talking to my 15 year old self...*emotional*

hey everyone so today I am doing a video

that is like it's not a lot different

but it's probably gonna be emotional so

I'm probably not gonna do like my crazy

intro and stuff and I feel like this

video is long overdue

and I feel like it's owed to you guys

but then there's also part of this video

that I've been wanting to for a while so

this is kinda just like a huge video

that like I've just been wanting to do

for a while I even have Kleenexes

because I know my sensitive ass was

gonna cry I also have a cup of tea cuz

let's just set the mood you know I also

have Fuji Amazon because it's just that

kind of day I don't know if you guys

know this but I have wanted to be a

youtuber since I was so young I had like

four YouTube channels when I was a kid I

had I just was editing when I was like

13 I was making the little music videos

I was making vlogs like I have so many

videos on YouTube they could probably

dig up and find somewhere I was just I

loved being in front the camera like my

whole life and like recently I was going

through a youtube videos because I've

kind of like going through like a

cleanse on my channel where I've been

like going through my videos and trying

to like get rid of some that I don't

want anymore

I never delete videos I always private

them as I was going I was like I'm gonna

see my very first youtube video so I had

a couple videos back in like 2014 which

would have made me like 16 not even know

how old it was a 2014 I came across a

video that was a 2019 time capsule if

you guys know what that is it's

basically five years ago I asked myself

questions for future 2019 Carly and oh

my god like I'm already gonna cry it

makes me so emotional the first thing I

want to say is thank you guys so so much

for giving me this platform I don't tell

you guys enough

enough how much you mean to me and how

much you have made my dreams come true

so I'm gonna watch this video and I'm

just gonna like talk through the video

with you guys as I'm watching it this is

my first time opening it ah okay I

totally forgot about this video and the

fact that like I found it it's just so

crazy I thought I deleted it I remember

making it and I remember when I made

this video I had to think about the year

and I remember like when I was saying

and I told them that I told everyone the

date and I remember somebody from my

school posted the video and was laughing

at me and was like haha she forgot what

date it is and why is she making YouTube

videos and I remember that making me so

upset and like being so heartbroken that

people were making fun of me for like

doing YouTube videos and holy crap I

just I just remember that was like the

last time I remember thinking about this

video is when that dude for my school

made fun of me for making that video

anyways here's the video and let's watch

it hi so today I'm going to do a time

capsule which is a video that you make

talking to yourself and what you're

doing now in five years you made for the

reopens video and answer the questions I

asked yourself and to the difference so

first of all the picture in the back is

my modeling pictures I was a model for a

little while oh my gosh I just can't

it's gonna start being so today is

Sunday 11 so today is Sunday May 11th

2014 at 3 o'clock yeah

it's Mother's Day today I decided to

make this video because in five years

from now I want to I'm doing and I want

to keep progress oh my god

I'm gonna ask myself some questions and

in five years I'm going to open this

when I am 20 right now I am 15 years old

and oh my god carpenter questions to ask

myself when I open this video right back

up by 9:20 so do you still talk to

Morgan Freeman and Olivia because those

are my best friends right now and I'm

not asking myself hey Carly you do still

talk to Morgan Raven and Olivia you

don't talk to Raven as much she has two

kids now so congratulations to her

Morgan I still talk to quite frequently

more I don't talk to her as much as I'd

like to but we're both just really busy

but she still is one of my best friends

and Olivia was just here this morning

so you're still best friends Olivia she

just left this morning

so yes currently you still talk to all

three not as much as you would like to

but you still do I still talk to them

and if Carly and if you don't even need

to message them right now and talk to


another question I have is did you get

braces yet cuz we all know you been

wanting raisins forever hey Carly um

actually you got braces twice

you got Invisalign and you got braces

and you actually just finished

Invisalign like a month ago

so congratulations Carly and you were

able to pay for it all by yourself so oh

my gosh

um are you in college or university no I

am NOT in college or university Carly

I'm not do you still talk to your

boyfriend Trey no I do not talk to him I

have not talked to him in a long time

that was my first boyfriend no I do not

talk to him I can't believe

fifteen-year-old me thought I was still

gonna be talking to him did you get this

progress that you wanted so I actually

in my video I think I showed the prom

dress I wanted it was super super pretty

but I actually did not end up going to

prom I didn't end up going to prom

because the people and my school were so

evil to me when I started doing YouTube

and started doing social media they made

fun of me and I basically just like

could not go to school anymore so I

became homeschooled and eleventh grade

fun fact is they're all trying to do

YouTube or music or something along

those lines now even though they all

talked crap about me in high school

so Carly you did not go to prom and you

did not get the prom dress that you

wanted um are you still doing modeling I

am no longer doing modeling I guess if

you consider Instagram modeling a thing

and then I guess you are but you stopped

modeling around two years ago to focus

on YouTube so

how do you cut your hair I did cut my

hair and I regretted it so now I have

extensions big are you and are you

becoming a teacher like you want to

right now at the moment I am NOT

becoming a teacher I do not want to be a

teacher anymore nope

do you still like Justin Bieber I still

love Justin Bieber he's still my husband

there's a lot of questions I can ask you

but as of right now I still have anxiety

so from five years from now do you excel

at anxiety yes I do still have anxiety

and I still suffer from it a lot it's

not as bad in a very didn't me cry I

still suffer from anxiety it's not as

bad I know how to cope with it and I

have like good friends and family around

me but anxiety is still a struggle I

think it's going to be a stroller for

the rest of my life but it's definitely

not as bad as when I was 15

do you still have that body that you've

always had no I gained a lot of weight

currently and everyone told me when I

was 15 that you better watch your

metabolism because it'll catch up to you

and what do you know it did so no I do

not always have that body and my body is

now surgically enhanced Carly I bet you

didn't see that coming

I have continued working out no and my

last question which hopefully will be

true have you become a successful

YouTube guru oh my god that's all I have

my questions I'll see you back in five

years when you're ten years old I hope

you're still in touch with yourself and

I can't wait to see what things have


for me and five years from now I'll see

you back and on May 11th

on a Sunday at 3 o'clock p.m. Mother's


in 2019 okay so this video has me so

emotional because it just goes to show

that like you never know what can happen

in a year in five years things changed

so drastically and the things that I

thought were so important when I was 15

I don't know longer important and the

only thing that was on my mind as a kid

as you can see was being a successful

youtuber I know I used to tell you guys

a lot that I've always wanted to be a

youtuber but I don't think that you guys

truly understood how bad I wanted to be

a youtuber and how much I loved being in

front of the camera and how much I loved

YouTube and how much I loved editing and

I don't think people really really got

the picture because I feel like all

youtubers say that they wanted to be a

youtuber but this just goes to show I

was literally fifteen years old and I

wanted to be a youtuber and it's so

crazy how much has changed in five years

like I now have a million subscribers

holy [ __ ] like there's people that like

never ever reach 100,000 on YouTube let

alone a million I don't know this video

is just a lot for me because if I could

have told my old self how successful I

would have been I probably would have

had so much less anxiety and I probably

would have there's just so many things I

wish I could have told myself I wish I

could have told myself like you're gonna

make it like I wish I could have told

myself to not listen to people and just

so many other things I like it's so

crazy like specifically remember a guy

in my school making fun of this video

like I remember him tweeting it and I

remember how upset I got over it and now

it's been five years later and I made it

on YouTube I don't even know his name

anymore it's not important it's just so

crazy and I just thank you guys so much

for in livered literally making my dream

come true there's been so many things

that I've accomplished this past year

fifteen year old me would go and say

there's so many youtubers that I'm now

friends with that I've looked up to

since I was fifteen and I'm so happy I

made this video

because holy [ __ ] it's making me so

emotional and you guys have made this

all happen for me when I was fifteen I

wanted to have my own song I wanted to

have a music video I love to dance and

I'm doing all of those things right now

I've done things that are so beyond my

thought process like when I was 15 all I

wanted to do was have like even 10,000

on YouTube like that was enough for me

and now I have a million and I used to

have one with two billion and it's just

so crazy to me and I'm so happy to make

that video and I'm here to tell you guys

is one that I'm so thankful for you

each and every single person and two

that this goes to show that things not

matter now might not matter in the

future or you know what you were here to

do so if you know what you want to do if

you have a passion that you just do it

because you don't know what a year five

years six years could do also things

that you think are so important now

might not be important later just don't

stress because things changed so

drastically at that time in my life the

most important thing for me was braces

going to prom and now I don't really

care that I didn't go to prom it's not

that big of a deal

and I had braces twice and it's just so

crazy how much things can change and the

things I want five years from now is a

lot different than five years ago what I

wanted now that being said I'm gonna ask

myself five questions for 2024 hi Carly

you were 20 years old right now it is

July 10th 2019 and this is your time

capsule for five years from now so I

have a bunch of questions these are the

things I want now in five years from now

are you married and do you have a kid

and a house that is the one thing I want

in five years are you still dancing are

you still doing you two have you

continued music did you do anything with

your makeup skills or talents like make

a youtube channel start a business or

anything like that are you still living

in Canada what about Olivia and Caitlyn

are they married do they have kids

how's Cassidy Lia and Maya your three

little sisters what are they doing now

you still have Luna and Sephora and did

you get any other pets did you get the

Husky that you've always wanted you've

always wanted a husky and you have a

walk-in closet that you've always wanted

so those are the questions for my future

self I don't really have many other

questions maybe like what car do you


were you able to give anything to your

friends that you've always wanted to

give them and who's your husband girl

like is he fine is he cute if you read

trash and was kidding oh so I guess

that's it before my questions in five

years I thank you guys so much for

watching this video is super emotional

and now I just feel like I'm an

emotional wreck right now

but if you guys are new don't forget to

subscribe and dear future Carly are you

still a badass [ __ ] I leave guys so

much thank you so much for watching and

I'll see you guys again in five years

bye guys