What To Write In A Journal (PART 1)

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your screen today I collaborated with

the lovely Tina from overall adventures

I stumbled upon Tina's channel a few

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when you take a look at it you will

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person and that really does shine

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below Tina and I are talking about what

to write in a journal there are a ton of

things to write in journals so I'm just

going to throw a bunch of ideas that you

guys see which one feels right which one

seems to stick and then just run with it

I'm Shana and I love sharing ways on how

to better yourself and how to create a


the first one a daily journal this is

probably the most old-school version of

journaling but people still do it it's

basically when you live your day to day

and then you write about it write about

what you were doing that day who you are

with what you are feeling and so forth

this is cool if you want to have a

record of your life to look back on

right you're like what did I do

on April 4th 2011 oh I was swimming at

the pond with my family like that just

popped into my head I don't even know I

don't think it I mean I don't even

really like swimming in ponds oh I was

at the carnival with that boy I liked

and I had my first kiss instantly you go

back to that moment if you're interested

in having that then go for it you can

write down your dreams how many times do

we wake up from a dream we remember for

about 22 seconds and then it is gone

when I went through life coach training

I actually learned how to interpret and

analyze dreams there is a process to

doing that and that was actually really

cool I've never been a believer in

dreams having a meaning but once I

learned how to do it and then I was

doing it on myself and clients I was

like this is pretty cool and this really

does work so you can always write down

your dreams and then learn how to do

that for yourself in the future lots of

life lessons from your spiritual guides

I don't know if it's from your spiritual

guides from your subconscious yes the

next thing you can write down are your

frustrations what is bothering you right

now you want to take all of those

pent-up emotions and feelings and just

get them out of your body and onto paper

it really is an instant stress reliever

and the journal really can act like your

personal therapist or life coach

ideas I recommend getting one of those

pocket-sized notebooks or journals and

jotting down an idea whenever you have

it can't tell you how many times I've

had an idea and I'm like okay I'll write

it down later and then I completely

forget it it could be a million-dollar

idea you don't want to mess around with

that you can write a letter to maybe an

ex-boyfriend that you feel like you

didn't have enough closure or somebody

that's passed away that you feel like

you didn't say ever

thing that you wanted to say a letter is

a great opportunity to express what

you're thinking and feeling and wanting

to say to a certain somebody whether or

not you have an intention of sending it

it's very therapeutic either way I know

some people will write the letter and

then burn it afterwards it's just very

symbolic I guess you can do a thought

download this is when you set a timer

for one to two minutes and you just

rapidly write everything that's coming

to you it's really a great way to reduce

all the static that's going on up there

and really a chance to quiet your mind

our journaling if you google images of

art journals they're actually really

really cool this is where you can draw

images in your journal of how you're

feeling in the moment you can write

short stories or poems or even songs

really anything that speaks to in that

creative form ideal day this is when you

allow yourself to daydream a little bit

you imagine what you want your life to

look like five to ten years out and then

you write all about it from the time you

wake up the time you go to bed in vivid

detail and description write down all

the things that you're grateful for

today it can be a very simple bullet

point list of things or you can choose

three to four things and get a little

bit more specific with it this is a

great opportunity to create a bucket

list a list of things you want to do

before you leave this beautiful earth

one day can be a list of 25 50 100

things I just found it a little tricky

to come up with all of my things in one

sitting so it might be that type of

journal entry that you have to revisit

over and over again until you have your

complete list write down your goals and

dreams journaling is a great way to get

more specific about what you aspire to

do and aspire to be out in the world you

write it down you make it happen

answer your own questions we tend to

live our day-to-day lives with all of

these questions going on in our minds

but we never actually stop to answer

them so for example how can I pay off my

credit card in two months or how

and I remove more negativity from my

life or should I quit my job or not use

journaling as a way to answer them and

then come up with your own solutions

make up your own journal prompts for

example 21 things I love about myself if

you're feeling a little bit insecure or

12 reasons my ex-boyfriend was not the

one if you're going through a breakup or

ten reasons I should go after my dreams

if you're not liking your job so much

just sit down with your journal and

pencil figure out which area of your

life you're most focused on right now

and then come up with a prompt from

there a hundred and one

journal prompts I created this board on

my Pinterest page it took a very long

time but it's meant to be a hundred and

one day journaling challenge for you

guys or you can just pick and choose the

entries if you want that's fine too the

prompts are super easy they're really

fun and it's just a really great way to

get to know yourself so I will put the

link to my Pinterest in the description

box below so make sure you check that

out for some more journal entry ideas

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