How to write on wood with paint

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wooden signs are really popular these days and you can easily find shaped

signs as well like deeds I'm going to show you how you can letter a quote or

even just simple words on to it without any stencils and you don't have to be a

hand lettering expert to do this so before I start my tutorial today my

video is part of a creative Christmas challenge and this blog hop is being

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your favorite DIYs so today I wear this sign here are the supplies that I've

gathered I leave a list of everything on my blog post and also in the description

box below so it'll be easy for you to find if you want to make this yourself

the first thing I'm doing here is tracing the shape of my wooden sign onto

a piece of paper this way I'm able to use a pencil and write down my quote and

if I don't like the way it looks I can erase it and just figure out where I

want all of my words to be situated so before I paint my word onto the wood I

wanted a nice pink color so I'm using the chalk paint and apply applied about

two to three coats of paint onto the wood sign

letting each coat of paint dry nicely in between towards the side of the sign I

want to apply a little bit of gold it's the holidays after all you want a little

bit of shine and shimmer so I painted some gold acrylic paint carefully along

the edges to transform a design onto the wood what I'm doing is I'm using a

transfer paper so I'm going to place this onto my wood sign then place my

paper guideline on top and carefully trace over my words

so today I'm going to be using an acrylic dimensional paint to do my

lettering you can do the same thing with a paintbrush and some black paint I

would highly recommend that you try a scribble on a waste piece of paper first

and make sure you have some scrap paper or a tissue to wipe off your nozzle and

after that it's just about applying even pressure and tracing your letters with

the paint this dimensional paint didn't have much lumps in it it was very easy

to work with and I list all the supplies in my blog post like I mentioned before

- the key to lettering without a stencil is number one you want to have a

guideline of some sort the pencil guideline that we have here so you want

to trace over your pencil letters move slowly and it's important that you work

from the left to right so my hand look like I'm I'm right-handed so my hand has

an empty space to rest on you don't want to work from the bottom you want to work

from the top and that way you won't smudge your work as you work downwards

and what's also important that you just apply even pressure

if you press harder once and press lighter ones you will get uneven lines

try your best to go over the lines exactly but don't worry too much about

it if there's some pencil lines showing through afterwards I'll show you how to

fix that you want to give your lettering a good amount of time to dry and after

that what you can do is you can come back with a fine paintbrush and take the

same pink paint or the base paint that you've used and touch-up areas in which

you know you can see the pencil or you made any mistakes or anything of that

sort and now that I'm happy with how it looks

at add a little more doodling if you're using dimensional paint make sure to

wipe off the nozzle pretty often and if you need to use a paint brush to just go

over the dimensional paint and make it look even

here's how the sign looks at the end I added a bit of gold around it and I love

how it turned out like I mentioned before

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