Business Writing Tips : How to Write Your Own Performance Review

hi my name is Mark and we're gonna look

at how to write your own performance

review when does this happen well it

usually happens when it comes to maybe

for the annual work review of your

particular job and your your boss has

asked you to think about how you

performed the last financial year or the

last six months or three months even and

therefore you've got an opportunity here

to write down in a formal document how

you think you have improved developed in

this period of time and what you like

about the job what you think of it well

okay in a very positive way because if

you understand the job then it's best

that you look at it in an optimistic

positive side of things because

obviously the company are interesting

your negative thoughts so you must think

about the positive and contemplate what

things that you've done how you've

improved your skill sets maybe even

you're quicker faster smarter than you

ever thought maybe you've integrated

better with the with the staff with your

iment with your colleagues

maybe you've written document or written

something on the internet that was

useful to people maybe you've taken part

in more trainings than you did before

maybe your results are better than

before think of all the positives the

purpose of this review is for you and

your own mind to feel good about what

you do and for your boss to see that

they are it's a company and as a

responsible manager he is getting the

best out of your she is getting the best

out of your performance