How To Write A Rap Song (The Super Tutorial) đŸŽ”

gang okay you should never make a song

to a beat that you do not vibe with this

is the best advice I give everybody if

you turn a beat on and it makes you feel

some kind of way you're vibing with it

and you can assume that somebody else

who turns that beat on is gonna vibe the

same way okay so you should never write

to a song you do not vibe with ever then

it's only right I'd say I'm out probably

artists money or the cars on these

projects I've been neat what it's not

happening a lot of people asked me Rob

how do you write a rap song and while

this seems like a stupid question

it's really not because there's more to

it than you really think that there is

so in this video what I'm actually gonna

do is Nick writing song easier for you

so that you can finish more songs I'm

gonna give you an exact step-by-step of

what to do every time you write a song

this is how to write a rap song step by

step the same way that every big rapper

does it okay

I've been in the studio with them this

is how they do it all right step by step

exactly I do it follow along take notes

and you're gonna be able to write songs

faster smarter more efficiently and make

better songs okay let's do this before

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gives you sign of labels if you kill it

if you really have to tell anyways let's

get into this there's 7 things here can

we need to know all right I'm not even

buying bigger whiteboard now I'm going

step by step I'm not gonna skip a step

you may already know it okay number one

and yes you know this but we're gonna do

these in order okay first and foremost

obviously you go get a beat I don't want

to skip a step this is actually more

difficult than you think because you

need to find a B that's actually good

enough to make a song to that you vibe

with okay you should never make a song

to a beat that you do not vibe with this

is the best advice I give everybody if

you turn a beat on and it makes you feel

some kind of way you're vibing with it

and you can assume that somebody else

who turns that feed on is gonna vibe the

same way okay so you should never write

to a song you do not vibe with ever okay

this right here my songwriting course

looks like a 20 hour course if you go

through and you look at how I'm writing

songs you'll see me I'll click a beat

and within 5 seconds I know if I'm

violent or not let's keep going so I go

through hundreds of beats in the day I

beat 20 songs this morning I'll do about

200 beats okay

Kent eight of the songs trash twelve cuz

they weren't good enough for me cuz I

have high standards anyway just keep

going don't forget we have a beat half

of your jobs already done okay there's a

reason why the producer gets 50% of the

publishing finally a beat the people of

Iowa as soon as it turns on

they vibe with it this is massively

important you should have already known

this if you didn't well now you know

let's go step two step two is and you

should already have this on your phone

if you don't you mess it up you can go

get it right now

alright you need to have a tape recorder

need a tape recorder on your phone no

it's not taping you more but still call

the tape recorder I have a tape recorder

on my phone that I use and you need to

have that ready because the moment you

buy we need to build a capture what

you're gonna create okay so that's step

two make sure you have a tape recorder

installed on your phone immediately okay

now that you found the beat and you have

a tape recorder turn the tape recorder

on obviously but what you can do now is

to find the best flow is the best

melodies the best rhythms and find the

pockets on the beats which is where your

voice is gonna sit amongst all the

instruments because your voice is an

instrument in case you learned thinking

about that you need to now freestyle to

this beat and the tape recorder is

obviously gonna pick it up and what

we're gonna have when you're done with

this is you're gonna have let's say

three to five minutes and then you know

sometimes play that B twice you're gonna

have four to six minutes a freestyle but

here's the trick to freestyling first of

all every four to eight bars

completely just jump around and go to a

div or melody go to a different flow and

you try to find something really random

and crazy ain't just rap on the beat you

already know how to rap don't just rap

on a beat jump around do weird things do

different things for six minutes

you only need to find one quatrain only

need to find a four bar section that you

can loop as a hook okay in six minutes

you have dozens and dozens and dozens of

chances to find that catchy melody okay

and somewhere in there you're gonna find

the versatility - okay that's how you do

this you free stuff but you have to jump

around and try different things you

can't you know you're probably like hot

rod I do the same flow on every song and

I'll use the same Rhymes if you're new

well you need to start practicing

changing your flow every couple bars

right again if you have my song right of

course you've seen it I know I change I

change every four bars now step four is

you're gonna go in and I do this in

what's called a melody organizer okay

you're going to you're gonna take this

recording of your freestyle and you're

going to arrange all six minutes to go

through all of it and you're gonna

choose and click and you're gonna cut

out the best parts and you're gonna put

the very best parts in the front of the

file and the very worst parts at the end

of the file this way when you listen

back to the file you automatically can

remember hear every single one of your

best melodies in order so what you're

doing is the best melody the best flow

is gonna be your hook okay the

second-best flow is either going to be

your pre course your post chorus and

your song doesn't necessarily have to

have that and if your son doesn't have

that that's second best melody or flow

it's going to be your verse flow so what

happens is your two best flows are gonna

make up your first and then you're gonna

have a hook and then those two Bettis

flows are just gonna fluctuate between

each other and carry the whole song and

that's how you do it if you're telling

me that you can't freestyle for six five

minutes and find two decent melodies you

suck okay and you really need to

practice I'm sorry not gonna be me hit

me mean we all started somewhere but

your freestyle for this long and you're

listening you're changing your melodies

up you're going to find what you need

you only need two you only need the holy

verse you only need the course and then

if you have a third best one it can

become your bridge you have a fourth

best one it can be inner interlaced into

the verse melodies okay

like you just have to choose where it

goes in the song you arrange those right

so you're doing fine to beat record

yourself freestyling for six minutes and

then go in take the file and cut it up

and organize it and find out what the

best part was and then we go to number

five remember this is what this is how

professionals write songs this is how

they write songs this how you do it okay

the next step is you right next step is

you write lyrics to those melodies that

you chose okay cuz now you're gonna have

the same melody like it was la blah blah

blah you can say I'm hot and gotta or

whatever you seem saying like you just

you start writing and you fill it in and

you're gonna find lyrics that match

those and then you can start really

choosing the theme of the song based on

the lyrics that you've got you can

arrange the song differently

this is how you do it okay so you don't

want to write the best letters you can

obviously you know me make a catchy make

your lyrical do what you can to these

melodies and these flows and your songs

is gonna really stand out I didn't have

the melodies you're a bit organizing the

verse melody and the hook melody and now

you're gonna have lyrics okay

so what's that that's damned the song

now sometimes I already know what I want

the song to be about before I start

writing so it doesn't have to be filled

in like that and then find the theme

later if you already have a song idea

you can write the lyrics based on what

the idea of the song is instead of

writing randomly like you can start

filling in the gaps of the melodies with

lyrics that makes sense

now that you've written the hook lyrics

which obviously now this completes the

hook and you're good to go now you need

to write the first lyrics

there's no point writing the verse

letters if you have not written and

completed the hook because remember if

the hook is the most important part so

why waste your time writing the verse

lyrics if you don't have the hook yet

and that's why you write the hook first

and then lastly number seven you're

going to arrange this song and the

lyrics that you've written to these

melodies and flows you're going to

arrange them so that they entertain the

listener as best as possible

a lot of it is there's a lot of writing

arranging and writing and arranging so

now that everything's written you can

see the topic matter of the song so what

we're gonna do with this arrangement

part is make sure that the lyrics and

every piece of it is organized to

entertain the listener as best as

possible you gotta make sure that you're

jumping in to every section properly and

that the verse is billed correctly I'm

not gonna go crazy into this as a whole

nother advanced rap thing with how to

actually write a verse that goes through

and flows properly and really carries

the person's attention but this is

what's important right now you also need

to choose now where and the song the

course is gonna go where the verses are

gonna go how long are the verses

okay and then you're gonna arrange that

properly do you want to start with the

verse because it has a strong enough

melody and then it builds though or you

want to open with the hook and really

just pull them in and it depends on the

subject matter do you want to build

tension by not giving them the hook yet

or do you want to hit them with a hook

immediately it depends on a lot of

factors but here's where you decide that

now your entire song is is done you've

written an entire rap so I'm step by

step from start to finish and these are

the exact steps now you can go record

this song and you can release it because

you already know it's written very very

well you already have all the melodies

recorded in your phone you already know

how you're gonna go about this

you've written a full rap song and then

you just follow this you follow this

every single time this is how you do it

and I'm gonna give you a quick tip you

can stop here what I often do is this I

do one two and three over dozens and

dozens of beats like I did this morning

I made 20 songs right you do this one

over a bunch of beats and then you go

through all at the same time and you

start arranging all the melodies you

rank them all at the same time and then

you know what songs you like because

which ones have the best flows in the

melodies and then you go write the best

songs okay

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