Yo, anyone want me to redraw their... (what are they called?)...icons?

[avalanche of requests]

guess I better get started!

about 37 seconds ago, yeah exactly look at that

I put out a post

asking if there's anyone interested in having me redraw their icons and I think

we've got a few already

I'm going to see whoever commented first I feel like

people who comment first just get a bad rap and you know today I'd like to

reward them

alright let's see who we've got

Oh sunflowers fox

they didn't write first no content

yo where's the videos?!

I'll take that

and waiting for your first video okay?

so I

just got to drag this into Photoshop

now I just have to draw it [giggles]

I'm still not

totally sure how many I'm going to do so I'll go try and keep these simple so I

can hopefully like do a lot of them I don't know

I'm also obviously going to be drawing them in my own style but I just want to

try and capture the essence of the icon obviously the issue we're gonna have

here is that the icon is very small and I can't see a whole lot of details a

little bit of a pixely mess

so it's kind of up to me to kind of decide

what I'm looking at it also looks like there might be a fish but I'm really not

sure about that so I'm gonna leave that out

it's also important to flip the canvas

look how different the picture looks now that I've flipped it

and I can see some of the

mistakes that I had and then I can start adding in the next sketch layer I'm

gonna try and make her look down a little bit more because I feel like in

the reference icon (the reference pixels) it looks like the character may be

looking down a little bit

I'm just gonna draw some legs in here real quick


now drawing legs in just really helps me figure out which way the torso

should look

oh and look at that I'm zooming in so you can't even see the

legs anyway but they were helpful! (I don't regret anything)

I think her eyes are closed I'm not entirely sure again my reference is just

a bunch of pixels so I got a guess

so now on this third sketch layer this is

kind of going to be my line art layer if it looks good we'll see so I'm gonna be

a little bit cleaner with it and I have to make sure that the shapes actually

look the way I want I can't just like hint at it at this point

is this what a fox ear looks like? should consult an expert...


on a whole new layer underneath the line art layer I'm just

gonna grab the colors directly from my reference pixels I'm just going to start

plopping them in

how do you like this?

these are some bright colors

[small freakout session]

a little blush color

and stick it on the nosey

I just love adding a little bit of blush

okay fine a lot of blush

I just think it looks cute

for the background again I'm

not entirely sure but it looks like it's a square waffle-y grid texture

so I'm just gonna draw that in myself I'm holding shift and drawing a straight

line if you didn't know in Photoshop if you hold shift you can't go out of a

straight line it's like using a ruler- its really really handy actually

I'm just gonna add the slightest bit of shading and I'm not gonna go to detailed with this

I think I'm just about done

just play around with the color balance a little

bit I don't even know if you can tell that anything's happening but I'm just

playing with some sliders and the colors are changing ever so slightly this kind

of helps it become a more cohesive color scheme and since these colors are so

loud it's not really making that big of a difference but I hope it looks better

than it did before


I didn't save this I did a bad bad there we go that's better

anyway here's the finished one for sunflower Fox now let's hurry up and do

another one let's see how many I can do before I get burnt out

how do you piick?

oh look they did right first [cough]

let's go with Loik pop they look like a nice person

and they actually used their photo in the icon and that's kind of what I feel like

drawing right now

I don't have to give a reason, do I?

well I did

oh they have a video!

[audio from video:] "hello everyone" "hi"

I need this

slide this into Photoshop

let's see if we can do them some justice

not holding my breath

I love the way the hair just swoooshes!! I hardly ever draw

eyeballs right off the bat I either do slashes or dots usually little lines of

some kind so these dots are kind of like staring into my soul

so let me just do

something about that real quick


it's an improvement

it's weird because I like when art styles use little dots for eyes but some reason

when I do it I just.....[growls in frustration]

doesn't tickle my fancy

that is such a weird saying


don't think about it too much

now they do look like they have a

smaller mouth and nose I'm just gonna shrink this

I'm not worrying too much about making it look exactly like this person

and capturing their perfect resemblance but guess I could try a little harder

just like last time I flipped the canvas I already fixed a few mistakes

with balance issues and now I'm going in and adding in liner think I think I'm

ready as always I start with the eyeballs I don't know why

this isn't a tutorial, what do you want from me?

alright liner it's done and I'm gonna

try adding in colors but I'm just gonna color pick them myself

the top is like a

dark green not too bad so far

I am such a poor judge of hair color like my own

hair color I cannot everytime I paint it at least

digitally - I use a completely different color when I do it

traditionally I usually use the same marker over and over again but like I

don't understand hair it's like so many different colors in so many different

Lighting's and it's just like like what even is

blonde? like this character is not blonde, but like what is blonde? like is it yellow?

is it gold? is it white? obviously there's multiple shades but like like if

you had to pick the color what-what, what color is it

I don't know

I'm gonna use like a really light a little more saturated version of

this hair color and I'm going to add a gradient

oo that looks nice, ooh purty, look at that

it started with blush and now I'm like trying to render the face -- I've got a

background color I just added a little oh.....

so I just flipped the canvas yeah

these do you see how the balance..there's a few balance issues like that left

eyebrow and then left eyeball

I always have issues with the further eye

but you know why digital art is my favorite form of art? because I can just

grab it and move it I obviously have to clean it up a bit but ah traditional art

when does the new software come out for traditional art where I can do this?

the character still feels a little stiff so I think I'm gonna add like some hair

strands I'm just gonna grab a brush grab a few colors and just kind of like swoop

um ooh that color works

adjust the color

balance just a little bit I'm spending way too much time on these, I needed to move

on to the next one

[sad music ♪] "my icon is my doggo, but if he gets picked it'd be awesome. (he passed away last year)"

well now I know what I'm drawing next

now I don't draw a lot

of doggos except my own doggo but I'm gonna try to do I'm gonna try to do this

pupper some justice

can always start with the head

eee he's smiling!

from the reference I can't

really tell where the back legs are but I feel like illustration isn't real

life and if I want it to look like a dog sitting I'm gonna have to pull the legs

forward a little bit obviously that's not how this doggo sits it kind of

looks like this dogs doing that thing where it wipes its butt on the ground so

I'm just gonna pull these legs a little forward hopefully, that'll help

balance doggo on the ground a little better

make it furry

i'm adding jaggitty lines I think it's helping make the dog like a little

fluffier and not look like it's made out of play-doh

adding in some color

right now I'm using like a pink color because obviously the dog's white but I

want I'll be able to see where I'm drawing

and then I can just use the hue

saturation tool to make it white


I'm just putting in the laziest

background ever don't mind me

I think some shading would really help because

right now it's just so simple it just needs a little extra something I'm gonna

do something a little different and a little out of my comfort zone and I'm

gonna use like a saturated blue to shade the dark fur

oOOooo! I like it

kind of

pulling away from the reference but like in a fun way

add that gray hair

add a big swooping shadow

I don't know if that's a window but I'm making it a

window maybe

I'll tone it down a little bit

add just a little bit more fur texture

and there we have it

I need to draw dogs more often it's fun

alright let's see what's next

Denise!! Denise entered but they have

no icon well actually that sounds fun it's purple

a purple person

yeah I could do that!

start with the circle and like a head on I kind of want the character look

awkward like "oh!" cuz they're so stiff and like I don't know when you look at like

the little icon it's kind of like emotionless so I was... don't know I

want to give it something extra

stripey shirt seems in order

I don't know why I like associate stripey shirts with like the most basic

t-shirt you can get because it really isn't

I couldn't decide what to do for

hair but I finally settled on like a short bob because oh....

just flip the canvas [laughs]

you see why this is important? okay I decided on the short hair because

I don't want to lean like too much towards a girl too much towards a boy so I'm

trying to like scoot right down the middle

so that maybe anyone who wants to

use this as their icon can

so I think I'll have that's probably a good idea

I'll link like to a Google photos folder of like all the icons that I make in

case you want to use one for your own icon or if Denise in particular wants to

use it and anyone else that i do today

well it looks like so far just a purple

person i'm using the colors from the reference pixels and it's kind of cute

ooh but using that same color if the background doesn't really work does it?

cuz I used that for line art

guess I'm gonna have to darken that up maybe add a

little shadow behind them

I'm not gonna let that this is monotone stop me from

adding blush

have you thought that you were mistake

and one little asymmetrical

earring as a last touch

here's the finished one for Denise I hope you like

it let's move on to the next one!

alright let's find another one so refresh the

comments so Georgia and 128 other people seem to have a challenge for me yes I

just assumed Georgia liked their own comment

everybody does it

anyway they

want me to recreate their icon as a human I feel like big eyes wouldn't like

hair that like floops out would work really well - I'm gonna try giving it pony

tails for ears


there's an option

I'm trying to draw them so they're like

looking straight up so there's like a bunch of perspective going on here

obviously I'm kind of faking it because it's just an icon - I want this

to be kind of quick but I think it it's good enough you know

just add some line

art and I also added in some hands I don't know what I said last

yeah I think

I'm capturing the essence of our little fox there

and I just need to add in

those like fairy lights so I'm going to use

a layer style stroke you can see it down in the bottom right there

it's been applied to this layer so now when I draw in white it's going to add a

stroke around everything I draw which makes it look like I just drew two

perfect lines next to each other but in reality I didn't I drew one

I'm just color picking colors from our little pixel reference up on the top

right there kind of blotching them in copying the background from what I can

see I've actually used the Fox color to color in the entire character and I feel

like this works really well it looks like this character, she's in the nighttime

actually really happy with that I never would have done that myself

feel like I'm learning something !

the eyes were not popping as much as I want so I

think I'm going to color in the line art black and then now oh yeah see how

they're just they're like piercing

finished up adding some detail just up

and around the character and now I got to add in those fairy lights I've got a

new layer with color dodge applied and I'm just coloring in little circles to

kind of make it look like it's lighting up

I don't know how the artist did this

it looks kind of cool

I also adding some like rim lights to

like edges I don't know if that makes any sense

and then I'm going to grab a

brighter white color and draw on top of everything

and this will just be much

more piercing I'm gonna steal it straight from the picture there I'm just

gonna color straight on top

does it look like it's glowing I don't think I'm

doing very well

it looks all right from far away and I mean as an icon that's how it's

going to be viewed so I think i'm ready to call this one quits, look! she's a

little foxy now

yeah lighting is not my specialty but this was a lot of fun it

kind of looks like she's standing in fire because of like the particles behind her

anyway I need to move on I'm spending too much time on this let's get to the

next one

[reading comment:] "if only I posted three hours earlier"

I think you mean thank goodness

I posted right now

let's do this one

no how do you say that

muddy? I'm gonna call it muddy

I'm really excited about this one what's up with

that? I want to draw like the pouty face, these lips like this - I really like

Mxddy's hair

would it be kind of cute if Mxddy was

like taking a selfie it probably is a selfie but I'm gonna include the arms I

started on the second layer, but it's not where I want it to be

flip the canvas again and maybe I can fix this

with the lineart

those are famous last words

I really really like drawing ears

so I'm just gonna stick one in here I know there isn't one in the reference

but it's not gonna stop me

and I think it's cute

look at it just poking onto

the hair like that

alright let's try not to mess up the lips this time it's kind

of nice having the reference up there in the top right and I kind of can just

glance like really really quickly while I'm drawing these in

I'm kind of trying

to only pick the lines that are necessary obviously if I tried to draw

every little thing in as a line it's going to look kind of aged and decrepid

that's just what happens I don't know if you've ever tried to like trace yourself

you've put a photo into Photoshop and you're just like tracing all the lines

you thought were important and then you turn off the photo layer and you're like

ooh I'm ugly

it's illustration you got to be choosy you got to simplify things

to make up cute that's just how goes

I love this

oh my gosh this is my favorite

one so far

glasses are hard to draw ♪

Oh not too bad

yeah I'm gonna stick with this one, if I try again it'll be worse

I'm just gonna quickly add in the colors I'm just color picking from the

image again doing the same thing

look at me I'm adding in clouds!

I'm having a lot

of fun with this one guys

this one's like right up my alley it's

like what I always draw

well not the clouds but like the character so that's

like encouraging me to be more outgoing with the background

I add in some blush

I'm gonna go a look crazy and add maybe some rim lighting because Mxddy doesn't

look like they're outside so I think it would be a great opportunity for that

just kind of highlight the side in the back -- not sure how I feel about it yet

i'm not head over heels for the rim lighting but I've never done it before so I kind of

want to keep it the way it looks so yeah here's my finished drawing this is got to be

one of my favs!

[reading comment:] "me me me me plz draw my icon!! i love you n ur art n art style

"n eager to see how it looks like in ur style"

sure why not

back at the whiteboard I want to like keep that whole pink space on the top

right and the way the character is kind of slightly off-center I think that is

just so cute so I'm gonna try and maintain

that as I recreate this drawing I gotta include that heart that seems like a

very important element and it's so cute

alright here's my sketch we're gonna

flip it the ca---ahh

will there be a day where my art skills improve to the point where

flipping to canvas isn't necessary anymore?

okay adding in the line art and

I'm getting dora the explorer' vibes I don't know what it is like the face

proportions? which is weird because Dora is also a cartoon character and a

completely different art style so I don't know where that's coming from

the Dora is intensifying!

I'm just gonna add a little bit of purple to the hair maybe

that'll help

because we're not drawing Dora we're drawing Sam

add in some blush!

again I'm picking the skin tone and then I'm picking a color that is slightly

closer to red more saturated and darker and that is how I get it to look the way

it looks [laughs]

again this is not a tutorial guys

all right I seem to have gone from

Dora the Explorer to Dora's mom and I don't know what I did

she's just like so much older now


I played around with the colors a little

bit and now I'm just gonna try and tweak a few things now that I've merged

everything onto one layer I could kind of just play around with it and I don't

have to worry about finding different layers I can just do it all in one place

this one I really love how it's a little off-center I think it's just so cute I

love it and this would look pretty cute as an icon I think

all right next up

this is for Zuko

is that a floating head? okay let's go ahead and drop this in

here it's really dark though I don't know if I'm gonna keep all those colors

because it's kind of hard to see what's going on from what I can tell it's a

floating head, braids, and glasses and then like sprinkles in the background

alright we flipped the canvas and now I'm kind of moving the eyes inward a

little bit because I saw on the reference photo the two eyeballs are

pretty close together so I just moved them in just a smidge

why is the top of

this head looks so weird?

what did I do wrong?

not sure if I draw

braids correctly but I just do swoops that like interlock with each other like

this -- oh! just noticed in the reference the nose is like really high - so I'm

just gonna use my lasso tool grab the nose and the mouth and

everything and just move it up and towards the center a little bit more

adding in some color trying to keep the colors from the reference but we'll see

if I change this up

and definitely gonna lighten up the hair just a little bit

you can't see any of like the time I put into making those perfect braids I mean come on [lol]

I'm just using gradient and just lighten them up slightly Brown maybe

I'll tone that down a little yeah that looks better

can't forget the glasses! I'm

just gonna draw two circle-y schwoop-y shapes yeah that's good enough

when I draw glasses I kind of keep it simple I just fill in the shape underneath the

glasses so its on a separate layer with just solid white then I tone

down the opacity to looks like 42% then I grab the eraser and I just erase

stripes out of it to kind of look like shines then I'll play with the opacity

again and boom looks like there's lenses in there

but this isn't a tutorial


gonna add in those sprinkles and confetti to the background it's almost

like the character is floating in like a sprinkle galaxy

I approve

I'm trying to

figure out how to make the character stand out from the background a little

bit more I added a yellow stroke but I'm not crazy about it

I'm gonna try adding some like refracted (sis that..) reflected? refracted? I don't know

I'm having light that's bouncing off the sprinkles and then bouncing back on her

in the color of the sprinkle just kind of adding a little bit more visual

interest there and this head is still not standing out so I'm gonna add a

bright gradient behind her

see the face has dark colors and the background had

dark color so now by making the background a little bit lighter in the

center the face is now standing out a lot more

just add a little bit of rim

lighting and like random hair strands again to like loosen it up like I did

with the was that the second drawing? I feel like it's been forever since I drew

that one

I think it looks kind of cool like the face is being backlit I'm

actually gonna use in the color balance tool and just brighten up the colors a

little make the highlights a little bit more yellow and that really just makes

it brighter

just highlight that edge of the glasses there so they pop a little

bit more they were blending in with the hair because they're both kind of dark

colors now I feel like even from a distance you can kind of see that shape

all right now I'm done - let's move on to the next one!

Gabrielle says "mine might be a little difficult" it's that a challenge?!

again that's what

I want to maintain that like slightly off-center portrait so lots of white

space in the top right (hey that's the same place the other one had it) I'm

gonna start pretty simple and then if the character starts looking like

Gabrielle then it does, if it doesn't, then it doesn't --

why does everybody have

glasses? those are so hard to draw I feel like you are all forcing me to learn how

to draw glasses which I guess I should thank you for so

thank you

these are square glasses they're a lot actually they're actually a lot easier

to draw you can kind of see my guidelines

for hair I've definitely

simplified it down a little bit kind of hard to tell from the reference what's

going on with the hair I can only see that like one side and I can kind of

tell that there's like some swooping bangs maybe over the forehead now that I

flipped the canvas I'm gonna try and put a little bit more effort into making

this character actually look like Gabrielle so (let's see) that includes

like the distance of the eyes maybe the size and like the nose and the lips

and everything mm-hmm closer

if you ever think "hmm, I can draw eyes pretty well lined up"

try and draw glasses over top you'll realize how much your eyes are messed up


I'm trying to move the glasses to fix it but I don't think this is gonna cut it I

think I'm gonna have to move one of the eyes

I'm just grabbing the colors

straight from the reference image again which is working pretty well I think

these colors look spot-on so far I had to change the line art to a darker color

so that I could add a little bit of shading to the hair I always like to add

a gradient to the hair I think it just makes it look a little bit more like

hair cuz again here's just so many different colors you have to incorporate

a few or it's gonna look really really flat

adding a little bit of shading to

the top and I guess I should add some kind of background right?

it actually

doesn't look too difficult kind of looks like a perspective grid behind them if

you look so I'm just going to draw that out

there we go!

just tone it down a little bit and again I'm just gonna use the color

balance tool and just tweak the colors just so they fit together a little bit

nicer and here we have the finished drawing

should probably save that one too

were you paying attention? how many of these did I save before I was done?

I'm gonna guess not many maybe one

all right let's move on to the next one

all right it's loading there we go

all right the first one I see like right off the

bat is that purple heart emoji so Mihaela (is that how you say that?)

again, I can't say names, I apologize

I also kind of want to do the background in a bit of an abstract way

so I think this will be a lot of fun

I think this is actually number 10 so this

is the last one

I'm going to go a little crazy and make this like full-on my art style

I'm not gonna worry too much about resemblance maybe just try to

draw acharacter standing in (is that like a cornfield?)

that's gorgeous but I don't know what it is

because what I don't like about some

of the previous drawings that I made is when I do try to make it look like the

person too much and I kind of like lose what's in my style so I'm gonna keep

this very simplistic big swoopy hair chunky shapes

I love chunky hair

flip the canvas and work on this again

give it those big my

style eyeballs

I'm not sure about the mouth I think when I tone down the line

art and the black lines between the teeth that'll look a little better I'm

not sure what to do with this side bang I've always had trouble drawing these

something is not right with this

what is it?

maybe the head is just too big

[sudden uncontrollable laughter]

this isn't solving any problems

oh my gooosh

[more laughter]

who needs animation right?

her her her

[laughs] I'm sorry

I could try making the body bigger- oh hey look that

was the problem

it looks so much better now

for colors again I'm just grabbing them from the reference image and plopping

them in

the same as with the other 9

yeah the skin tone doesn't really look

like the reference image I think I would grab the highlight which is where the

Sun is hitting them so I'm just going to bring it down a little bit but make sure

it still kind of resembles the skin tone from the reference I'm just gonna like

use my eye and see what I can do

and you can't forget blush I tried to fix the

teeth I couldn't do it so I just drew over it

now I'm adding in some rim

lighting behind her to kind of give the idea that the Sun

behind them and I think when I add in the background I'll make sure it

concentrates the brightness in that corner

and I think it'll look pretty

cool we'll see

the background I'm just picking colors from the reference image

and plopping them in kind of trying to get the overall shape of the background

again I'm not trying to be too detailed with it I just want to give it the

illusion because I'm creating these icons so that they'll be seen small so

I've been using pretty thick line art so when you shrink it down to the size of

an icon it should still look okay

sometimes when you shrink images you

lose a lot of detail so I'm trying to not put too much detail in because

you're not gonna see it anyway right?

and brighten up that corner oh see how

that pops!


now that's all in one layer I'm gonna tweak it a little I did this

earlier and one of the other drawings I don't remember which one it's been so

long I'm just gonna shrink a few elements kind of try and make it look a

little bit more like our reference image it's best I can I'll still like keeping

my style I'm not worried too much I'm not looking

for perfection here if I was it would have quit a long time ago all right I

think this is it I I'm pretty happy with this one I love the like abstract

background it really like suits the art style of the character and everything

but yeah that was ten drawings I feel pretty accomplished drawing ten! that was

a lot out of a lot of comments

sorry you couldn't get to everyone obviously I am

only one person but maybe we can do this again sometime if you want to use one of

the icons I made for your avatar I will have a link in the description where you

can download those if there's one that you really liked I want to thank you

guys for watching thank you for allowing me to redraw some of your icons and yeah

thank you guys for watching I'll see you guys all next week

and I hope you have a delicious evening full of waffles bye!