Origami Fan Lantern - DIY Chinese New Year Decoration, wedding decoration idea - 新年婚礼装饰, 折纸, 手工剪纸.

hi everyone Chinese New Year is Neil

here so this video is demonstration of

make a quick and easy decoration which

are commonly used for table decorations

hanging around the home office classroom

shops as a lantern or these something

sometimes given away as a present we

only need two pieces of a4 paper and

glue and scissors of course I'm using

red paper has red had always being a

special color to celebrate Chinese New

Year I start by folding it in half and a

half back and half again and more half

half again turn around

half again so in this way to make sure I

would get the same size the stripes and

then I open it up and fold it back

follow the crease a flip play / / and

fold it back again now simply repeat the

same steps over and over until + 1

so this is one piece ready okay we do

exactly the same another piece of paper

to make a basic fan origami so further

half and a half and a half yeah just

make sure the stripes are the same it's

now we can open it and they fold it back

or follow - Chris we made so remember

for the one side and the flip around and

back to another side okay and the other

piece is ready like a fan

so take one piece and try to fold in

half like this for both you can simply

just glue them together or cut some


experiment reads all sorts of cuts you

will find the pattern you like or just

copy what I'm doing here my favorite

shape is a heart so if I cut half of

that is heart to shape and then when you

open it it will be like your heart okay

so now I want both sides exactly the

same so I fold it up to mark to cut by

harder for the first half and then cut

the same size it's the same shape for

another half

okay now I got half the fan is ready

repeat the second half exactly the same

going to draw the pattern to make sure

it's the same size and then the same

shape so do exactly the same for the

second half as well okay when you finish

cutting now we grew them together to

make sure all the patterns on the same

side okay here we go

that's how decoration if you want to

hang up you can attach a string in the

middle so the fountain is ready to hang

up thank you so much for watching please

like and subscribe for more and happy

new year everyone

Jinyoung Cuellar to me and Angie