How To Write A Direct Email To A Hiring Manager

on this tip I'm going to show you how to

write a direct email to a hiring manager

this is based on my book marketing

yourself to get great interviews this is

an excerpt from the book here is an

example of an email I created from one

of my career coaching clients that was

sent directly to a hiring manager for a

specific position he was interested in

quite a bit of information here as you

can see let's examine the different

components of this email mobile my name

is Tom Jones and I'm a senior leader in

business development and product

management for wireless telecom and

public safety it needs to have an

introduction stating what you do and how

it is applicable to the job I became

aware that comScore was hiring for

product manager position in your rest

and office next include a statement that

references the job you are interested in

now why you're interested in the company

i've known of comScore for some time i'm

very impressed with the direction that

your company is heading and the

successes you've had as such I see cons

core as an organization that I could add

value to with my background and skills

here are a few my applicable

accomplishments he looks quite a few

I'll just go over a couple administer

the products with annual revenue up to

127 million launch new radio system

product line geared towards indirect

channel boosting revenue by 15% during

the first year so this is followed by

the applicable accomplishments then a

closing statement saying you are sending

your resume and inviting him to speak

with you I've also attached my resume

please let me know of a time you can

speak to discuss possibilities regards

Tom Jones a good email subject line

might be your product manager Wireless

position hiring authorities are looking

for the best person for their job the

process of screening and interviewing

potential candidates can be pretty

time-consuming for them if unexpectedly

an email and resume of someone who could

possibly be that person lands in their

inbox you're not just helping

self you were also helping them as they

are very busy and want to hire the right

person as much as you want be hired