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Hey Ambitious Professionals! It's Linda Raynier of lindaraynier.com guiding you to a

career and life you'll truly enjoy. And in today's video I'm going to teach you my

five steps on how to prepare for a one-on-one meeting with your manager or

boss especially if it's a performance review meeting and you're wanting to

request either a salary increase a promotion or a special project to work


now as a career strategist I've had the honour of being able to help numerous

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at the end of this video now when it comes to a performance meeting with your

boss or manager there are several things that you need to be aware of before the

meeting during the meeting and after the meeting so here are the things tip

number one before the meeting prepare your value and accomplishments stories

ahead of time in order to convince your boss or manager that you are a strong

performer at your work and that you deserve whatever it is that you plan to

request of them you need to have clear quantifiable achievements to be able to

articulate to your manager in the meeting and so to help you with this

process some questions that you can ask yourself involve what have I done in the

last year or six months that have been beyond my typical daily duties and tasks

then ask yourself what was the situation surrounding those events what was the

problem or issue that people were having to deal with how were people in the

company feeling about this situation including yourself then ask yourself

what action steps did I take and don't be overly detailed talk about it from a

high-level perspective what were the key phases or the key steps that you

implemented and then finally ask yourself what were the results be clear

hopefully they're quantifiable results that actually show a vast difference

from the situation before to what you ended up helping to achieve tip number

two before the meeting is to make sure that you are clear on what you plan to

request now this is pretty obvious but if you plan to ask for a raise or you

think you deserve a promotion or you want to ask for a vacation or you want

to ask to work on an important project just be clear about whatever that thing

is that you want to request obviously before you go into the meeting now let's

get into the steps that you'll do during the meeting step number one listen to

what your boss or manager has to say generally they'll start off the meeting

with an agenda or purpose of what they want to discuss with you so don't be the

first to speak let he or she say they've planned to say and you can just

sit back and listen now step number two is to assess whether it's the right time

to move forward with your request or stop to ask for constructive criticism

where some professionals go wrong in these performance reviews is that they

have a complete opposite perception of their own performance compared to what

their manager has of them depending on their personality for some of you

professionals either you think that you're doing way better than what your

manager is perceiving you to be or you feel that you're doing way worse than

what your manager perceives you to be doing now depending on whether the

feedback is positive or negative you want to adjust your game plan

accordingly if your boss or manager had nothing but good things to say about you

and gave you a great review then you can proceed to step number three which is to

articulate your value and accomplishments now if you just got a

negative performance review then you want to pause for a second and you want

to ask your boss to explain and give specific examples or circumstances that

prove what they're saying and that justify your performance review and this

isn't a time to argue it's a time to listen intently and even take notes if

you can so here's the thing if you are in a performance review meeting and

you're getting negative feedback from your manager then instead of making your

request which you had planned to initially you want to put that on hold

and instead be able to walk away from the meeting with a clear plan of action

ask your manager to provide you with his or her expectations for what they want

of you over the next six months for example and make sure that you

understand exactly what those objectives are what you need to do to achieve those

objectives or exceed those expectations so that you can get your performance

back to a level that is positive so that then at that point in time you can make

your request now for those of you who've gotten positive performance reviews then

step number three is to articulate your value and accomplishments so you'll

start out by saying something along the lines of as you know over the last year

or X number of months I've been able to demonstrate my value and accomplished

several achievements that have been above and beyond my role and from there

go into your exam so start describing the specific

instances where you have gone above and beyond the situation the action and the

results from those make sure that your brief and concise and really only bring

about the accomplishments that are the most important so don't go overboard and

start talking about more than four or five accomplishments in a row and

finally step number four make your request you'll then say as a result of

the value that I've been able to demonstrate to the team and the company

I'd like to request link and state your request there then the next thing you

want to do is be silent just look them in the face with a pleasant expression

on your face and see how your boss or manager responds and then after that

step number five is to ask for next steps and their expectations of you so

your boss will likely have said okay well let me get back to you on that and

then your response will be okay so can we talk about next steps and

expectations for the future you want to leave the meeting with clear

expectations of what your boss or manager has for you for the near future

so do you don't want to leave the meeting without having an understanding

of what those are that way in order to maintain your level of performance

you'll be able to create goals and targets for yourself that match to the

expectations of what your boss requires of you also you want it ask them for the

time frame for when they're gonna get back to you on your request just so that

you have that in mind and that you can hold them accountable to to make sure

that they get back to you after the meeting you want to do a few things one

thing is to send a follow-up email detailing the items that were discussed

in the meeting and thanking your manager for their time you can start it off by

saying thanks for meeting with me today and for providing my performance review

I plan to implement the steps and achieve the targets we discussed and I

look forward to hearing confirmation for my request so there you have it those

are my tips and steps on how to prepare for a performance review meeting with

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