INTERVIEW QUESTION: Why Are You Leaving Your Job? (BEST Sample Answer + Template)

it's a good possibility that the

interview question why do you want to

leave your current job is going to come


in your next interview and if you're not

prepared for it chances are your

interview will turn into a ticking

time bomb in this video you'll learn

exactly how to answer this tricky

interview question

and stick around until the end for a

sample answer that you can use and

taylor to help you better answer this


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down below the interview question why

are you leaving your current job is a

difficult one

to answer but it's one of the most

important to get right

it will either set off red flags for an

employer or

it will get them super excited about

hiring you whether you want to leave

your current job because you're in a

toxic work environment or because you're


ready to move on to better career

opportunities it

is still possible to make a good

standout first impression when this


comes up let's jump into it this

question might come in the form of

why are you looking for work right now

or why do you want to make a job

change either way to answer this

question with confidence and clarity

you need to first know why the

interviewer is even asking this question

most hiring officials present this

question in an interview because

they want to know what your professional

history looks like

they want to know what are your career

goals and aspirations

they also want to know what makes you

tick what keeps you

interested and engaged in a position and

if they hire you

will you stick around with them for a

while for example if you mention that

you're leaving your current job because

you want a higher salary

they might think that in the near future

you'll do the same to them

mentioning your dissatisfaction with

your salary is one of the worst things

you can bring up in an interview

second your interviewer wants to know

how are you going to talk about your


employer if you start bad-mouthing your

current employer it's a big red flag to

your interviewer

they're going to think that you're just

going to do the same to them so don't

gossip about your employer or

say how bad things are or might have

been instead the biggest rule of thumb

when it comes to answering this question

is to be

positive kind and polite so here's how

to do it you want to mention something

positive about your time in that

position you could mention

a big accomplishment that you had or you

can even talk about some of the high

points you had while you were in that


then explain why you were looking to

move forward in your career

right now always focusing on those

positive forward thinking points

here's a quick list of options that you

can mention you've been interested in

the work the company is doing that you

are interviewing with and you'd love to

be a part of it you're looking for a

position with more opportunity to grow

you want to learn new skills or break

into a slightly different field

you're looking for a new work

environment or situation that you

believe this

new company can offer for example maybe

you want to transition to

working in the office more compared to

working remotely or vice versa

remember the worst thing you can do in

an interview is

to lie so make sure you choose an answer

that is honest

and positive here's an example you can

tailor to your own

situation you might want to take a

screenshot of this i had a great time at

company x

i learned and then mentioned this skill

and i got to and then mentioned

something you did

a change you made or an achievement you

earned but now i'm looking for a job

that will let me

and then list something described in the

job posting from what i've learned from

and then mention the job posting the

company website or

a personal connection your company is a

great place for me to utilize my

strengths in the areas of and then list

two to three of your strengths and to


the problem of and then list a pain

point that

the company is experiencing based on

your research from the job posting now

here's how this might look in a very

specific example

i've had a great time at jane's software

company i learned how to use javascript

and i got to be a major part of

switching over to a new

online program but now i'm looking for a

job that will let me

learn more about javascript as well as

give me more opportunity to make bigger

choices about

what i do as far as i can tell from

software plus's

linkedin page and from what joe tells me

your company seems like a great place

for me

to find those things now i would love to

know in the comments down below have you

ever had

this question before and how did you

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