2 Messages to Send Right After You Apply for a Job

hey everyone this is self-made

millennial I'm Madeleine man in this

video I'm gonna teach you two messages

that you can send right after you apply

to a job the first one is to message

someone within the company an employee

and the second is to message the person

who is the hiring manager of the role

you just applied to you'll see examples

of exactly the messages I wrote to get

job interviews and we'll walk through

why they worked now this is a clip from

an earlier video that I did but before

you get mad at me you know this video is

very highly requested I don't think

people realize that I've already covered

this topic because it's a part of a

longer video it's kind of tucked in

there so I thought I would liberate it

so that y'all can just jump straight

into the content so here we go enjoy so

now that you have written such an

amazing resume and cover letter we need

to make sure it is seen my advice is to

shoot a quick message to someone who

works for the company or the hiring

manager to let them know you've applied

first way to do it is to go on LinkedIn

and search for the company search for

current employees and look for someone

who is a second-degree connection to you

if you have a second-degree connection

that's great reach out to them message

them tell them how you know the mutual

contact that you have let them know that

you're interested in working for the

same company as them and ask them how

they're enjoying it what's the culture

like and any advice they have so here's

an example of a message I sent to

someone at a company that I was applying

to who is a second-degree connection I'm

really interested in joining the people

operations team at your company and I

was wondering if you'd be able to chat

with me for a few minutes about your

experience there or possibly point me in

the direction of someone closer to my

field I thought I'd reach out to you

since you know mutual connection and

mutual connection so I got lucky and she

responded back she let the hiring

manager know that I applied and even

forwarded my LinkedIn profile to her so

I did end up getting this interview

probably in great part to her help in

making sure that the hiring manager saw

my resume but whether or not it works

out whether or not you

interview or not make sure to follow up

with the person they are now invest in

you they're probably curious about what

happened and so I wrote back to her and

thanked her and told her the good news

this is a life lesson always follow up

when someone helps you it's like when

you allow someone to merge into your

lane when you're driving and they don't

do like the way people are waiting for

you to wave back to thank them so this

path of going through second degree

connections is good at larger companies

where the recruiters are just completely

swamped so ideally it's with a second

degree connection but honestly it

doesn't even matter that much reaching

out to random strangers can actually

work of course some of them will ignore

you and not help you but just reaching

out is really worth it as long as you do

it in an appropriate and kind way full

of gratitude they may very well help you

the second way to go about this

messaging email route is to find the

hiring manager do your best to try to

figure out who's the hiring manager or

recruiter handling that role this is

generally a guessing game so you'll have

to look at clues from their website or

from LinkedIn to destroy the decipher

who's probably handling the role the

goal of reaching out to these extremely

busy hiring managers is to just alert

them that you exist and that you're very

interested be concise don't write an

essay because they can easily just click

a profile to learn more about you or go

into the applicant tracking system and

find your application and read more this

is more to just get you on their radar

the reason why sending a directed email

or LinkedIn message to a hiring manager

works is they get tons of resumes every

day so when you can put a face to a

black and white resume page it really

brings it to life and lets them know

that you're legitimately interested in

this role and you did not just resume

spray though this quick customized

message to the hiring manager really

works he's gotten me interviews it's

also worked on me I've given people

interview this because they reach out a

second way here's an example of a

message the

sent a hiring manager after I just

applied for a role so I greet her I let

her know exactly a position I'm applying

for I give a few specific

accomplishments that pertain to the job

description and then I mentioned

something about the company culture that

I've noticed from researching them this

entire message is three or four

sentences so make sure yours is that

short as well and then she responded

back and was happy I reached out and I

ended up getting the interview I do

realize that I'm simplifying this this

is not a 100% batting average strategy

but this will increase your odds of

getting that first interview and that's

what it's all about

so to review your message should include

excitement and interest a quick

reference to why that company and a

quick reference to why you're qualified

you may say but Madeline I have done

this before I've done this a million

times and it does not work I am NOT

getting results and to that I have three

responses first it's true this will not

work every time but since it increases

your odds I think it's worth it - you

may not be qualified for the rules

you're applying for definitely

reevaluate and number three there may be

something wrong with your approach so I

get these kinds of messages since I

handle a lot of open roles and there's

some that intrigue me and some that

actually end up hurting them here's an

example of what not to do so this person

simply copy and pasted their cover

letter and I even blurt it out because

it was just such a generic cover letter

there was nothing specific to the role

so here's another example this one is

very long and generic if you were a

little closely at this one you'd notice

that there's only one or two sentences

in the very middle of this long message

that are actually customized to his

specific experience the rest of it is

fluff to review I'm telling you to

develop a second point of contact and

this will only work if you are qualified

for those roles you personalize each

message you send based on the person

role and company you find the right

person to contact which again is a

guessing game and you do this can

assistant Li at every place you apply

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