My Favorite Wedding Website! - and How it Made Planning EASY

hi welcome back my name is Ariel and

today we're going to talk about my

favorite wedding planning website that

made planning my wedding super easy

I'm obsessed with this website I will

talk about it a lot in other videos and

recommendations for guest list registry

all these different items that this

website offers all in one and a super

easy-to-use interface I recommend it to

all my friends that are engaged or

getting married side note this post is

not sponsored

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day I would love that

okay so let's die favorite wedding

planning website is Zola

we use Zola planning our wedding from A

to Z I was able to create my website so

I made it really easy to create our

wedding website we were able to put a

lot of fun details like how we met kind

of our love story they had great designs

to choose from we also put the schedule

of all the events surrounding the

wedding from the ceremony to the

rehearsal dinner the night before to a

few events that we held for people

coming in out of town

additionally they made it really easy to

add your hotel block information and

other recommendations of where to stay

in the area you could link your register

you can also put really fun little

profiles for your wedding party this was

great for us as we didn't have programs

at the ceremony so for people who are

curious to see who is who they can see

that on our website and kind of how we

knew everybody and then finally guests

can RSVP directly through the site a

great feature about Zola is their guest

list planning feature you can send out

links to your guests if you have their

information I did this a lot through

Facebook messaging I texted it to them

however way that I needed to get there

and for me I didn't already have their

addresses or email addresses for

invitations and all of those things so

you send them a link and they fill out

their form right away and it goes

straight into your guest list profile

and then you can use that going forward

to track if you've sent them to save the

date if you sent them an invitation have

they RSVP'd if they have what was their

response regarding guests food

preferences all these little detox are

in a very simple way to see you can

filter by the answers you're really easy

to track all of our customers at the end

of the day as we were

and closer to the wedding sing down

RSVPs can be a very tasking assignment

Zola made it easy you can send them the

link you could even just ask them in

person they gave you an answer you could

fill out that form for them it just kept

it simple can even link your RSVP page

to your website so as guests are looking

at the information it can go ahead and

RSVP hopefully earlier than later

it's all on one another great feature

with Zola is their checklist with Zola

you can fill out a profile answer

questions such as when your wedding is

are you planning on having religious

ceremony or not is your ceremony in a

different location than your reception

all these questions that'll build out a

custom checklist that you can use when

planning your wedding and making sure

you don't forget anything this made it

super helpful they even put due dates

based on your wedding date

it really helps keep me on track and to

make sure I got the right things done in

time so I wasn't stressed at the end of

the day it really made it easy finally

and this is something that Zola is

probably most known for is their

registry so we had so many great brands

and they also have a cool feature where

you can link items from other websites

if they don't have them in their

inventory so for example if they don't

have that awesome instant pot that

you've been eyeing from Bed Bath &

Beyond you can link it to their website

where it'll have the same picture the

item it'll look the same as the rest of

your registry and people don't have to

go to all these separate websites to see

your registry I found that so easy also

as people are looking through your

registry as they buy gifts you get a

notification via email so you can see

exactly what people got you it gives you

a list of the gifts bought by guests

with the return address that they

submitted and the best of all a check

box if a thank-you card has been sent or


this made thank you cards so much easier

I didn't have to build my own list Zola

had it for me and I just made sure I

kept up to date as the gifts were bought

to go and go ahead and write those

thank-you cards as they came in to stay

on top of that so I didn't have a huge

pile of thank-you card to do after the

wedding additionally with their

registered feature that we really loved

was their cash funds no one feels


asking for cash so they made it easy

where you can put funds together or say

has helped us pay for our honeymoon help

us put a down payment for a new house

help us furnish a house one day and so

people could donate money that way to

the specific cash funds they feel a

little better about giving us something

more specific and it feels a little

nicer than just give us cash

additionally if they do buy an item that

you would registered out of the

inventory list gives me the option to

cash it out for Zola's store credit so

if you're thinking well why would you

register for an item you don't need

anyway here's our example we live in New

York City we live in a very small

apartment which is very typical for this

city and our kitchen is tiny so a lot of

the kitchen items that a lot of people

kind of felt necessary to buy for us

whether or not we had registered for it

we frankly just don't have the space to

store it so instead we were able to get

store credit with Zola and use it to buy

something else whether it was a

different item we needed or what's

really cool they also have gift cards as

they've partnered with several different

brands like uber we cash it out for uber

gift cards this seems crazy but there's

something that we actually use quite a

bit here they also have gift cards for

different airlines they have gift cards

for different experiences on date nights

so a lot of really great options if you

don't really if you don't need all of

those things at this point in time of

your life you can also convert it to

store credit and save it your store

credit doesn't ever expire with Zola so

maybe you don't live in a big enough

apartment or home now for all of those

kitchen things but when you do get your

first big home together that's maybe

when you need to start stocking your

kitchen so you can save those funds for

later and then get those items without

having to store them for years and years

so that's my review of Zola why I'm

obsessed with them I highly recommend

them to use as your wedding planning

website and for all of your wedding

planning needs thanks for listening and

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