and let's say

James's wedding on July 16th I also want

to thank you for whatever the gift is

that they gave you so let's say it was


thank you for the linens that you and

Mrs Cooper gave us

it will be an added it will be an added

assortment to our linen closet

and then you can just say sincerely and

then whatever your name is I'm going to

just put Ana and of course put it in the

envelope stamp it and send it out the

requirement you usually have up to a

year but I prefer to get everything done

at one time so I would like to say once

the wedding and everything is over in

your honeymoon in your bag try and get

it out within three months that way it's

still fresh in everyone's mind and it's

so much more appreciated on the

recipients end and that is how you would

write out a thank-you card