Custom VANS using ONLY a SHARPIE!!! (Giveaway)


what is going on YouTube welcome back

ladies and gents today I'm customizing

some damn Daniels all I'm using is a

sharpie and mass amount of my time

something that hopefully you are able to

find they do sell these everywhere but

I'm just gonna go ahead and freehand

this I think it'll be pretty cool but

pretty simple at the same time so right

before I get started on this actual shoe

and just kind of free had to get I was

looking through my shoes and I found

these that I never actually sold or did

anything with so I was thinking I might

as well just give them away it's just a

big quit giveaway all you have to do to

enter is spawn in Instagram and

subscribe to this channel that is it

includes the like but you know do that

too and also these are size nine and a

half in men's so this is the only size

I'm giving away not an offense you know

if you win these and you're not and a

half perfect and if you win these and

you are not gonna now you can give them

to your friend yeah super dope I got a

lot of comments saying I should do

giveaway so I thought might as well just

give those away

yeah with all that being said let's get

into the customization video for today





alright guys quick intermission um it's

very time-consuming but it's looking

pretty good I definitely like it I also

definitely think this side stripe right

here needs to be black so just because I

did only buy one sharpie I'm trying to

be conservative with this ink in here so

I'm going to use my black paint to do

the stripe and that's not cheating cuz

you guys can't use the sharpie I just

only have one so I'm not cheating still

going hard still going on it let's




oh I hope you did like watching me make

these shoes right here don't forget

about the giveaway make sure to enter

Instagram on screen that's it yeah if

you guys try this out on your own at

your own house on your own shoes with

your own sharpie or if you guys make any

customers send me pictures I always want

to see what's in the mix you guys

weren't able to do this yourself because

you don't have a dollar for a Sharpie I

will pop a dollar up on the screen take

it and go buy a sharpie and make the

world a better place