How to write on a t shirt

good morning the people of the look

today I'm gonna be sharing some other

exciting news if you have not watched

yesterday's vlog go watch it I will be

here I will link it here and so we start

this vlog today at 11:45 and it's

lunchtime I did not get anything so I

decided that I'm gonna bring you guys in

a very secret spot where they sell one

of the best that buoy in the world so

Direction more tidak we're not taking

the bypass route from saturated mata

mata and i'ma show you guys where it is

so this is right here and he's wrapping

this beautiful newspaper in this illegal

plastic bag but we don't care


check this out it's the slimmest that we


and I will see you guys after lunch okay

now what am i up to in this office so um

I was shooting this earlier this is the

Rick this is another one in the


it's a chinos with an elastic band at

the back super comfortable and I took

the picture of this t-shirt I'll put it

here we are gonna be launching very

sweet guys one thing I wanted to tell

you guys is that this has been Henry

then by me has been handwritten by me

using this pen but first as always


so some of you might be asking yourself

since I'm watching my own clothing line

why am I not wearing my t-shirts that's

exactly what I'm gonna do

this is it it looks good man but I got

always wear this unique piece of

tricolor stripes because very often I

only wear basic t-shirts like this one

this is a very nice of white t-shirt

that I've added in my collection why are

white well because of white is a bit

cheaper than your regular white t-shirts

but it looks good man

but what would makes it even better is

if I had something that really really

represent us so I decided what does it

say the good leather toe contact and

I'll show some of you guys are wondering

how I made that and that's exactly what

I'm going to show you right now okay so

now I will show you guys how I made that

hand printed like God daba t-shirt so

for that I'm gonna be using a piece of

wood where I stick cardboard that I used

the cachaca around this size and on this

I place two double sided tape and I use

the masking tape to tape it under why I

need to do that is in order for the

t-shirt to stay on the bone when I'm

actually writing on it so this is the


and we're now going to put our t-shirt

right we will need the t-shirt to be

printer per centimeter from the neck

drop it also helps align the two sides

that are right in the middle so now we

have it all clean here we are going to

be writing it here and before you write

anything on the actual garment it's

always good to try it out


if it is here and this is it guys we

just remove it and half our brand new

the god love our t-shirt damn rude oh my

god never but I like so this is how you

hand write on a t-shirt that's it what

it is love if you watch the little here

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in the next episode I'm gonna share with

you guys the origin of this joke which

actually made in my brother's best man

speech have a look and I will talk to

you about who that guy over there was

peace so there is this dude that writes

it out for me for a very long time now

ever since we were young we once went to

Australia and that guy over there

started mr. Peavey

and now I have the pleasure to well the

last time make disturbed again so the

two girls like this God

the display I don't really understand

this do you always love I know all of

you guys expecting me to crack some

jokes because this video he knew that me

and Gary that's all we really do but did

I for this special day I would like to

do something really different