Learning to Write With My Non-Dominant Hand

I want to learn how to write with my

non-dominant hand 9:21 day one let's

begin right hand left hand there is room

for improvement so my plan to learn this

skill is basically a suit so day one I

found online a sentence that contains

every single letter in the English

alphabet so basically it's perfect

the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy

dog I think I have a big problem with

the word lazy first page done probably

I'm just walked missing but I think I'm

already getting them this one is not bad

I mean compared to the others by far the

most difficult letters are the ones with

a straight line inside for example the

tek dei if you think about it Asturias

is not easy

- like you and the O the biggest problem

right now is that I am extremely slow

I'm gonna right the quick brown fox

jumps over the lazy dog with my right

hand and I'm gonna share with my left



but this last one that I wrote makes me

think that this could be possible


but wait wait do we have a dominant fan

as you probably know our brain is

splitted in two hours

the left and the right side of your

brain each control muscles and sense on

the opposite side of the body also you

can describe the left alphas analytical

and verbal and the right alpha as


we basically need to have a dominant

side to prevent conflicts between the

left half and the right half for most

people the left brain is dominant for

intent if you are trying to do something

your left brain place the leading role

and as I said before the left side of

the brain controls the right hand in

left-handed people often but not always

the alphas of the brain are inverted

back to the video


probably which the level of my 12 year

old self I mean I haven't practiced a

lot Riley just practice for two hours

after the first two of them I wasn't

even sure this was possible but then I

thought about my grandfather my

grandfather was left-handed but when he

was a kid he was forced to learn how to

write with his right hand because people

back then thought that he left and was

related to the devil so yeah he did it

this means that I can do it how many

things I'm gonna be able to do with two

ends back to the practice first page

last page 3 p.m. right now I seriously

can't believe this is working I'm

becoming pretty consistent with the

results I try just 35 times I'm still

really slow I wish I at least 100 times

yeah we see 4 3 8 p.m. I wrote this

sentence 660 times the quick brown fox

jumps getting sad to be honest instead

of getting better I'm getting worse and

I just realize that it's probably

because I'm losing patience being

patient and trying that's all I need to

do I have seven pages left before

reaching the 100 mark and then I'm gonna

shoot to run a do test 7 p.m. I've wrote

the same sentence 100 times it literally

doesn't make sense anymore 927 of the

day to yesterday being a shed again a

little bit and also this morning because

I felt that I lost a little bit during

the night and now I'm all ready for the

final test for the test set aside to

write the quick brown fox jumps over the

lazy dog ten times more nine times using

my left hand and one time using my right

hand my girlfriend is gonna have the

opportunity to win two pounds if she's

gonna be able to spot the one sentence

they wrote using my right hand I'm not

sure I will be able to recognize which

one I wrote with my right hand I'm not

trying to cheat I don't care really it's


you can put letters here a B C you have

the opportunity to we suppose to guess

the right one I'm gonna give you ten

pounds no two pounds already it's five

four three two one

really so the D was the right answer and

no I didn't do that set on purpose I'm

so happy right now I feel like I see

there are the obits because I was

expecting to write way better with my

right now obviously usually with my

right hand I don't try to be perfect

with the lines I just it's like more I

wrote again the same sentence using my

right hand trying to be as natural as

possible and as you can see it's

basically more rounded this is how I

write now with my left hand and this is

how I brought the first times nice

another is one last thing I wanna try I

wanna see if I'm able to write with both

hands in the same moment the same

sentence obviously I'm not the Vinci

what what should I look at I mean left

or right or you


from now on I wanna write

everything with my left hand I don't

know I want this but I'm not joking yeah

and I'm gonna give you updates on

histogram and patient I've enjoyed this

video guys