Shia LaBeouf on Playing His Father in Honey Boy, Writing in Rehab & Kanye West

I don't know what happened I don't know

what this I heard you know like your

outfit looks so stupid I think I got

like a corduroy karate kid' look at his

start a thing you know this is

ridiculous it was an idea when haywire

but we're here well I'm sorry I'm sure

it's CGI and fix it

are you doing now is everything that

movies great that movie you wrote and

star in it is a fantastic movie

thank you you like it I assume I do I

like it came out the way you hoped it

would it did better than I hoped it

would it is about your life

you play your dad your character largely

based on your dad and then there are

actors who do a great job playing a

young version of you incredible yeah and

you wrote this movie while in

court-ordered rehab yes sir yeah which

is did you say hey I got this time I'm

gonna be in here I'm gonna do this was

this something you set out to do well

they said you have PTSD you got to start

writing this is how you get to the

solution the only way out is through so

I started writing all these dark

chapters you know of my life and it

wound up being this this script form

thing sent it to my friend became a

movie yeah amazing yeah is it true that

you now keep in touch with the police

officer who arrested you officer Bryant

he invited me go fishing yesterday yes

yes yeah that's very interesting I

imagine that when that incident occurred

you didn't think he'd be a fishing buddy

at all

you know life you know yeah it takes

interesting turns interesting turns what

kind of fishing where you was he asking

you to do we were crabbing down there so

would probably be taking me crab minute

oh wow

and you couldn't go cuz you're doing

this right is it true that you at one

time while you're in rehab or thinking

about joining the Peace Corps you well

yeah before I wasn't planning on making

a movie I was uh yeah before I thought

the actor thing was over and then I

signed up to go to the Peace Corps and

actually signed up yeah and then went

into this rehab facility was there for

two months had written this thing plans

changed so when I got out I wasn't into

the Peace Corps no more so we had a

little conversation about it they were

very peaceful about it they didn't

threaten the suit no very very calm

listen I'm not going to come that's okay


the Marine Corps where once you sign up

you're in doesn't matter one now this

movie is is very moving and and really

troubling in a lot of ways because you

had a really tough childhood if people

saw you as a kid actors even Stevens and

that's up but boy the life you're living

was certainly not glamorous and it makes

me wonder how your dad felt about you

playing him did you tell him beforehand

my dad's a pretty off-color character he

wasn't like too enthused about me

playing him you know I don't know how

you are with your dad or how you guys

are with your dad but my dad wasn't

trying to have me play him so I lied to

him and told him that Mel Gibson would

be playing at home and I broke to my

sent the pictures I said listen it's not

like that

that's your story and has your father

seen the movie yet yes he has and how

did he take it

oh well I didn't ask him

I watched him watch it on webcam oh he

did yeah and you know you were watching

yeah yeah I told him listen you know I

don't want to hear your review I just

want to watch you watch it so I sat and

watched him watch on you know he's big

on Facebook he has all these robot

friends all these Russian friends so he

does the face cam let me just watch you

watch it man and Wow really emotional

yeah I would imagine so III was watching

it I was thinking about you know things

from my life and as a father there are

certainly things you were regret yeah

and I don't know how I don't know how

I'd come out of watching that movie I

really don't well it depends on how your

kids view you I'm I love my dad you know

and yeah that's the interest one of the

very interesting things about the movie

is your dad really didn't behave like a

father at all yeah he's my dude you

could say he was like a buddy

yeah but not in a group well not the

best not in a good way

yeah not a bad title if there's a sequel

Shia LaBeouf is here his movies Holly

washi busy why does she have a job

think it through play the tape out

what's your mother got a job for it huh

just in case what

in case what I think case you failed in

case you don't work out yes man she's

filling your head full of beer I don't

never do that do I

huh a pump you full of strength cuz

we're on team and I know you got what it

takes you're starving I know it that's

why I'm here I'm your cheerleader honey

boy you trust me that's all about

kid playing you wasn't weird to have a

kid play you super weird yeah yeah and

he was a great actor so like there be

you know it's my life and he'd be

stealing scenes because he's so good and

I just be feeling jealous about this

little kid thank you

did he give him tips on how to how to be

you well he was he was better than me

but i but i empathize with my dad's

jealousy you know thinking I just didn't

even interests it yeah you know there

was another movie called honey Boyer you

were that no yeah this is the original

honey boy a starring Eric Estrada and

Morgan Fairchild the media made him a

star now he had to prove himself and I

don't want it have been wearing this

outfit speaking of that outfit are you

and Kanye West still friends yes yes

because he was he like somewhat famously

went through your closet it was to

gather ideas for he wanted he wouldn't

have taken his quarter ìgee but he would

maybe maybe something that you don't see

in that maybe maybe who knows he went to

your house and took your clothes or

something right did yes yes why did he

do that we're buddies and he came over

we were doing some art thing and then he

was like hey man you mind if I go look

in your closet I'm like Kanye West you

go wherever you want to go yeah whatever

you wanted any like the stuff and I

guess that's flattering huh really flood

did you know you have with top critics a

hundred percent fresh on Rotten Tomatoes


you read that stuff this one this one

more so because it's it's like not a

review of a movie it's like a review of

my father oh no so so I've been reading

it trying to get ahead of it with my dad

uh-huh it's weird when people are like

the world is reviewing your dad

do you think he'll read that stuff yeah

I guess that's how Donald Trump jr.

feels all the time will he read it all

he'll read all yeah yeah that's like a

peacock you know this is like his big

moment and is he really yes so he's

enthusiastic so enthusiastic yeah I

don't think I would be if I was him yeah

maybe yeah it made me feel a little bit

shut up shame yeah he knows not feeling

that he's not feeling that that's so

interesting what about the chicken so

that your dad worked with the chicken

Henrietta love fowl yes it was the

world's first daredevil chicken uh-huh

and he had a very strong connection with

this bird is like some kind of Dances

with Wolves type type connection very

intimate and spent years with this

chicken in my bathtub and and and and

and I had to like build this connection

with this chicken on set and my dad was

that was the only thing he was very

critical about he's like you're never

ever gonna get the same kind of

connection I had well you're a young man

you've had a long and very strange life

yes and the movies great I wish you the

best I'm glad you're doing so well Shia

LaBeouf everybody

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