What To Do When A Guy Ignores You [Dating Advice]

hey it's mark here founder of making

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five step system today we're talking

about what to do when a guy ignores you

so you don't want to seem desperate but

you also want to find out what's going

on so I'm going to show you exactly how

to do it stay tuned hello welcome to

today's video the topic we're discussing

is what to do if a guy ignores you it

can be such a frustrating and even

disheartening experience when things

seem to be going well with a guy you're

interested in and then out of the blue

you just get the cold shoulder what

happened there

perhaps he stops responding to text or

he ignores you at a social event or

maybe it's even a committed boyfriend

and he started ignoring you and you

don't know what to do well the good news

is that whatever your situation you can

basically handle it the same way so the

first thing to understand is the reasons

why a guy might ignore you basically

there's only for real possibilities why

a guy might ignore you so it's either

his proper busy or actually unavailable

but he still likes you he's playing

games or scared to message but again

still likes you he doesn't want to talk

to you right now

he might be pissed at you or he doesn't

want to talk to you in general I he's

just not that into you that's it that's

all for so based on that the first thing

you want to do is step number one

seriously contemplate if he could be

busy or otherwise unavailable because

this is often the most common one it's

always safest to assume a guy's busy

until proven otherwise so his phone

could be out of battery it could be

stuck at a work dinner there's really a

lot of good reasons he could be quote

quote ignoring you so if you're not a

hundred percent sure what his situation

is just put it out of your mind in the

meantime take the high self-esteem route

by assuming that it's absolutely nothing

to do with you so then give it 24 hours

to make sure he's not just busy or

caught up the last thing you want to do

is him charging his phone back up and

finding like 4 angry messages from you

about why he hasn't replied now step

number 2

you do have commitment communicate okay

so if you're absolutely adamant that

he's not busy or you know he's not busy

because he's actually ignoring you in

person then the next thing to consider

is whether or not do you have commitment

whether or not you have commitment if he

is your boyfriend or as at least told

you he's exclusive then you have a level

of commitment to him and that actually

makes it really simple just check in

with him he's probably pissed at you

about something so communicate it and

see with him if everything is okay if

he's still ignoring you even after you

try to communicate with him I recommend

another video I'll put the link in the

description it's called what to do if he

pulls away now step number three if you

don't have commitment apply the one move

rule so if you're sure he's not busy but

he's also not your boyfriend then he's

either playing games pissed at you or

just not that into you so the one move

rule is something I recommend ladies use

to split all of these up basically look

at your last interaction your last text

message of last conversation

whatever it was did it end with a

positive signal from you ie did your

last text asking a question or show some

sort of interest or did your last

conversation say that you'd be excited

to chat to him again because if it did

you don't need to do any of it you've

already done your one move let him come

to you now if it didn't then I suggest

giving him that positive signal so for

example you could send a positive

follow-up text the next day or if it's

at a party you could initiate another

conversation and end it by saying hey

come chat to me later I'd love to talk

to you later on this encourages any guy

who's scared or playing games to slowly

[ __ ] and come and talk to you now if

he's still not talking to you after you

do that then you know he's either pissed

at you or he's just not that into you

either way you're not his girlfriend's

so at that point you can't really push

things further you're not going to be in

like I think we should sit down and

discuss why you're not talking to me to

like a random

at a party right that's not going to

happen well Stacy what but we're not

talking about her one question I do get

asked relating to this is he's pissed

and I just want to explain myself I

don't want to walk away because I want

to apologize and I want to get stuff off

my chest

look if this is you I'd still recommend

giving him the one move rule just make

sure you're extra positive that you want

to chat and then leave it alone for a

few days if there's still nothing from

him for a few days after that then you

can potentially followup with the second

positive move a few days later a text

say for example hey would be good to

chat to you and explain myself let me

know if you're free later at all with a

smiley face X you might find at that

point he's calmed down enough to listen

to you and look if he still ignores you

after that you've either really pissed

him off or he really isn't into you

either way I wouldn't keep wasting your

breath so look in summary if a guy is

ignoring you and he's not your boyfriend

make absolutely 100% sure he's just not

busy then give him a positive signal and

leave it with him value yourself and

make sure you don't keep chasing guys

who aren't willing to chase you back and

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