Wedding Tips & Advice : How to Reply to an RSVP for a Wedding Invitation

how to reply to an RSVP for a wedding

invitation you have received your

wedding invitation and now you're ready

to fill out the RSVP card which is

included in the wedding invitation

package the RSVP card usually says we

are looking forward to celebrating with

you the favor of a reply is requested on

or before whatever the given date is the

way to fill it out if the invitation

says no children are allowed and this

invitation is sent to a family that has

children then they're only expecting the

mother and the father to attend in this

case you would say mr. and mrs. Cooper

you either will wear you won't attend so

you would just check out you will attend

and you would put the number of guests

which would be two which would only be

you and mrs. Cooper if the wedding

invitation says to mr. and mrs. Cooper

and family and you know you can attend

you would then say mr. and mrs. Cooper

will attend you can always check it off

the number of guests let's say there's

five people in that household then you

would put the number of guests as five

if you know that you cannot attend then

of course you would just say will not be

attending whether you're attending or

whether you're not attending it is very

appropriate to send back the RSVP so

that the bride knows how many people to

expect so please send back your RSVP

cards and that is how you would fill out

an RSVP card