Do’s & Don’ts of writing letters to your recruit in bootcamp! (USMC)🇺🇸

what is up you guys welcome back to my

Channel today I'm gonna do a video for

you girls who have boyfriends etc going

off to boot camp decided to do it around

this temple tend to go to boot camp

during the summer as my husband did two

years ago so I'm gonna give you guys a

do's and don'ts on letter-writing so

let's get started before I get into

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start off with the don'ts and the notes

up at the dumps so do not send candy or

anything bulky because if you do the

drill instructors will make them open it

and burn everybody and let's say it's

something bulky then we can open it and

if it's candy or food which they are not

allowed to have they could make them eat

it as fast as they can that's not

another don't is don't send colorful

envelopes and do not draw envelopes why

because it's gonna bring attention to

them and that's just attention that's

not wanted at that time what I did is

leave the envelope blank outside with

the information that you know was needed

but in the inside I would color the

letter as much as I could I've use

different colored paper pens inside the

letter so as long as it doesn't show on

the outside I think you should be fine

because that's what I did also don't

spray perfume on it another one is don't

write anything outside the envelope that

is not necessary so if it's not the

information that needs to be written on

there don't write it this one you might

think oh it's so cute let me see you try

to make sure don't do that don't send

them a private picture because you don't

have any privacy


find the picture is there and you don't

want anybody else in their platoon to

see you know your private spots said no

more telling them anything negative

because it could bring them down and

I'll be me right now and positivity and

stuff to lift them up because they're

going through a lot at that time so now

that I'm done with the dumps you guys

the dues obviously do write them every

day because I mean so that's what I did

I wrote every day a letter and trust me

it helps them a lot if you write to them

as much as you can because they're going

so much you know in pictures you know

you smiling with family you know keep

them updated with the world they want to

know what's going on on the outside you

know you can send them uplifting

messages what I did to Joshua I would

send him like a Bible verse sometimes I

would date the day I wrote the letter

and stuff like that and number the

letter so he could like know which

letter was in order which I thank them

with the news and what's going on on the

outside when Joshua did go to boot camp

world cup was going on so I did

let him know like who won the world cup

for soccer and that's something you know

make your boyfriend husband or son you

know it's interested its boards and

there's something going on let them know

what's going on and below make sure you

write everything right on there because

one you can get it they can send it back

to you if it's not written right you

write them through the envelopes right

it could take several days so that's why

they consider it snail mail so what you

could also do is there's an ad called

sandbox and then the app you can send

them like a message and it prints out a

colored picture and it sends it to them

in a day or two so it's like faster it

is it does cost you money to send it so

I would send through sandbox every


like once or twice a month

and other than that I would send through

regular mail with stamps and everything

so now I know most of you guys might not

know how to send an envelope with all

the information in it so I'm gonna help

you guys because I was in your position

two years ago and I was looking at

YouTube videos another thing you guys I

know that every military branch is

different my husband is in the Marines

and what I did I did the biggest mistake

do not do this if your significant other

or child or anything isn't the Marines

um you do want to write the crew instead

of private on their letter because they

will get in a bunch of trouble I know my

husband they made him do a lot of vitaes

so that's like they would work out by

themselves and so you know he told me

that I wrote it wrong that's my fault so

if you guys have somebody in the Marines

or going into the Marines don't write

that on there just make sure you write

recruit because that's what they're

considered until they finish what they

need to finish to become a Marine

so now you guys I'm gonna teach you how

to fill out an envelope just in case you

guys don't know how to feel like I'm

glow because I know myself I didn't know

I was in your position two years ago

don't worry about it I got you so we're

gonna pretend this is an all-white

envelope right it's all white so what

you guys gonna start off by doing these

is you're gonna put your first name and

your last name then you're gonna put the

street you live in with the number B

house and then you're going to put your

city the state and the zip code for your

information and now let's go on to your

recruits information you put recruit

their last name the NIC first name then

you would put their battalion company

and platoon then you put P o box and

they will give you the number of their P

o box then the city the state and the

zip code and then over here you're gonna

put the stamp right on your right on the

left you're gonna put your stamp but you

have to wait until they give you their

Meishan so you can write it and make

sure you write it correctly because if

you don't write it correctly then you

probably will get your letter back I'm

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