How To Write A Persuasive Essay (Topics + Outline)

hey guys / from sa pro here and today

we're going to do our third tutorial in

our how to write an essay series so

today we're going to be talking about

how to write a persuasive essay let's

get started so many students all over

the world are required to write academic

essays free and alike high school and

college classes and a large majority of

these students don't even know proper

structure or like technique if you're

surfing the internet looking for a video

or an article on how to write a

persuasive essay and you really don't

have to look any further although all

essay styles have specific set of rules

norms and conventions the persuasive

essay style is commonly used within the

5 paragraph format the main purpose of

the persuasive essay is to give an

argument sub analysis of a chosen topic

it is used as like a tool for high

school students you know develop their

critical thinking skills and train them

to explain their analysis and like a

very structured format as mentioned

before the structure of the arguments

essay is also within the 5 paragraph

style many high school students are

trained to write their persuasive essay

in this 5 paragraph format to follow

like national standards especially in

countries like the United States and

Canada however several topics simply

cannot be analyzed and explained in a

mirror you know 5 paragraph which is why

the persuasive essay has such

flexibility in this scenario in most

high school settings you will be tested

on your ability to write one of these

essays and you know the classroom which

takes anyone for like thirty minutes to

an hour and this should be written in

the five paragraph style however in

several college courses the standard

style is really rarely ever used in type

of content you must analyze and write

becomes you know much longer and way

more in-depth to put it in simpler terms

the L line of the essay is very much

dependent on the topic and the sort of

question you're asked to respond about

if you are looking for some common

persuasive essay topics that you might

write about here's some example so most

academic essay topics usually ask you to

pick a side in an argument or to defend

a particular side against criticism

these are some common samples of

questions you might receive as

assignments things that people receive

regularly in high school and college

things like should marijuana be legal

for medicine all purposes should people

who download music and reasonably be you

know punished should abortions be legal

should the death penalty be used to

punish violent criminals and things like

should tobacco manufacturers be allowed

to advertise on television though these

are just you know some general knowledge

Asians they are effective in training

the student towards writing effective

and argumentative essays most of the

time students will write about topic

specific to their subject or course

obviously but regardless the format

stays the same for all persuasive essays

generally speaking the structure of the

arguments of essay looks like some

variation of this we have our first

introduction first we have our hook

statement so if you have any help

starting your argumentative essay there

is no better way than with that trusty

hook statement a sentence that excites

the reader I buy your essay and must in

some way to relate to your topic of

persuasion then we have our background

information the length of this varies

based on how much content and analysis

you will provide you know obviously each

subject of analysis should have about

one sentence of introduction so for

every point you should have about a

sentence of introduction and we have our

thesis statement so obviously this is a

core argument our point of persuasion

that the entire essay is really based

around it is actually really recommended

to write your body paragraphs first and

then create your thesis after seeing

what your content is truly about

logically it's much easier to create a

thesis at the end rather than align your

statements towards your thesis because

most of the time this harms the quality

of your analysis and the strength of

your sentences all right now let's talk

about the structure of the body

paragraphs so first sentence and every

body paragraph should be the topic

sentence this is the sentence that

introduces your argument and needs to

include words of emphasis these are

strong and supportive words that you

know defend your statement and we have

our argument obviously so this is like

the meat of your essay this statement

that really serves the purpose of

audience persuasion because really

that's what we're here to do we're here

to persuade these statements are either

facts or some kind of data analysis and

serve to defend your main argument and

prove its authenticity then we have our

explanation so after creating the

argument the explanation should serve as

a boost for the argument giving it even

more credibility which is incredibly

important this also serves as a

real-life evidence which readers can you

know relate to and gives us a very

rationalistic vibe as I like to call it

and we have then we have our concluding

sentence so after fully explaining your

defended argument the concluding

sentence is used to sum up your point

with the most effective words possible

think of it as a short but efficient

summary also a key point that I should

mention is

so depending on the subject of analysis

thesis or the essay requirements such as

word length or page length the amount of

body paragraphs in your essay will vary

remember because the more information

you have the more body paragraphs the

more things to discuss however this is

still the general structure of the essay

lastly we have our conclusion so this is

the restatement of the thesis and

actually proving your thesis throughout

the essay it's important to make it

known in the clusion and the rephrasing

of it is the most efficient way to begin

the process so it's always a good way to

start your concluding paragraph then you

want to summarize your key points so

briefly explain how you have your main

arguments defended your thesis statement

and so that these explanations are

reasonable and logical and it's very

important to make an overall concluding

statement make sure the reader

understands the value and importance of

your essay and the argument that you

portrayed throughout the essay if the

reader has taken your persuasive

argument into serious consideration

that's when you know that you have

written an awesome piece of work last

but not least I'm going to do you guys

some general persuasive essay tips that

are helpful for just a bunch of

different little things so first of all

these should be written in MLA and

Chicago style formats and that's usually

used for persuasive and you know

argumentative writings they provide the

physical alignment margins titles all

that good stuff so make sure it's at MLA

style second tip / avoid overusing

vocabulary try to provide some variety

but don't go overboard either you know

don't try to sound like Shakespeare two

three double-check to make sure your

essay has proved the thesis if the essay

has proved something slightly different

then you got to edit your thesis

accordingly and number four and this

tips really important show why your

point of view is more credible than the

opposing point of view because remember

there's every a yin to every yang so

it's good to defend your side and it's

even better if you can counter-attack

afterwards and last but not least get a

second pair of eyes you know have a

friend or a co-worker read it from a

fresh perspective to make sure it makes

sense to others anyway guys that's the

general breakdown of the persuasive

essay if you guys enjoyed the video

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stuff coming you guys should be really

excited anyway guys I'll catch you on

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