When a Man IGNORES You, here's what he's thinking (counterintuitive)

hey my name is Brian Knox and I'm the

author of books like this one and that

one and plenty of other books that you

can find on Amazon and elsewhere and in

this video I'm going to talk about what

happens when a man chooses to ignore you

because when a man ignores you it will

be a choice when you're interested in a

man when you're dating a man when you're

in a relationship with a guy when you

love a guy and he chooses to ignore you

you will feel hurt it will be pretty

painful and this is actual hurt studies

have shown that being ignored or being

rejected will light up the same pathways

in our brain as when we're hit in the

stomach or when we're run over by a

rhino so it's pretty painful it's actual

pain so in this video we're going to see

what a man who ignores you is thinking

and what he won't be thinking and how to

deal with all of that especially if you

happen to love that guy because again

that's when it will hurt the most when

we are in a relationship or when we are

dating and the other person ignores us

we may at first believed that it was our

fault and you may get thoughts like was

it something I said

or was it something I did and truth be

told that may be right when a man

suddenly ignores you it may be because

of something you said something you did

but the question is does that even

matter and we'll find out in a second

because this is something that's really

important now there are different ways

that a man you're in a relationship with

or that you love can ignore you you can

send him a message on his phone and not

get anything back and that on its own is

pretty painful especially if you love

that man but what hurts even more is

when you can undoubtedly see that he has

been online since she tried to reach

down to reach out and he still chooses

to ignore you he still didn't get back

to you now your heart will sink because

now you're sure he is ignoring you he

saw your message he saw your missed call

and still crickets nothing now let's

look at why men choose to ignore women

there are two main reasons why a man can

choose to ignore a woman and first and

happens the least if he's in love with

you is he if he's in a good relationship

with you and you hurt his feelings he

may withdraw and he may indeed ignore

you and it's just his way of dealing

with the pain of dealing with the hurt

however and please let this be perfectly

clear you will know what you have done

wrong you'll know exactly how and when

you hurt his feelings you will not have

to worry about it you will if you have

to worry about it if you have to wonder

is it something I said is it something I

did if you don't have a clue don't go

looking for clues because he's not in

this first category he will be in the

second one and this is by far the most

prevalent reason why a man can choose to

ignore a woman he got spooked and he

just doesn't care enough when you spook

a guy he will ghost you but and please

remember this you can only spook a guy

that was not sufficiently interested in

the first place his interest level was

too low otherwise he wouldn't withdraw

he wouldn't run away so this is actually

something that you need to be really

honest about when a man is in love with

you when you are in a relationship or

dating or in a marriage with a guy who

likes you what will never ever happen is

that he gets a message from you and does

this Oh a message from her I really love

her I love dating her I love being in a

relationship with her and I think she's

so attractive I just I just love love

love love her so I'm going to try to

forget all about her I will ignore this

message pretend it was never sent to me

and I will too I will talk to all of my

other friends and all of the other women

that I know but I won't send anything to

her just because I'm so infatuated and

in love with her right only up

Psychopaths may think like this but

normal men don't like I always say you

have a better chance of meeting a

french-speaking rabbit than ever meeting

a guy like this this is just not the way

men will think so when a man is ignoring

you he does so on purpose because in

because he doesn't want to give you the

wrong idea or because it simply doesn't

care enough and this is painful to hear

but again I'm here to tell you the truth

so instead of trying to find excuses for

his behavior

like maybe he didn't see my message or

maybe his goldfish got sick and required

all of his attention he may be driving

to the vet with his goldfish at this

very moment really I mean this happens

no instead of doing any of that you'll

simply need to bottom line and by asking

yourself the brutally honest question

with a guy who's really interested in me

a guy who knows what a high value woman

I am ever do this know and even if he's

the exception to this rule and he would

indeed do this to a woman he loves is

that what you deserve is this behavior

the type of behavior you deserve hell no

I don't know you personally but I do

know that you're a great woman and I do

know that you always always look into my

eyes always deserve a guy who wouldn't

even think about ignoring you that said

it is of course important to not make

any mistakes I I talk about many of the

mistakes in my books because some women

do push the right guy away

but even when that happens and when the

guy who was interested before chooses to

ignore them his interest level will

still have dropped and this is then the

last thing that she should do she should

not run after him there's a very very

important rule when it comes to love and

and men in general and I hope that you

will listen closely and that you will

even write this sentence down men will

help you when they like you men will

help you when they like you and this

goes for both sexes by the way when a

man really likes you he won't make it

hard on you he won't punish you if you

make one little tiny mistake and

something that spooked him a little bit

because there will be enough love and

attraction and affection and everything

else interest level in the bank he will

still make you a priority you will come

first that's how he will think but I

think it's good news when a man chooses

to ignore you because now he has just

shown you his cards his interest is

simply not high enough and you shouldn't

be spending any of your precious time on

him even when it hurts I mean it will

hurt like we've seen now you can try to

spike his interest by using some

techniques that I talk about in my books

but the question is honestly why would

you there are always plenty of guys out

there who are dreaming about you who

love to make you feel loved who would

love to give you the affection and the

cuddling and everything that you desire

and it's always important to remember

that so you don't keep focusing too much

on one guy that is treating you bad that

is that is ignoring you that guy should

not get your attention so as a

conclusion here's what you can do when a

man starts to ignore you when it happens

for the first time the high-value woman

gets the attention and the love from so

many men because she will never run

after one the person in any relationship

who needs the other one the most is

always in the weakest position that's

the person that will never be in control

and the high value woman that I

described in all of my books is always

in control so if he withdraws she won't

nag she won't complain she will not even

reach out she simply withdraws as well

and interestingly enough if the guy was

interested in her after all this is

going to draw him back in like moths to

a flame and it will only take a matter

of days because they help you when they

like you they do not make it hard there

you go I hope you've enjoyed and loved

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