How to write to your sponsored child

I'm Rosaline Tarleton and I'm the

supportive care manager here at World

Vision Ireland today I want to tell you

all about writing to your sponsor child

writing to your sponsor child can be a

very rewarding experience not only will

it bring great joy to your sponsored

child but also to you as for every

letter you write you will receive a

reply you can write a letter a postcard

or even send an email to your sponsor

child via our office many sponsors sit

down with their families to write

letters adding pictures of photographs

before they send the letter if you are

unsure what to write why not start with

writing about your family your hobbies

your pets or ask questions about your

sponsored child's life we have a section

on our website that can help you with

this on our website or in the welcome

pack we sent you you will find the

address of the national office in the

country your sponsored child lives in

you will need to write your child's name

and reference number on the back of the

envelope this number can be found in the

picture folder we sent you or give us a

call to help you if you decide to email

please send a two letters ask wvi dot

org and put your child's name and

reference number in the subject line you

can even attach a photo when the

national World Vision office receives

your letter or email staff and

volunteers will translate it if

necessary and set off to deliver it to

your sponsored child many sponsored

children are living in very rural areas

so your letter makes its way by off-road

vehicle motorbike bicycle or in some

cases even by boat to your sponsored

child reading your letter is a very

exciting experience for the children as

they learn about a different country and

culture from their own when a child

receives a letter from Ireland it gives

them a great sense of joy knowing that

someone so far away is thinking of them

the letters are treasured by children

and displayed with pride to their

friends and family after your sponsored

child receives your letter they will

write back to you if your sponsored


too young to rice a family member

neighbor or a world vision volunteer

will reply on their behalf it could be

several months before you receive a

reply due to the distances involved and

delays with translations but don't let

this discourage you these letters means

so much to the children and their

replies can mean so much to you you'll

be able to see how your contribution is

really making a great difference to your

sponsored child and their community

thank you for supporting World Vision

for children for change for life